Jan 26, 2015

Short, Quick Update

My last blog was about a week and a half ago where I exploited myself (in a good way) and promised for some motivation the following Monday.  Fail.  I was busy painting my condo *some more* and totally forgot. 

I am embarrassed to say I *forgot* but it is true.  I was so excited to get started on my paint that nothing else mattered.... besides the long list of stuff I have been making.  The great news is that I have crossed lots of stuff off.  But then added more.  I have been busy but I feel really proud of the progress I have made to my little condo.  It really needed some updating and I have been working at it, plus going to work AND getting ready to move.

Most of you know Thor and I live together and if I didn't say it (or you didn't read a blog where I said it) it would definitely be assumed.  We are going to live in separate houses for a few months until the upgrades are done.  It will be difficult as we have lived together over 4 years but we have a big dog that cannot live in my condo.  Rules and regulations prohibit animals although they have been changing to accept small dogs or cats but not big ol' dogs.  Especially ones they deem to be mean and vicious. 

 Here he is licking me but the camera missed the tongue shot and it shows a tooth.....it is the meanest you will ever see him.  Either way I can't put him in the "vicious" category because he is too awesome! 

 We refuse to give him up so we are keeping him.  We don't want him to live in someone else's house for this period of time either because he gets separation anxiety and pisses on the floor.  He doesn't do it while he is being dog sat.  He waits til he gets home and teaches us a lesson.  Right on the carpet.  So we don't want to traumatize him by sending him away for a few months.  It is a lot easier for the humans to understand - as we all know we cannot sit our dog down and explain it to him.

Anyway, I still have not worked out and my muscle is still shrinking- which is normal.  I just do not like it.  At all.  But I am still very thankful for many many things.  And I am extremely excited about the improvements already made to my condo.  Before and after pics to come but it will be pretty empty around here for about another week or two. 



  1. All the best with the updates! I totally feel your pain with an anxious dog. One of mine does the spite pissing when I leave and don't crate him. Such a tool.

  2. Clearly he is super vicious! Not!!! Looking good, excited to see the final updates!

  3. Hahahaha... I Love that he waits until he gets home to pee on the floors! That'll teach ya! ;P

  4. Can't wait for the before/after!