Mar 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

This makes me want to RAWR:
And since I like to view myself as a strong, courageous, ferocious lion - it fits.

Ha!  Sometimes it feels like a timid little kitten.

And I still have a sense of humor so this is also a fav.

Sometimes I just downright need some encouragement - so this is my fav this week.
I've been on this path to "make a decision".  I have decided that I will no longer 'think' about things and I will not let things linger.  Especially stupid stuff in my life.  So these are really appropriate
I'm telling you, this has been working really well and I fully intend to use it a lot more.  No more waiting around to 'figure' something out. 
Favorite Tacos:

The only thing is this I used rockfish and it made my house smell for too many days even with the doors open and burning candles!  Next time, something less stinky or grilled!
Favorite snack: nectarine and cottage cheese.  This has been SO good that I have it on the list for next week too.

Zoo pasta (because I am a kid at heart), kale, zucchini, tomato, steak and spices.  Simple yet oh so delish!
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  1. Love that first quote. I'm so indecisive, it's terrible. I'm trying to get better but it is really hard for me.

  2. I need to get better about liking cottage cheese - I think with a peach I might actually eat it!! I'm actually really decisive...but when it comes to picking a restaurant never lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. bahahaha most people are lazy. hilarious.
    mm those tacos look good but good to know about the smelly fish lol. i am not a fan of cottage cheese but man those nectarines look good!

  4. I can be pretty indecisive sometimes. I drive my husband insane! haha!!! I used to have cottage cheese at lunch a lot for the protein, I need to get back on that since it has been awhile. I take breaks with foods so I dont have burn out.

  5. Nectarines with cottage cheese is the perfect snack!!

  6. i can't bring myself to eat cottage cheese. my husband loves it but not my jam!

  7. Those tacos look amazing! I so needed those quotes today, I'm horrible at over analyzing decisions and I'm to the point now where I'm like the last one and just going for it!

  8. Those tacos look so delicious, but that sucks that they stunk up your house!