Mar 23, 2016

Confessions: Daily Life Struggles

I wore heels to a housewarming party Friday night for about 4 hours and afterward my back hurt, feet hurt.... f*ck this!  I have no idea how the hell I used to wear them dancing ALL damn night.  And then to work ALL week long.  #thestruggleisreal

I just don't care that much to be hot or sexy if it means torturing myself.  I'd rather just wear flip flops.  There are really cute ones these days anyway.

I realized - I just can't do shit to the magnitude I used to.  I've been adding jump rope into the routine of what I *can* do so I started increasing it a little more every day.  Finally I was up to 30 minutes one day and the next day could only squeeze out 10 minutes.  My shins were on fire.... thought I had shin splints.  Now I see why beginners give up - #thestruggleisreal

F*ck you Mark.  Just kidding, I like him but I just wanna speed up the healing of this injury to do #allthethings.  NOOOOOW. 

I'm actually really nervous that the injury won't allow for the competition.  I was released to the gym Monday evening so we shall see how it goes.  I cannot do anything overhead such as a military press or overhead triceps extensions.  I have a feeling I am going to have to get creative with modifications. 

I do not even know what it will be like in a real gym.  It's been 2-3 years since I have been anywhere besides my tiny work gym or condo gym.

My friend did a park workout with me last night.  There are some great stationary pieces of equipment open to the public.  I was able to do more incline pushups, jump rope, eat some bugs, etc.

My pants are too tight.  I have an event that requires us to wear business attire and I feel like I shouldn't really breathe today or else I might split my pants.

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Mar 16, 2016

Confessions: Competition Style

I have decided I am going to do a fitness show and I may be delusional thinking I can do what it takes in the lifting category but I am going to at least try.  One thing for sure, if I can make it -pain free- through the workouts, I will NOT be in the back crying because I have not eaten forever.  Or nibbling at a tiny little piece of M & M to hold me over until I can *finally* eat.  No starving for me thank you.  Clearly there has to be some sort of structure but I'm not going to kill my hormones and brain to do it.

-It bugs me when fitness "professionals" suggest cutting carbs.  I'm talking about when I hear people say they are getting their carbs from fruits and veggies.  Then they have ranch or steak at ALL meals of the day.  And then never eat a banana - which, by the way has 36g of carbs for a medium-ish sized one.

-Or when trainers suggest tilapia and asparagus to fitness competitors.  There is more to life than that.  Competitions should be fun, not torture.  I understand some sacrifice is necessary but even the tiniest little gnat could come up with better meal plans than merely tilapia and asparagus.

-It drives me bat sh!t crazy when someone says I am lucky or have good genes.  Oh ya, you already knew that. 

-It also drives me crazy to hear someone suggesting that 130g + of protein is a good idea for a woman to lose weight.  It.  Is.  NOT.  Necessary.  Protein is good, yes, but not in excess. 

There is so much emphasis on protein that it has become overboard and is more of a fad than actually used in a realistic manner.  I have much more to say on this topic but nobody has all day for that shit.

The body neeeeeeeds carbs to survive.  I know, ketosis is something that many MANY people practice and have success with.  But what happens when they have ONE pasta dish?  Or one potato?  What about the rest of their life?!  I cannot imagine avoiding sweet potatoes, bananas, bread, pasta, even cookies or cake forever. 

Evidently I get bitchy when I am overly hungry.  Proper term:  hangry.

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Mar 14, 2016

Weekending with All the Things that Make Me Happy

I know we have heard this before buuuuut, I can NOT believe it is already Monday!  I really need longer weekends.  On a regular basis.  My weekend literally JUST started and it is already over.  So far over that I am at work and starting the new work week.  And linking up with Biana for Weekending.  Thanks for always hosting this.

Well, just another opportunity to make this week uh-maze-eeng.  I have been on this life journey to do all the things that make me happy.  Soooo, that is exactly what I did this weekend.

My weekend was filled with #allthethings that make me happy!  Hung out, hiked, pool time, friend time, dancing and there was so much that time flew really quickly.

I've been loving using the jump rope for my workout because I can really get my heart rate up and burn some calories.  The greatest part is that is lower impact so it doesn't hurt like a run would.  Not my knees or my neck.  I got in a great one yesterday and had every intention of doing it again today.... buuuuuuut, the alarm went off and my body had other plans for my morning.  Oh well, today after work is just fine by me.

Such great views from this pool and kitchen!
 My friend and I were talking about how we used to really get ready when we were younger.  I used to wear eyelashes.  Because they are so pretty.  Now- too time consuming.  I used to do full make-up.  Now- too time consuming.  I used to wear heels.  Now- my back hurts too much to do it regularly.  I still do here and there but then I suffer for a day or 2 afterward.... not that worth it.

It is probably important to mention that I was able to fit in a piece of pizza and a piece 2 pieces of Boston Crème cake for dinner yesterday.  Who gets to eat cake and pizza for dinner?!!  #adulating and #winningatlife
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Mar 11, 2016

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  My favorite overkill meal this week.  Because for a work team builder we went to Oregano's to get some ridiculousness from the table to our face to our bellies.  #allthethings I want in life!

I know, I just talked about this pizza recently.  This actually came about because I was talking about how much I want this redo from 7 months ago.  I mentioned it to a couple people who sit near me and it spread like wildfire until EVERYONE from the team wanted this so we celebrated being the top team the last couple months.

