Feb 26, 2015

Just Saying Hi and Neck Update

Ha!  It's been so long since I have written a blog that I had to think for a brief moment on which button to click to create a new one!

I have been really busy but I have great news!  As you probably knew, I have been upgrading my condo and I am having HUGE success with it.  It looks great but I still have a list of things left to do.  I plan to share these makeovers with you but today I want to share that I found out what in the world is wrong with my neck (and now back). 

First, let me say the back thing may be new news to you... because I have not been on here.  I was painting and moving around my step ladder when by the end of the day my back was really sore in a spot I injured myself weight lifting about 8-10 years ago.  I just thought that due to the lack of working out for several months that the muscles had gotten weak and didn't support all the work I was doing.  No.  It is MORE than that. 

A tiny little difference in the length of my legs has created a stack of issues that I was not even aware of.  Yikes!  Shortened version is that I have 2 areas where my spine leans/curves.  Hips rotated AND twisted.  Ribs way off balance.  Which leads to my neck.  Obviously it is tweaked cuz of the rest of the stability issues.  Fix?  Orthotics and tons of treatment.  I am told to be back to working out in approximately 3-4 weeks.  I will probably get more sore first, as a result of correcting the imbalance but if I can workout - even lightly- I am a happy girl!  Great news, right?  I feel like if I can workout then I can at least do daily activities while remaining pain free.

Thing is, between the move, upgrades and Dr. appointments ... oh, and work, I have NO time and I have even found meal prepping to get done in the morning I am taking it since I could not do it the night before (or any of the nights before that)!  I am starting to get into a groove and figuring out how to juggle it all but I miss you guys.  I will probably still be a little scarce over the next couple weeks but I plan to pop in here and there.  Maybe even comment on a blog or two when you guys pop up in my email feed.

How is everyone?
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