About Me

My goal is to show others how to be healthy and well.  For some it is to lose weight and others it is living a healthier lifestyle that is filled with physical activity and better eating habits.  This starts from the inside and works its way out through great nutrition, exercise and mindset.

At Jenny Craig I was a weight loss consultant and taught many individuals how to lose weight and maintain their goals.  It was the most gratifying job I could have ever had!  The reward involved with being a part of such a tremendous journey cannot be measured.  I got to share wonderful moments, and even some disappointments.  It was filled with a lot of laughs and even goofing around with the clients.  Guiding people to their end goal is something I love doing by sharing my knowledge.

When I practiced massage I was licensed and nationally certified and I learned a lot about anatomy, physiology and the way the body works internally and at the muscular-skeletal level.

I love health and fitness.  The way the body works is absolutely amazing and I sometimes call it a “machine” because as long as it is given what it needs, it will give you what you need too.

My favorite past time is dancing; music is great for the soul!!  And the thighs and legs J

I continuously learn about the way the body functions and have been studying it for over a decade.  I seek ways to improve and how to overcome obstacles in the most natural way possible.

My favorite food right now is Poke Salad:

Max loves to be near me when I am stretching, jumping or squealing ----------------------- >

He had just finished giving me a good licking   :)

Please check out my website at:  http://www.tcfitlifestyle.com/


  1. Hey, I appreciate your enthusiasm for learning and for learning about the human body. I think that the body can either be fun or a complete detriment to your life depending on how you treat it. Not that every affliction is caused by careless treatment! Far from it. But you're going to be with your body your whole life, so why not enjoy it?

    I love the picture with Max! He is the best workout partner, obviously.


    1. Andrea - soooo true. It is the only body we have to live in and Max LOVES jumping around with me.

  2. love your site ... continue to keep us on a healthy lifestyle