Feb 22, 2016

Weekending Sedona

Last weekend I went hiking in Sedona with my friend and it was so peaceful, amazing and serene.  Yes, beautiful too!  We were taking this easy loop (cuz that's all my wussy ass can do these days) but somehow we missed the easy loop.  What was a 2 mile hike turned into a 6 mile hike.  We started noticing that we were not looping but rather, we kept getting further from the direction we needed to be.  Some mountain bikers let us see their map, sure enough we were WAY off track.

The map appeared easy enough to get back but there were a few forks we had to figure out and we were fighting day light.  I'm thinking to myself "mother f*cker, i'm not sleeping on the f*cking ground with the wolves".  AND, b*tch has gotta eat!  The nuts and trail mix wasn't going to be enough to keep my going.  Who was I kidding?  If we didn't get out during the daylight, that could definitely happen.  We started moving a little quicker and doing slow jogs in flatter areas.  We started seeing our footprints in some areas so we decided to bring popcorn with us next time as trail markers!

The shortened version is we made it back JUST as the sun was setting.  Last time I slept on the ground, my back and neck hurt for a full week!  Too old for that sh*t!!  We recognized a few things we had commented on and stopped to take pictures of so we made it back.  We realized that we were jabbering so much that we were not even paying attention to where the hell we were on a foreign trail.  Note to self - and everyone else (although you probably already do this) pay attention on new trails!!!!

I lOVE the wonders of nature.  We originally planned on Oak Creek but since the snow was melting, the crossings were flooded.  You can see a little bit of snow on the tops of the mountains as we looked for another hiking area.

Truly, I don't even remember the rest of last weekend.  I totally missed writing about it in a timely fashion like the rest of you manage to do.  I don't know how everyone is so good about it.  I have never been good about it and by the time I finally write on it, it's like 3p East coast time.

We had lunch before we started our hike and a server from another table stopped by a couple times to check on us.  He asked if he could get us anything or just offer inappropriate jokes.  I asked for an inappropriate joke (of course) and he asked "How inappropriate".  I didn't really think he was going to tell one but he gave us a level of inappropriateness so I opted for mildly inappropriate.  He said "what is white and 12 inches"?  Answer: "nothing".  haha, well, I asked for it.

He came back by and picked this up off the ground and put it on the table next to me.

 He said "you dropped your name tag".  Awwww, so sweet.  The single life is full of stories.

I live on a mini golf course and green belt.  Although it isn't so green right now, it is still amazing to be outside considering it is 81 degrees out today.  There is a park about a mile or so away and I walk over there on the weekends.  There are some outdoor gym pieces that provide a great aspect for physical fitness.  I still have to be mindful of what I do and I am so thankful these things are available for use.

Some of the trees are starting to grow their leaves back and it is only February!  I have to say, I am a little nervous of what the summer will be like since it is already so nice out.  I truly love the outdoor life.  Matter of fact, I just love my life!!!

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  1. How beautiful was your hike (even if it ended up being much longer than you thought)?! Gorgeous scenery <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Hahaha pay attention on trails. I would totally get myself lost! I love all the gorgeous pictures, you had some stunning views!

  3. Gorgeous hike but yeah getting lost = no bueno. Glad you eventually found your way. I still have posts to do about our trip to Europe last July so no, we're all not so good about writing in a timely fashion. Haha!

  4. That sunset picture is amazing! part of the reason I dont hike that often is im afraid to get lost!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Beautiful pictures! I'm so afraid of getting lost that I hardly ever hike for that reason.

  6. That's so scary that y'all missed your turn off and almost got lost on the trail! At least y'all made it back! I wouldn't have wanted to sleep on the ground either!