Jan 14, 2015

December and New Year's Recap

I am late with Christmas and even New Year's updates but here are some pics of how my December and my New Year's Eve looked.  Yes, you all missed out on so much.  *sighs* 

My bf surprised me with a Christmas tree and he put lights on the house too so I was super excited about that!

Delicious breakfast casseroles.  Some with cheese and some without:

I have been really enjoying the ease of the biscuits in the casserole and it is oh-so delish.  But now biscuits are on the 'avoid' list due to cholesterol.  Besides, it is highly processed so it should be back on that list anyway.  I just have a reason now!
But here are more cholesterol shots.  Oh, and fat.  So much for my "Mostly" Healthy Lifestyle!  *sighs*It was a special treat and I hardly ever have it but now I will have to leave it off the menu for a couple months or more.  And less egg yolks.

Ahhh, a veggie and something pita.  Maybe chicken?  Turkey?  I can't remember and a little homemade Tzatziki sauce.
Christmas dessert was peanut butter cream pie and the recipe was on a previous blog.  The difference between the recipe and this one is I have creamy PB here.  Pure heaven.  Also off the list for a while.  Not that I was eating big amounts of it but the pic makes me want to make some, right?

Salmon, sweet potato casserole and baked whole cauliflower:

Whole roasted Cauliflower -pretty delish

I want this for my zucchini.  I have been using what I have in my kitchen but I think this would be more convenient.  And it's cheap - has anyone used this one?
A couple Christmas shots:

I don't think I like my hair like this.  Opinions, anyone?

The start of my New Year:

1 shot
2 shots

3, it's me!
Not too bad for the balmy dessert, huh?  We snowboarded and I am happy to say that my neck was a little sore but not too bad.  I think I am on the mend!

We stopped at a little place for lunch on the way home and it was really cute:

Low Cal dessert consisting of whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and 1 cookie broken up.  A great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without getting crazy!

 I think I mentioned I am moving and with that I am making upgrades to my condo so I have been working away at that.  I will post some before and after pics as well.  It should make a pretty big difference.

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  1. Okay - so - TOTALLY MISS YOU! Just saying.

    And, I think your hair looks nice! Fits your face really well.

    I didn't buy a Vegetti, because I read that it dulls out really quick. I got some Swedish Spiralizer thingamajig from Bed Bath and Beyond - and that does ALL type of veggie noodles. And works out your arm muscles! I wrote about it - I'll try to find you the name.....

    And - Eggs wrapped in Bacon? How do you cook that up? Looks DELICIOUS!

  2. I want a spiralizer so bad!! I want to try to trick my hubby into eating zoodles. haha.

  3. Peanut butter cream pie?!?!?! I NEEEDDDDDD

  4. That breakfast casserole looks heavenly! I've seen a few on Pinterest and am dying to try one of them. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I have the vegetti - get it - you'll love it!! You had so much delicious food over the holiday - i'd want to eat the entire time!! or I sort of did too LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Your holidays look festive and delicious! Glad to hear your neck is feeling better. Why have I never roasted a whole cauliflower?

  7. It looks like you had an amazing holiday! That snow looks so pretty. I think I would have frozen my ass off though! Hah.

  8. I love my veggetti, works really well. That peanut butter pie needs to get in my mouth. Glad you neck held up for snowboarding.