Apr 30, 2015

Charlie Horses in the Middle of the Night

Charlie horse, leg cramp, muscle spasm.  We have all had it and it hurts like hell!  I especially hate it when it is in the middle of the night and I am trying to get my sleep on!!  I'm half asleep telling the Charlie Horse to please go away because every last minute of sleep is precious.  Extremely precious!

Strange thing is I have not had one in years.  Literally YEARS!!  Over the last couple of months I have had a Charlie horse a handful of times.  One night I am pretty sure it was because I had gone out drinking the day (or maybe night - who knows) before and was dehydrated.  Which is bound to happen when I exchange drinking 3/4-1 gallon of water a day for a handful of drinks.  Think I'm joking?  It is a true story.  I drink a lot of water and am not a regular drinker.  Admittedly, I have been drinking 1-2x per weekend lately but that's a lot for me!  ha.

Then it happened again and I had not been diligent in taking my supplements so I was likely deficient somewhere.  Low and behold it happened again last night.  WTF?!!  I am getting kinda tired of this because I drank plenty of water the day before, had taken my vitamins and had not been drinking.  Buuuuut, I haven't been up on my supplements like I usually am.

So I look up a few things to determine if there is a piece to the puzzle I am missing.  Web MD tells us Charlie Horses are caused by:

- Exercising
- Pregnancy
- Exposure to cold
- Certain medications
- Standing on a hard surface for a long time
- Sitting for a long time
- Legs in awkward position while sleeping
- Dehydration
- Not enough calcium, potassium, and other minerals
- Certain medical conditions

Well,  the first 2 aren't the reason I'm having Charlie Horses!  ha!  I'm not on medication, I drank a full gallon of water the day before, my legs were fine.  I have adjusted my desk at work to be standing all day - this helps with posture.  But isn't it an oxy moron to say 'sitting for a long time' right after 'standing for a long time'?!  (insert sarcasm)

Hopefully there's no arising medical condition.  I am really thinking it is that I haven't been as consistent with my supplements, specifically calcium.  I will get on it and see how that does me.  Calcium is going to be my favorite solution for now.

Do you get crazy Charlie Horses?

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Apr 29, 2015

Adjusting Daily Caloric Needs

Gaining weight commonly happens when people become injured and this is because they can no longer work out to the extent they could before, if at all.  Most of you know I have been dealing with an injury that has prevented me from working out.  It has been about 10 months by now, maybe more.  This means I had to adjust my daily caloric intake.  AKA:  start eating less.  This was difficult and I did not like it.  Not one bit.  But I also did not want to get out of shape and gain weight.  I am also kinda getting used to it.  I cannot wait until I can resume eating more food!!!!

I want to share with others who may experience an injury that there is no need to throw in the towel and give up.  We do not have to *accept* the fact that weight gain is inevitable because there is something we can do about it.  That is to customize our eating.  This same concept can be applied as we age to prevent unwanted weight gain.

I am sharing a couple websites that I wish I would have had when I first sustained the injury but I forgot about it.  Oh well, it's ok that I have it after the fact because I am sharing it with you!  Once on the site you plug in the pertinent info about yourself.  Try to be honest about your level of activity in order to get a more accurate gauge of where your caloric intake should be.  The only person who will see this is you and it is a good idea to be honest with yourself in order to make it work. 

These websites help you calculate how many calories your body needs in order to run and function optimally based on your level of fitness or your level of activity.  That way you can plan around things such as a surgery or injury where you won't be working out or will be working out less.

Check out these websites in order to calculate your daily caloric need:



I have used this calculator when I was working out and while I am not.  I compared it and I find it is pretty accurate in reference to daily caloric needs.  Remember, each of us are different so it may be necessary to tweak it a little if you find you gain or lose too much weight while trying to adjust to an injury.

https://instagram.com/tcfitlifestylehttps://www.pinterest.com/triciaconiglio https://twitter.com/TCFit_Lifestyle https://www.facebook.com/TcFitLifestyle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjAO9yMvYt5hHRi_lmbwbYw
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Apr 24, 2015

Sweaty, Stinky, Ewwwie! Favorite Solutions

You guys probably don't know this but I'm a sweater.  Yep, sweat like a dude and it's kinda gross.  But I can't help it!  My dad is a terrible sweater and thankfully I am not as bad as him but I used to get really embarrassed over it.

It started in junior high when holding a boy's hand, my hand would be clammy and slimy.  I also used to have the lovely sweat rings in my shirts - which always ended up having to bet thrown out because it really does a number on clothes. 

Once I was old enough to go out dancing I would end up *dripping* wet by about halfway through the night.  There were a couple places in town that used to have teen night.  You were only allowed in between the ages of 14 and 17 or 18... something like that.  I was 16 or 17 yrs old and I wore this cute little white top that I sweated all the way through.  My friends and I walked outside and some guys pointed out that my top was see through and you could see my bra.  I never wore a white top again!  How quickly we learn.

But I had not yet learned that light colored clothes, period, were an issue.  Not to mention embarrassing.  One night I was wearing the cutest light blue top with a few little sparklies on it and at the end of the night the whole thing was wet, except tiny little dry patches on my nipples.  Once I noticed this I splashed some water on it so the whole thing was wet, instead of accentuating that spot.  Geesh! 

