Mar 14, 2016

Weekending with All the Things that Make Me Happy

I know we have heard this before buuuuut, I can NOT believe it is already Monday!  I really need longer weekends.  On a regular basis.  My weekend literally JUST started and it is already over.  So far over that I am at work and starting the new work week.  And linking up with Biana for Weekending.  Thanks for always hosting this.

Well, just another opportunity to make this week uh-maze-eeng.  I have been on this life journey to do all the things that make me happy.  Soooo, that is exactly what I did this weekend.

My weekend was filled with #allthethings that make me happy!  Hung out, hiked, pool time, friend time, dancing and there was so much that time flew really quickly.

I've been loving using the jump rope for my workout because I can really get my heart rate up and burn some calories.  The greatest part is that is lower impact so it doesn't hurt like a run would.  Not my knees or my neck.  I got in a great one yesterday and had every intention of doing it again today.... buuuuuuut, the alarm went off and my body had other plans for my morning.  Oh well, today after work is just fine by me.

Such great views from this pool and kitchen!
 My friend and I were talking about how we used to really get ready when we were younger.  I used to wear eyelashes.  Because they are so pretty.  Now- too time consuming.  I used to do full make-up.  Now- too time consuming.  I used to wear heels.  Now- my back hurts too much to do it regularly.  I still do here and there but then I suffer for a day or 2 afterward.... not that worth it.

It is probably important to mention that I was able to fit in a piece of pizza and a piece 2 pieces of Boston Crème cake for dinner yesterday.  Who gets to eat cake and pizza for dinner?!!  #adulating and #winningatlife
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  1. wow! what a fantastic view!
    i love using jump rope to up my cardio. the weighted ones they have at the gym are killer!

  2. Your not kidding when you say the pool views were amazing - I would have probably never left that area!! So glad you had a great weekend and I agree they are too short! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Your view is AMAZING! Having a life goal of only doing things that make you happy is such a good goal to have!

  4. Wow that pool and kitchen make my dream home! What an awesome view! :)

  5. That pool and kitchen are gorgeous! Total adulting win when you get to eat pizza and cake for dinner!

  6. I'm with you on the heels thing. I tried to wear a pair that I used to be able to walk miles in and now I could barely keep them on for dinner. Getting older I tell yah.