Feb 3, 2016

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

About a year ago I told you I would post on the things I have done with my condo but I forgot to post AT ALL, let alone do something I said I would do.  Ah, better late than never.  My very first DIY, after paint, was the kitchen cabinets.  They were SO 80s and very drab.

Truly, it was so simple I almost shouldn't even be writing a blog about it.  All I did was follow the instructions on Rustoleum's little kit.  First, I labeled and removed all the cupboards.  While it seems like common sense as to where they all should return, they end up looking the same once they are off.

Second, I used the deglosser and lightly sanded then wiped the solution off.  I am lucky my cousin helped here because it is kinda tedious.

Third, was to paint the front side of each cabinet.  It is important to note that painting should be done WITH the grain and not against.  The instructions said to do the edges first.  I am not really sure why but since I am no pro, that is what I did.

Now let me tell you, I live in a small condo with no attached garage so where the hell do I put this??!!  I had to be very creative to lay these properly for drying without touching so as not to ruin the fresh paint.

 Painted the reverse and let that dry.  This process went on for a few days because I could only do so much before waiting to dry, then going to work.  This is how the living room looked for days!


 Then taped off and painted the rest. 

 After that dried I applied the glaze which can be as thin or as heavy as you want.  I wanted to have a heavier feel in the grooves of the panels so I applied it thicker before wiping the excess off.

In the end, I think it made a huge difference in the appearance of the cabinets.  And it shaved a lot of time off my life but, here I am a year later, I am absolutely glad I did it!!!



  1. Ah can't wait to see how it looks when it's all done!! Great job so far! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. this is awesome! i want to paint our cabinets but i keep pushing it off because it's such a big job (or it feels that way). glad you're happy with doing it a year later, that's always a good sign lol