May 2, 2016


The weekend has come and gone.  This weekend was crazy busy for me, as was last weekend.  The above pic was a concert I went to last weekend for DJ Diplo.  It was rather packed!  It was fun too but did I mention it was packed?  Getting a drink was a giant joke and I was thirsty.  LOL. 

I am in the middle of painting and distressing an old desk which is proving to be quite the pain in the ass.  Maybe I should've opted for a regular desk instead of a roll top.  Eh, it'll be amazing when it's done.  This is the before pic- lots of work, right?!!

More importantly, I did 10 regular push ups TWICE last week which is huge because I did it pain free!!!  I have been able to do normal workouts virtually pain free.  OK, that is code for 'there is some pain but it is minimal enough to deal with'.  Unfortunately, I am losing out on a massage portion of my recovery so I am hoping it doesn't impact me negatively.

I made chicken Alfredo at some point over the last couple weeks and it was quite amazing!

And chicken stuffed with spinach and feta which ended up working just as well with breakfast as dinner.

And then I had too many snacks.

Truly, much of the last couple weeks are a blur with so much going on and the desk is not done yet after taking most of this weekend to do it.  MEH... don't like it.  Anyway, upcoming weekend is Mother's Day and a birthday party Kentucky Derby style so that should be quite amazing.

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  1. All that food looks delish! And even though it was packed and hard to get a drink, going to see DJ Diplo must have been so much fun :-D
    Green Fashionista

  2. snaccident!!! Love it! What a fun weekend!Can't wait to see the after for the desk

  3. Yum that chicken alfredo looks delicious! I'm intrigued with what the desk will look like once it's finished! :)

  4. Snaccidents happen!!! hahahaha!!!! All of your food looks delicious!!! And that party looks totally fun but I would have been annoyed by how crowded it was too haha.