Feb 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Man crush Marshall Perrin.

Aaaand, he's a firefighter.  So the great thing is he is into humanity, what a great guy!

 Girl crush: Betty rocker

She is into clean eating and being healthy which is always up my alley.

And Christmas Abbott.  HOLY sheeeeit!  She is in such great shape.  I would say she is my inspiration, physically.  I don't think I'll be able to do cross fit with the injury but I am for damn sure going to keep doing what I can and continue getting better at it errr day.

Fav foods
Deep dish pizza from Oregano's.  Even though I had this 6 months ago, I still remember savoring the delight.  I'm pretty sure this WILL happen again soon!

Some froyo with lots of deliciousness on top.  I did opt for small amounts of each item which are chocolate chip cookie dough bites, cheesecake bites, graham cracker, chocolate syrup and not sure what else.  The yogurt was salted caramel and something else.  Again, 6 months ago so I can't exactly remember the other flavor I opted for.  Equally delightful.


This week's favorite accomplishment was another workout with Jessie Hildenburg AND I was able to do 5 push ups and 5 assisted FREE of pain!!!!  I have not had injections in 6 weeks and THAT is an accomplishment as I was getting them every 2 weeks. 

Fav pick up line  

You dropped your name tag

This one actually beats out the guy offering to take me for a ride in his $150k car because it was really clever and it wasn't using money to try to buy me.

Favorite car Mercedes S63 AMG
I have never really been someone who is huge into cars but I saw this car, driving down the road, a few weeks ago and then I kept seeing it so I looked it up.  The one I would want is $170k but I found one for only $161k!!  What a bargain, right??!!  Now all I have to do is sell my car AND my house and I can be the proud owner of this 577 horse power piece of machinery.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend dreaming of all things nice!

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Feb 24, 2016

Confession: I Am NOT Genetically Lucky

Today's Confessions:
I am not genetically lucky!!!
My current journey consists of figuring out WTH I can do without pain and to somewhat maintain. One thing I will say is genetics does NOT factor into this for me in reference to being lucky. I am NOT lucky in this category. I have been diligent, not genetically f*cking blessed. When someone says I'm lucky or have good genetics, it totally devalues all the hard work and effort I put into taking care of myself and being healthy.  What if you just finished run in a marathon and I said you were lucky to hv been able to run such a distance because your genetics allowed it?!  NO!!!  You didn't just bust out 26.2 miles of pure genetic luck.  I'd like to see THAT kind of gene pool!  That was from a lot of hard work, dedication and consistency. Probably mixed with perseverance because there may have been times you wanted to quit but didn't. 
Sometimes I wanna quit.

Sometimes I fall off the wagon. Sometimes I eat too much good shit and then I have to squeeze into my pants. But I don't just say "oh well, if it weren't for this injury, I'd still fit into my pants".  No, I choose to do things that keep me in shape.  I choose specific foods, do what I can physically and even had to eat less. Why the hell would I do that?!  Because my body doesn't need more when I'm doing less. (Little or no working out when I was used to working out 5 days per week). 

It is so difficult to remain dedicated to a cause.  (specifically eating properly and exercising) I want ALL things delicious!


Sometimes I lose dedication

There are more gyms than ever before and the battle for health is greater than ever before. The need continues to grow and the number of gyms continue to grow. How can we have more gyms readily available and still deal with an obesity epidemic?  Some people fall off the workout wagon.  They lose motivation and dedication.  Dedication.  Especially when good food, really good food, is the worst for you. It is SO HARD to stop consuming the things we love the most. Truly, I don't believe in eliminating the foods we love but I am a firm believer in moderation. While I get a little out of control from time to time and sometimes my pants get too tight, ultimately I still have a pretty good set of standards that I go by and the dedication is still there. I have made a decision on what I believe my level of health and fitness should be and I act on that decision. I stick with it and am determined to keep at it. And keep at it I must because I'm just like the next person. I love a piece of cheesecake, macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies, pizza, a huge bacon cheeseburger- all of it.

I gain weight easily

Because that is how my genetics are. Because of this I have to work hard and remain diligent. Add an injury to that and the odds seem to stack up but I don't give up. I remain dedicated with my decision and I follow through. I make adjustments when I slack too much and reel it back in if (and when) necessary. 

