Mar 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  My favorite overkill meal this week.  Because for a work team builder we went to Oregano's to get some ridiculousness from the table to our face to our bellies.  #allthethings I want in life!

I know, I just talked about this pizza recently.  This actually came about because I was talking about how much I want this redo from 7 months ago.  I mentioned it to a couple people who sit near me and it spread like wildfire until EVERYONE from the team wanted this so we celebrated being the top team the last couple months.

Favorite song this week:

Favorite comfort food that is still light:

Made with chicken sausage and almond milk to lighten it up.  The small things make me happy.
Favorite Dr. office décor:

 It is so much nicer and prettier than a regular Dr. office.  The little things.
I have been using jump rope lately, still on a mission to figure out what I can do with little or minimal pain and I have found this to be effective.  Highly effective because it really gets my heart rate going, burns the calves and is pretty fun.  So this is my favorite jump rope workout:

Favorite accomplishment:

30 incline push ups!!!  Pain free even!  Physical therapy seems to be working and my hope and goal is to be able to resume workouts the way I really want to.  In the meantime I am happy for being able to do this now.

This week's favorite quote:

Tell me, what is your favorite workout?  Favorite quote?

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  1. I am seriously dying over how amazing that pizza looks! YUM! And biscuits and gravy are pretty much my favorite thing ever and I never thought to make it with chicken sausage and almond milk to lighten it up but definitely doing that this weekend! Happy Friday! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. GOsh that pizza looks so yum!! JUmp rope is always great cardio!

  3. That pizza needs to get in my belly!!!! I think dr's offices that try to make you feel a little bit at home are always nice because it takes away a little of the stress that you feel going!