Mar 16, 2015


I was not going to write a post because I was lazy but I do have a few things to highlight and it really won't take long.  This weekend the weather was amazing so I enjoyed a bike ride on the greenbelt near my house.  Crazy thing is that there is a botanical garden near me I didn't even know about.  I'm so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.  And glad that my brother knew about it.

Last Thursday I went to dinner with my grandma and there was so much damn food on the plate that I literally had 4 total meals out of it!!  It was seafood pasta and was good but I wouldn't say it was so good that I ever want to have 4 meals from there in a week any time soon.  To make matters worse I had purchased a certificate through for this place- which is what brought us there- only to learn they stopped accepting the certificate in December.  Strange thing?  I bought it in late January!

My brother and I went for a bike ride on Saturday and Sunday which was really fun and it was a tiny little bit of a workout - which you all know how much I want to workout!  My neck wasn't sore until Sunday's bike ride so I guess I know my limit.  On a side note, I am starting some type of exercise therapy at the Dr. this week so we will see how that goes!

Sunday I went to a place in Scottsdale that is Spanish oriented and has flamenco on Friday and Saturday nights as well as salsa dancing.  So fun!  I told the server I'd have to come back to pretend I know how to salsa dance.  Our Sangria came in such a cool pitcher and much of the place had a feel of being in another country, I just love the place.  And want to go on vaca!

I will let ya know how the exercise works out and see ya soon!


  1. Our weather was crazy good too. It's March. What's going on? But I'm fine with it. That sucks that they can just change the rules and stop taking the certificate.

  2. That's so wrong they no longer take that certificate. So wrong. It's been uncharacteristically gorgeous here lately, although it's all supposed to end tonight. I'm glad you got out for a bike ride. All the best with the new exercises.

  3. Hope the exercise with the doctor goes well and you can get back to your normal routine. Sometimes portions are so out of control, I find that here in SD a lot with brunch, no one needs a pound of breakfast potatoes. I hate wasting food :(

  4. I really hope the therapy helps. The bike ride sounds fun, especially if it is warm enough to do it. The picture is so colorful and pretty.

  5. I absolutely LOVE sangria. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Oh - a botanical garden? SUPER COOL! We have an arboretum in our town I found out about last year - Totally going when the flowers bloom!

  6. That Spanish restaurant looks so cool!!! It has been forever since I had Sangria and now I really REALLY want some!!!!

    That place with the garden looks really cool. So weird about that gift card?! Like wtf?