I hate it when people say I'm lucky

I was running the stairs, sweating my ass off on a day that I felt good enough I could actually do it.  Someone I know said I was lucky that I didn't blow up after the injury.  She went on to say she gained weight and how lucky I was.  I explained it wasn't easy and I DID gain weight at first.  I realized my pants were getting too tight but I still weighed the same.  I realized I had to eat less.  I hated it because I love food but I did it.  I asked if she kept eating the same or made changes when she became less active.  I think we know the answer to that question.

Luck isn't what does it. It is persistence and consistency. And dedication.  Confessional rant over.

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Feb 22, 2016

Weekending Sedona

Last weekend I went hiking in Sedona with my friend and it was so peaceful, amazing and serene.  Yes, beautiful too!  We were taking this easy loop (cuz that's all my wussy ass can do these days) but somehow we missed the easy loop.  What was a 2 mile hike turned into a 6 mile hike.  We started noticing that we were not looping but rather, we kept getting further from the direction we needed to be.  Some mountain bikers let us see their map, sure enough we were WAY off track.

The map appeared easy enough to get back but there were a few forks we had to figure out and we were fighting day light.  I'm thinking to myself "mother f*cker, i'm not sleeping on the f*cking ground with the wolves".  AND, b*tch has gotta eat!  The nuts and trail mix wasn't going to be enough to keep my going.  Who was I kidding?  If we didn't get out during the daylight, that could definitely happen.  We started moving a little quicker and doing slow jogs in flatter areas.  We started seeing our footprints in some areas so we decided to bring popcorn with us next time as trail markers!

The shortened version is we made it back JUST as the sun was setting.  Last time I slept on the ground, my back and neck hurt for a full week!  Too old for that sh*t!!  We recognized a few things we had commented on and stopped to take pictures of so we made it back.  We realized that we were jabbering so much that we were not even paying attention to where the hell we were on a foreign trail.  Note to self - and everyone else (although you probably already do this) pay attention on new trails!!!!

I lOVE the wonders of nature.  We originally planned on Oak Creek but since the snow was melting, the crossings were flooded.  You can see a little bit of snow on the tops of the mountains as we looked for another hiking area.

Truly, I don't even remember the rest of last weekend.  I totally missed writing about it in a timely fashion like the rest of you manage to do.  I don't know how everyone is so good about it.  I have never been good about it and by the time I finally write on it, it's like 3p East coast time.

We had lunch before we started our hike and a server from another table stopped by a couple times to check on us.  He asked if he could get us anything or just offer inappropriate jokes.  I asked for an inappropriate joke (of course) and he asked "How inappropriate".  I didn't really think he was going to tell one but he gave us a level of inappropriateness so I opted for mildly inappropriate.  He said "what is white and 12 inches"?  Answer: "nothing".  haha, well, I asked for it.

He came back by and picked this up off the ground and put it on the table next to me.

 He said "you dropped your name tag".  Awwww, so sweet.  The single life is full of stories.

I live on a mini golf course and green belt.  Although it isn't so green right now, it is still amazing to be outside considering it is 81 degrees out today.  There is a park about a mile or so away and I walk over there on the weekends.  There are some outdoor gym pieces that provide a great aspect for physical fitness.  I still have to be mindful of what I do and I am so thankful these things are available for use.

Some of the trees are starting to grow their leaves back and it is only February!  I have to say, I am a little nervous of what the summer will be like since it is already so nice out.  I truly love the outdoor life.  Matter of fact, I just love my life!!!

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Feb 17, 2016

Confessions Cabo Style

I went to Cabo with my family in October and are going again this year!  Confessions today will be Cabo style.
The property for this place is huge and they have golf carts that take you from one place to the other.  I preferred walking in order to get in exercise to counter some of the food that I was eating.
  1. I ate waaaaay too much food
This is the 'salad' which actually had a tostada with beans layered under the lettuce and salsa.  It was surprisingly good.

This was a giant boat full of seafood including scallops, crab, lobster, shrimp and some sort of white fish.  My brother and I shared it and still had a lot left.
The place we ate at was super cute but almost sickening because it felt like I should have been there with a date.  It is owned by a lady who moved there from California and created a business and life there. 

I went up to the sky pool to resolve a billing issue while everyone else was at a different pool and for time purposes, I took a golf cart on the way back down.  Plus, I was tired of sweating balls on the long trek up there.  While talking to the driver I said I was looking for my future husband and, of course, he is looking for his future wife.... in the U.S.  He offered to marry me so he could have his green card and I could have whatever benefit I would get in Mexico.
2.  I seriously considered it!  Ultimately, I don't' want a divorce on my status and it is probably illegal.  *sigh* I guess I can't win 'em all.
3.  I got some info on employment down there- yes it was that amazing
I was trying to figure out a way to continue working at my current job and doing it remotely but I am sure international rules apply.
4.  I love the men.... errrr, uh, art.  Truly though, I live in AZ and I will never observe fine art such as this at a pool here.

