Feb 12, 2016

Friday Faves Single Style

  1. Want to go for a ride in my $150,000.00 car to get a beer?

Yep, that was a for real pick up line!

2.  My latest love is learning to country dance.  I have always loved dancing and the injury I have been speaking of prevents me from moving around the way I want to or used to so I am improvising.  Always figuring out what I *can* do, rather than focus on what I can't do.

3.  Same night, another funny story.  A gentleman asked me to dance, to which I obliged. After the song he asked if he could take me out dancing some time.  I said no. 
He said "why?"
Me, blank stare.  Blink blink.  Silence.  I am thinking to myself, 'WTF???!!!!  What the hell do I tell this guy?  Do I tell the truth?  That I'm not really into guys who are missing teeth?  Your skin is too wrinkly?'  Then I wonder what can I say to let him down gently.  Then I wonder why the hell did he put me on the spot like that.  It is never good to ask why someone doesn't like you or why you do not want to go out with him (or her). 

Finally, I decided on "I'm just not that into you", (after, I don't know, a looooong 30 second stare) when thankfully, he says "Is your husband going to take you dancing?"  To which I reply yes.  I mean OF COURSE my husband is taking me!!!! Hopefully he doesn't notice I am not wearing a ring.  By this time I think 'oh well if *does* notice' considering he should not have even asked "why".


  1. I'm pretty jealous of the weather you guys are having!! Dying over the man asking you why he couldn't take you dancing lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to country dance, so much fun! And LOL at the guy flashing how absurdly expensive his car was to go get a beer! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. at least he had the balls to ask why when you turned him down! most guys would've turned around and left.

  4. Oh man that's a tough situation with that guy! At least he thought of the perfect excuse for you! And yes to country dancing! It's always a good idea no matter where you are!

  5. First off, the country dancing sounds amazing!!! Secondly, that story is hilarious!!

  6. Hahahahaha what a pick up line! Look at you looking all sassy. I hate when people have to put you on the spot like that. It is like they do it so you change your mind. Ummm no and now you have made it awkward so that is a double no! Hahahaha

  7. That is hilarious. I would love to hear how to country dance, seems like so much fun.