Apr 30, 2015

Charlie Horses in the Middle of the Night

Charlie horse, leg cramp, muscle spasm.  We have all had it and it hurts like hell!  I especially hate it when it is in the middle of the night and I am trying to get my sleep on!!  I'm half asleep telling the Charlie Horse to please go away because every last minute of sleep is precious.  Extremely precious!

Strange thing is I have not had one in years.  Literally YEARS!!  Over the last couple of months I have had a Charlie horse a handful of times.  One night I am pretty sure it was because I had gone out drinking the day (or maybe night - who knows) before and was dehydrated.  Which is bound to happen when I exchange drinking 3/4-1 gallon of water a day for a handful of drinks.  Think I'm joking?  It is a true story.  I drink a lot of water and am not a regular drinker.  Admittedly, I have been drinking 1-2x per weekend lately but that's a lot for me!  ha.

Then it happened again and I had not been diligent in taking my supplements so I was likely deficient somewhere.  Low and behold it happened again last night.  WTF?!!  I am getting kinda tired of this because I drank plenty of water the day before, had taken my vitamins and had not been drinking.  Buuuuut, I haven't been up on my supplements like I usually am.

So I look up a few things to determine if there is a piece to the puzzle I am missing.  Web MD tells us Charlie Horses are caused by:

- Exercising
- Pregnancy
- Exposure to cold
- Certain medications
- Standing on a hard surface for a long time
- Sitting for a long time
- Legs in awkward position while sleeping
- Dehydration
- Not enough calcium, potassium, and other minerals
- Certain medical conditions

Well,  the first 2 aren't the reason I'm having Charlie Horses!  ha!  I'm not on medication, I drank a full gallon of water the day before, my legs were fine.  I have adjusted my desk at work to be standing all day - this helps with posture.  But isn't it an oxy moron to say 'sitting for a long time' right after 'standing for a long time'?!  (insert sarcasm)

Hopefully there's no arising medical condition.  I am really thinking it is that I haven't been as consistent with my supplements, specifically calcium.  I will get on it and see how that does me.  Calcium is going to be my favorite solution for now.

Do you get crazy Charlie Horses?

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  1. I get them a lot too!! And it happens randomly - but I always thought it was because I wasn't getting enough potassium!!! I know think mine is from sitting too long! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Potassium is definitely one possibility!

  2. I used to get them a lot!!!! Sometimes it would be during the day too or at night watching TV. I haven't had them in awhile and I think it is because of one of two things....I eat a banana pretty much every morning. (Potassium like Biana said) and also when my legs are a little achy I take one magnesium pill. My dr told me that people who are deficient in magnesium often have muscle spasms for no reason.

  3. I haven't gotten one in a long time. Hope you figure out what is causing it. :(

  4. Amp up your consistency with the vitamins and I bet all will be well!!!!!

  5. I was going to say Dehydration and low calcium, magnesium, and potassium and then I saw the causes you wrote down. If you drank enough fluids then I agree it is probably from not taking your supplements. It is amazing how low minerals and vitamins can effect our bodies. I hope you are feeling better now and haven't had any more Charlie Horses.

  6. I sometimes get cramps in my toes! It sounds a bit weird, but bending them backwards always helps. Occasionally I've had them in my calves, which is a killer. Hate it when it happens!