Favorite song this week:

Favorite comfort food that is still light:

Made with chicken sausage and almond milk to lighten it up.  The small things make me happy.
Favorite Dr. office décor:

 It is so much nicer and prettier than a regular Dr. office.  The little things.
I have been using jump rope lately, still on a mission to figure out what I can do with little or minimal pain and I have found this to be effective.  Highly effective because it really gets my heart rate going, burns the calves and is pretty fun.  So this is my favorite jump rope workout:

Favorite accomplishment:

30 incline push ups!!!  Pain free even!  Physical therapy seems to be working and my hope and goal is to be able to resume workouts the way I really want to.  In the meantime I am happy for being able to do this now.

This week's favorite quote:

Tell me, what is your favorite workout?  Favorite quote?

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Mar 7, 2016

Weekending Pinnacle Peak

My weekend started dancing Friday night.  And the guy who asked "why" (from a couple weeks ago) I didn't want to go out with him was there again.  Actually, he has been there every time I have been there and he has become more friendly.  My friends think he is nice and he comes up to say hi to us.  A lot.  More than enough.  He still thinks I have a husband and this time one of the girls brought her boyfriend who brought his friend.

Boyfriend's friend says to me, after old guy walks away, "My friend just asked if I was going to save you and I said no, you look like you are handling it just fine".  I start laughing.  Thanks a lot!  I explain the old guy thinks I have a husband anyways so it would be weird for him to save me now.  To which he says "So what, I don't care!" 

While friend is talking to old guy, at some point old guy tells him "you should see me with my shirt off".  WTF???!!!  Who says that?  He also invites us out the next night for drinks on him.  The gestures were very kind and hopefully the conversation will help get the point across that I am STILL not interested.  Although, now he thinks he is my best friend and told me he would do anything for me because he considers us really good friends.  Huh?!  Oh well, there are worse things.

And the best part of the night was THIS:

Friend time was actually the best part but who doesn't love French Toast?!!  Especially with peanut butter, chocolate chips, bananas and whipped cream!!  I love #allthethings

IHOP actually offered the above French Toast as a combo with the above eggs, sausage and hash browns.  To me, I would love to shovel eat that much food but the reality is there is just not that much room in my stomach at one time for it all at once.  I will say I made a pretty good dent considering it was not actually meal time.

In order to make up for the 1:30AM shenanigans, I had to go for a hike at Pinnacle Peak.  It was the first one on this mountain in a while and it was about 3.25 miles moderate to strenuous.  I haven't had much conditioning due to the neck injury but I did fairly well.  I'll just pretend I don't have any after effects.

I'm not really sure why there are full gallons of water labeled "Do not drink" but there they are, and there were more in another area as well.  Weird but I'm not judging.


The AZ desert can be beautiful and add these stairs all over the place - what a great way to workout and be outdoors. 

What I was *really* thinking was moving into that house!!  Or maybe just pretend I was house sitting?  Hopefully nobody would be home while I tried that out.

Next morning was biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  Clearly the light in my kitchen isn't the best but breakfast was amazing.  I used chicken sausage and almond milk to lighten it up.  You can taste the difference with the chicken sausage but the milk made no difference.... or maybe I'm just used to it.

Lunch was corned beef, lettuce, tomato, pickle with olive oil mayo mixed with Sriracha...... the goodness was real.  Funny story about the bread.  It is an organic whole grain bread and it literally jumped off the shelf as I walked by.  I figured it looked good so I picked it up and took it home with me.  Life is all about good decisions!

This morning's breakfast was a protein pancake sort turned crepe... by mistake but it was soooo good.  Topped with cashew butter and natural strawberry preserves on half with the other half being Agave Nectar and Stevia.

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Mar 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

This makes me want to RAWR:
And since I like to view myself as a strong, courageous, ferocious lion - it fits.

Ha!  Sometimes it feels like a timid little kitten.

And I still have a sense of humor so this is also a fav.

Sometimes I just downright need some encouragement - so this is my fav this week.
I've been on this path to "make a decision".  I have decided that I will no longer 'think' about things and I will not let things linger.  Especially stupid stuff in my life.  So these are really appropriate
I'm telling you, this has been working really well and I fully intend to use it a lot more.  No more waiting around to 'figure' something out. 
Favorite Tacos:

The only thing is this I used rockfish and it made my house smell for too many days even with the doors open and burning candles!  Next time, something less stinky or grilled!
Favorite snack: nectarine and cottage cheese.  This has been SO good that I have it on the list for next week too.

Zoo pasta (because I am a kid at heart), kale, zucchini, tomato, steak and spices.  Simple yet oh so delish!
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Mar 2, 2016

Confessions: Real Life Conflicts

I am conflicted between if I want to be bad or good. 

I am waaay to responsible to be bad but I sure do remember having such good times when I was bad.  Ok, I wasn't really that bad but I really had A LOT of fun in my younger years.

A few days ago I realized I am 38.5 years old.  What am I 5????!!  Who thinks of their 'half' age in years?  Me.  I do.  Why?  Because I am closer to 40 than I have ever been.  Waaaay closer than I am to 20, but then again I don't want to be close to 20 anymore.  However, I would like to have many of the benefits youth gave me.  Not saying I am old but I have always had an idea of 40 being old and now that I am almost there, it's messing with me.

I really don't hang out in bars anymore but sometimes I remember how much fun it was.

Things are changing.  I even have little curls in my hair that I didn't have before.  Kinda like little kids who start growing hair, it's cute so I'm not mad.
                                                                                                                                                                  I AM mad that the skin around my knees, forearm (where the elbow bends) and hands are changing.  (This is code for fine lines or wrinkles!!)  *sighs*  Something I have absolutely NO control over, no matter what I eat or how much HIIT I do!

I have resolved to do ALL THINGS that make me happy.  Giving certain people the axe, travel, hike, learning and trying new things and tackling the bucket list.

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