As I got older I have accepted the fact that I sweat like crazy and there's nothing I can do about it.  The good news is that I can keep the smell at bay!  And, yes, during certain occasions such as being at the lake all day (and drinking) means that around the time we start heading back in I start to smell.

I found a lovely article by Shape Magazine that goes over a few reasons that our sweat stinks.  Many of us know it is bacteria but certain things make it worse.   The first one is Cortisol, the stress hormone which can come for a variety of reasons.  I've been experiencing a little more of this lately so I have to be extra careful.  The 2nd reason is certain fabrics which may be part of the issue when I was dancing?  Or maybe not because I always wore sleeveless after I discovered my little issue!

Shape Magazine says that some body washes, deodorants, lotions, antiperspirants and sprays may aid the growth of the bacteria.  Ewwwwie!  Here we are thinking we are smelling pretty and ... uh ... nope.  Well, maybe this isn't a "we" thing and more of a "me" thing.  haha.

The article in Shape goes on to say that certain medications and missing nutrients can be the culprit.  I know diet can play a role so foods that are rich in garlic are something I have noticed but I did not know low-carb diets can trigger it as well.  Candy and take out such as French fries mess with the body's chemistry but what happens to cause a stinky smell is the food going rancid within the body.  Ummm.... no thanks!  And even bathroom issues such as not being able to go can cause the body to smell like you just went.... another ewww moment.

I hope this helps in case someone is just as sweaty and stinky as me!  Now all I have to do is avoid drinking when I go to the lake!

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Apr 20, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Didn't realize it has been since 4/06 since I posted last.  Ooopsy.  Well, my bf and I broke up so I have been practicing being single which means going out more.... can't mope around the house.  Duh.  Also less time for blogging - sorry guys!

Thursday night consisted of country dancing and, silly me, I wore tall platforms.  It was still a lot of fun doing the twirls and dips - but, sadly, no pics.  Friday night I went out for a couple hours with my friend and it was nothing crazy but met some nice people through a stuffy, allergy ridden nose.  Saturday I went to a friend's house for a little get together and someone made a delightful White Russian to which I indulged in a couple sips but I wasn't going to pack down that many calories from one drink!

but Sunday SUNDAY was the FUNDAY. 

What was supposed to be a little laying by the pool and maybe a cocktail or 2 turned into shenanigans! 

It looks like I was running and playing in mud, but I wasn't.  Gross.  Maybe these places should sweep a little more! 

Somehow blogger deleted all the content I had but I think you get the point just from the pics!
How was your weekend?

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Apr 6, 2015

Weekending (Times Two)

Today is my weekending recap from Easter and last weekend.  Remember, last week I talked about losing my phone so I could not share photos?  Yes, well, this all happened as a silly little fluke.  I cannot confirm nor deny if alcohol was involved.  But what had happened was.....

We were taking a party bus to go to the Randy Hauser concert and I was getting antsy waiting for them to arrive so when they were close my friend said I should come to the gate of my community to shorten up the time... plus, we had more people to get. 

Anyway, I go to the front gate just as they arrive and another car pulls in behind the bus so I try to hurry and get on so as not to block traffic.  I give my friend a hug and my purse gets caught on the rail and does a little sling shot thing but all is well because it is still on my arm.  So I thought.  But I didn't even check which was my first mistake.  Maybe it was the 2 drinks I had that made me feel secure enough not to check... who knows.  2 drinks aren't really a big deal so I didn't think anything of it.

At the concert I try my hand at country dancing and did fairly well, considering I don't really know what I am doing that well.  My dance partner suggests I can do flips and YES, I want to do flips but my realistic side kicks in reminding me this neck injury may not appreciate flips while dancing so I must decline.  But that doesn't stop me from putting my purse on the ground and getting twirled around.  Making me slightly dizzy, kicking over my drink and knocking over my purse.  To which still appears to be fine so no harm no foul.
After the concert we stop at another place called SandBar which is a cool restaurant cough cough bar.  Where I set my purse down to do some more dancing.  All the while, never feeling the need to check the contents because who does that anyway?
By the end of the night the party bus brings me back to my house which is when I finally check that everything is still in place.  Only to discover my phone is gone and the zipper I keep my wallet in is gone too!!!  I think I must have kicked it over while dancing and it fell out at the concert.  Or someone got into it at the bar.  Shortened version is that I use the option to locate my phone from my computer and it shows it is in my community.  hmmmmm..... weird.
But I take a shot and walk over to the guard gate.  Who actually has my phone.  How the hell did that happen?  Well, I explained my theory above but next issue is that my wallet is still missing.  The security guard says he heard my phone get ran over... it was probably by the party bus but starts looking around for my wallet.  Which I thought was absurd because he looked about 10 ft. away from where the bus was.  Low and behold it was there!!!  Everything still in it!  Again, my speculation is listed above and that my purse got caught then causing these things fell out upon entering the bus but geesh I don't *actually* know!
Good news is I was able to retrieve some photos so I can show you the moments captured and some "after" pics in my kitchen. 
And after:
So we have an updated look with the cabinets.  I still have to paint, get rid of the borders and do the countertops but I am happy with the outcome so far.
Fast forward to this weekend!  This will be the shortened version.  Hung out by the pool, ran errands, cleaned up the mess of what is the kitchen and bathroom (due to cabinet resurfacing), had some drinks, went to dinner (no pics) and then had Easter dinner.

Coffee Easter morning on my balcony.  Life is good!

How was your weekend?
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