Feb 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Man crush Marshall Perrin.

Aaaand, he's a firefighter.  So the great thing is he is into humanity, what a great guy!

 Girl crush: Betty rocker

She is into clean eating and being healthy which is always up my alley.

And Christmas Abbott.  HOLY sheeeeit!  She is in such great shape.  I would say she is my inspiration, physically.  I don't think I'll be able to do cross fit with the injury but I am for damn sure going to keep doing what I can and continue getting better at it errr day.

Fav foods
Deep dish pizza from Oregano's.  Even though I had this 6 months ago, I still remember savoring the delight.  I'm pretty sure this WILL happen again soon!

Some froyo with lots of deliciousness on top.  I did opt for small amounts of each item which are chocolate chip cookie dough bites, cheesecake bites, graham cracker, chocolate syrup and not sure what else.  The yogurt was salted caramel and something else.  Again, 6 months ago so I can't exactly remember the other flavor I opted for.  Equally delightful.


This week's favorite accomplishment was another workout with Jessie Hildenburg AND I was able to do 5 push ups and 5 assisted FREE of pain!!!!  I have not had injections in 6 weeks and THAT is an accomplishment as I was getting them every 2 weeks. 

Fav pick up line  

You dropped your name tag

This one actually beats out the guy offering to take me for a ride in his $150k car because it was really clever and it wasn't using money to try to buy me.

Favorite car Mercedes S63 AMG
I have never really been someone who is huge into cars but I saw this car, driving down the road, a few weeks ago and then I kept seeing it so I looked it up.  The one I would want is $170k but I found one for only $161k!!  What a bargain, right??!!  Now all I have to do is sell my car AND my house and I can be the proud owner of this 577 horse power piece of machinery.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend dreaming of all things nice!

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  1. Well, hellllllllllo Marshall Perrin ;) We don't have too many deep dish pizza places in Tampa - we used to have a great one, but they closed. I miss it, because it was insanely delish. Happy Weekend! xo

  2. That deep dish pizza looks amazing! And helloooooo firefighter <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. I mean what a price difference - you should totally get it haha! Man crush for sure! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Well someone call 911...wooooweeeee!!!! Hahahaha! Give me some of that pizza please!

  5. Here in Chicago, deep dish is our way of life. Total deliciousness indeed. I haven't had fro-yo in ages. Maybe when we finally thaw out. Yay for painfree pushups!

  6. I seriously can't get enough froyo either! I know that opting for the candy isn't the healthiest, but it's always so good!

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