Feb 24, 2016

Confession: I Am NOT Genetically Lucky

Today's Confessions:
I am not genetically lucky!!!
My current journey consists of figuring out WTH I can do without pain and to somewhat maintain. One thing I will say is genetics does NOT factor into this for me in reference to being lucky. I am NOT lucky in this category. I have been diligent, not genetically f*cking blessed. When someone says I'm lucky or have good genetics, it totally devalues all the hard work and effort I put into taking care of myself and being healthy.  What if you just finished run in a marathon and I said you were lucky to hv been able to run such a distance because your genetics allowed it?!  NO!!!  You didn't just bust out 26.2 miles of pure genetic luck.  I'd like to see THAT kind of gene pool!  That was from a lot of hard work, dedication and consistency. Probably mixed with perseverance because there may have been times you wanted to quit but didn't. 
Sometimes I wanna quit.

Sometimes I fall off the wagon. Sometimes I eat too much good shit and then I have to squeeze into my pants. But I don't just say "oh well, if it weren't for this injury, I'd still fit into my pants".  No, I choose to do things that keep me in shape.  I choose specific foods, do what I can physically and even had to eat less. Why the hell would I do that?!  Because my body doesn't need more when I'm doing less. (Little or no working out when I was used to working out 5 days per week). 

It is so difficult to remain dedicated to a cause.  (specifically eating properly and exercising) I want ALL things delicious!


Sometimes I lose dedication

There are more gyms than ever before and the battle for health is greater than ever before. The need continues to grow and the number of gyms continue to grow. How can we have more gyms readily available and still deal with an obesity epidemic?  Some people fall off the workout wagon.  They lose motivation and dedication.  Dedication.  Especially when good food, really good food, is the worst for you. It is SO HARD to stop consuming the things we love the most. Truly, I don't believe in eliminating the foods we love but I am a firm believer in moderation. While I get a little out of control from time to time and sometimes my pants get too tight, ultimately I still have a pretty good set of standards that I go by and the dedication is still there. I have made a decision on what I believe my level of health and fitness should be and I act on that decision. I stick with it and am determined to keep at it. And keep at it I must because I'm just like the next person. I love a piece of cheesecake, macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies, pizza, a huge bacon cheeseburger- all of it.

I gain weight easily

Because that is how my genetics are. Because of this I have to work hard and remain diligent. Add an injury to that and the odds seem to stack up but I don't give up. I remain dedicated with my decision and I follow through. I make adjustments when I slack too much and reel it back in if (and when) necessary. 

I hate it when people say I'm lucky

I was running the stairs, sweating my ass off on a day that I felt good enough I could actually do it.  Someone I know said I was lucky that I didn't blow up after the injury.  She went on to say she gained weight and how lucky I was.  I explained it wasn't easy and I DID gain weight at first.  I realized my pants were getting too tight but I still weighed the same.  I realized I had to eat less.  I hated it because I love food but I did it.  I asked if she kept eating the same or made changes when she became less active.  I think we know the answer to that question.

Luck isn't what does it. It is persistence and consistency. And dedication.  Confessional rant over.

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  1. I gain weight easily too and I hate it!!! I will always be working on my health and fitness, nothing comes easy.

  2. I gain weight by looking at crappy food! But still I keep plugging along!

  3. I'm in the same boat as you, if I lose site of eating (somewhat) clean and my workout routine I'll gain weight. It's hard work to maintain, and it's not genetics or handed to you. It will always be work that I'll gladly put in <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. don't even talk to me about a shit metabolism. i train so hard and eat so well and it took me nearly FOUR YEARS to get to where i am now when before, it used to take me 3 months tops. damn age!

  5. i hate when people say 'lucky' in regards to anything. weight, exercise, travel, money, whatever. oh you're so 'lucky' you can read so much because you aren't as busy as me with kids, oh you're so lucky you can travel so much, oh you're so lucky you can eat what you want... um, no. i am not lucky to do any of those things. whether its about working out, saving up and not wasting money on unimportant things, or whatever, nothing is luck. it is all what we work hard towards or choose over something else. the only time you are lucky is if you found a lottery ticket on the floor and won a million dollars. rage. people are so stupid.

  6. "Luck" has nothing to do with it. I don't gain weight because I watch what I eat. It's literally that simple. I also do Pilates instead of slaving away at the gym (I used to!) and it's all evened out. However, I'm not genetically lucky on the medical side of things, so I figure the least I can do is keep my weight where I want it to be.
    I had a student say a girl was "lucky" because she got all A's. My jaw hit the floor.