Apr 21, 2016

Small Wins

Holy shit!!  I've been sick forever and had zero motivation.  Matter of fact, I would definitely say #zerofucksgiven.  I did not give a shit about fitness, did not give a shit about training for a show, did not give a shit about helping others, and did not give a shit about the invention I was working on.


I was sad that I had just begun working out and then had to put it on hold AGAIN.  I was disappointed that the idea I have for an invention already exists -which is weird because when I searched for the patent, I couldn't find it.  I was bummed that my immune system, which I usually consider to be stellar, is taking forever to get better. 

I actually got worse, discovered it was a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics.  I took those for a full week and was only slightly getting better like every other day.  WTH?????  PS it was a full 2 weeks and this week is the 3rd.  (I am almost all the way better)

I had to truly focus on why I love my life.  I had to remind myself that even though I was not loving the specific situation, that I still love my life and all the things I lost motivation on still mattered.  I remembered that our bodies have a way of speaking to us.  Of telling us when it is time to take a damn break!!!  I was so excited to reach ALL my goals NOW that I was not taking any time to relax and give my body what it needs.  I thought I was doing a great job balancing doing fun things and #allthethings that make me happy with work life and goal life. 

Along the way, people were still reaching out for workouts and nutrition.  Meanwhile, I have to remember how to workout myself.  I mean real workouts in the gym with real equipment and weights and stuff.  In my effort to help someone else, I found a workout I wrote and got excited because I found a few that remind me how much I used to know.  I became inspired that I can and will get back to that.  It will likely be at a different level than what I used to do but it is better than nothing!!!

I have to remember that the small wins keep coming.  While there are setbacks here and there, I am still way more fortunate that some people in the same situation as me.  Or worse situations where injuries are involved. 

I found a blog in October of 2014 saying I was going to try lifting again.  I'm like, geez, I've been consistently trying to get back on the horse.  Not giving up.  Looking at the bright side of things.  Keeping positive.  And I love all the stuff I have record of!!!

This week I did a light leg workout and 2 days later I woke up with a pretty good size headache which went away.  Yesterday I got in a light shoulder workout and my neck is slightly sore today with a slight headache.  These 2 things are slight enough that I will do another light workout today, while still being aware.

Today I FINALLY have motivation to write a blog (and am well enough to do it!) - YAY.  And all the other things I lost motivation on and didn't give a fuck about - I actually DO give a fuck about.  Temporarily I lost my way but I guess that is all part of being human and getting through life.  As long as I keep learning and growing from this stuff, I am happy and will make it through the sludge and the mud as it comes along.

Oh, and the idea?  Well, I thought of another way to make it work and still be original so I'll be back at that too!

How do you overcome obstacles?



  1. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...keep taking care of yourself!

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon. I completely agree with your outlook that sometimes the small wins are what matters and we have to celebrate them. :)

  3. yay for finding a way for your invention to still be original! that is awesome.

  4. there is something nasty going around here as well; as in hacking cough, sinus infections and even stomach viruses all wrapped into one. hope you feel better!!!

  5. Sorry you weren't feeling well but it sounds like you got sight of what makes you happy again and are on the path to feeling better :)