May 11, 2016

No Pain No Gain, Right?

For the third time someone told me "work through it". Clearly this person does not understand the magnitude of the injury I am enduring.  That's OK, I don't need everybody to understand it.  However, it IS important for people to know this is the type of statement that can cause somebody permanent, irreversible damage.  Who knows, I may have permanent damage and it may not be reversible but it IS improving.  The vertebrae itself is twisted and there's no fixing that.  Working around it is something that I have had to figure out how to do.  If I stay exactly the same as I am now, I'll take it because it is better than it was but I am certainly NOT going to work through it and make it worse.  Easing back in is a much better option than resulting in furthering the injury.

 No pain, no gain, right?  To this I say "what do you mean?"  If you're talking about being sore from your amazing work out the last 2 to 3 days then I say, "Hell yeah! Go for it! That is how gains are made. By persevering through the pain/soreness (and, of course, having rest days in between).  If you're talking about an injury then that's a whole different scenario and I say absolutely not.  By all means, I'm all about encouragement and motivation so, to an extent, I can appreciate "working through it".  I am just saying, be careful what advice you take and give to others. 

This reminds me of a lady at the grocery store.  I have never met her and during our conversation she tells me she didn't like that the dr. prescribed her meds she did not think she needed.  I said I hate the medication is the first choice and I always prefer other options.  She said "so you think I should stop taking it?"  I had to clarify that in no way am I a doctor and I cannot begin to tell her if she needs medication or not and said she needs to consult with her dr. about the concerns, not me.  I was very careful to say this TWICE.  My point is that this person was willing to take advice from a perfect stranger.  Even though I was not giving that type of advice, it was how she took it and it could have had a negative impact on her life.

I am the LAST person to lay down and let this get the best of me. Some people have resorted to taking medication and letting it get them down. Injuries like these can and HAVE caused depression because people have to stop doing things in their life as a result of it and it can be very tough to see past that.  Having their livelihood taken away in reference to  things as simple as walking or driving can be debilitating and crushing.  Believe me, I've battled my fair share of ups and downs but I REFUSE to let it take me down.  I continue to focus on the positive and on what I can do.

The main love of my life was dancing and I had to stop and this is just one thing on my list of things I discontinued. As part of my healing and recovery I've been able to do other types such as learning to country dance. It's not quite the same but it's fun and it's what I CAN do. I am so much more fortunate than other people and for this, I am eternally grateful.
The key to success is listening to what your body needs and tells you.  I'm not talking about eating brownies and chocolate chip cookies every time your body craves it (or else I'd be in trouble. I'm talking about being mindful in areas of importance.  Listen to it when something hurts more than just from working out. 

This topic is one I have been passionate about for a long time.  I found a blog I wrote, over 2 years ago, before this old injury became activated and my stance was the same as it is now.  Except now, I actually experience people making suggestions that could be detrimental which was always my point to begin with.  I have seen people making unwise decisions but it seems worse to hear encouragement of it.


  1. I agree, an injury pain is much different than a tough work out pain!! And I don't like to turn to medicine to fix every little problem either. I think pain pills are prescribed way too easily. It is just a bandage, what is there to do to actually fix the problem? That is what I want to know! I want a permanent fix.

  2. I completely agree. You have to listen to your body and its limitations. It will tell you. I think the hard part is getting your mind to understand that though sometimes. Great post!

  3. Wonderful post! I've tried to explain to people that the no pain no gain is relative to what kind of pain! Pain that I know is not further damaging my body is awesome.....pain that is damaging is bad!!!! Some people don't get it.