It started to rain a couple days in and at first it was pretty but it lasted a couple more days and I was over it.  I came for the sun!!!

Truly, this place was so amazing, so gorgeous and serene.  I am DEFINITELY going back!!!
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Feb 12, 2016

Friday Faves Single Style

  1. Want to go for a ride in my $150,000.00 car to get a beer?

Yep, that was a for real pick up line!

2.  My latest love is learning to country dance.  I have always loved dancing and the injury I have been speaking of prevents me from moving around the way I want to or used to so I am improvising.  Always figuring out what I *can* do, rather than focus on what I can't do.

3.  Same night, another funny story.  A gentleman asked me to dance, to which I obliged. After the song he asked if he could take me out dancing some time.  I said no. 
He said "why?"
Me, blank stare.  Blink blink.  Silence.  I am thinking to myself, 'WTF???!!!!  What the hell do I tell this guy?  Do I tell the truth?  That I'm not really into guys who are missing teeth?  Your skin is too wrinkly?'  Then I wonder what can I say to let him down gently.  Then I wonder why the hell did he put me on the spot like that.  It is never good to ask why someone doesn't like you or why you do not want to go out with him (or her). 

Finally, I decided on "I'm just not that into you", (after, I don't know, a looooong 30 second stare) when thankfully, he says "Is your husband going to take you dancing?"  To which I reply yes.  I mean OF COURSE my husband is taking me!!!! Hopefully he doesn't notice I am not wearing a ring.  By this time I think 'oh well if *does* notice' considering he should not have even asked "why".

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Feb 10, 2016

Twelve Minute Madness Workout

Yesterday I went to a class taught by Jessie Hilgenberg, sponsored by Lululemon,  and went through a 45 minute workout.  Most of the focus was lower body and high intensity which was great for me because upper body can be tricky.  (due to the old injury)

When she had us begin push-ups I may have said f*ck under my breath, or maybe it was loud enough for people to hear. I am not really sure but I know it wreaks havoc for me to do push-ups.  I tried it anyway and squeezed 2 out before it began to hurt and burn so I just modified it to a plank.  I am still happy about the things I *can* do because many people are less fortunate than me.  Not gonna lie, it is a mental roller coaster between trying to stay positive and the actual realization of it all.  Either way, I continue doing my best to stay positive and finding things that I CAN do!!!

Confession:  I think Jessie is SO HOT!!!  She is in amazing shape and takes great care of herself. 
Confession:  It's been a while since I've done 45 minutes of anything high intensity -which is embarrassing itself.  Buuuut, I did much better than expected so the shorter, lighter things I do count for something

This workout is a good one because I can do most of with no trouble.  Thanks Beach Body!!!  Aaaaand, summer is around the corner so it is time to act like it!


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Feb 3, 2016

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

About a year ago I told you I would post on the things I have done with my condo but I forgot to post AT ALL, let alone do something I said I would do.  Ah, better late than never.  My very first DIY, after paint, was the kitchen cabinets.  They were SO 80s and very drab.

Truly, it was so simple I almost shouldn't even be writing a blog about it.  All I did was follow the instructions on Rustoleum's little kit.  First, I labeled and removed all the cupboards.  While it seems like common sense as to where they all should return, they end up looking the same once they are off.

Second, I used the deglosser and lightly sanded then wiped the solution off.  I am lucky my cousin helped here because it is kinda tedious.

Third, was to paint the front side of each cabinet.  It is important to note that painting should be done WITH the grain and not against.  The instructions said to do the edges first.  I am not really sure why but since I am no pro, that is what I did.

Now let me tell you, I live in a small condo with no attached garage so where the hell do I put this??!!  I had to be very creative to lay these properly for drying without touching so as not to ruin the fresh paint.

 Painted the reverse and let that dry.  This process went on for a few days because I could only do so much before waiting to dry, then going to work.  This is how the living room looked for days!


 Then taped off and painted the rest. 

 After that dried I applied the glaze which can be as thin or as heavy as you want.  I wanted to have a heavier feel in the grooves of the panels so I applied it thicker before wiping the excess off.

In the end, I think it made a huge difference in the appearance of the cabinets.  And it shaved a lot of time off my life but, here I am a year later, I am absolutely glad I did it!!!

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