Dec 9, 2014

Things I Have Learned with Age

People call me ma'am. [occasionally]  Do I look like a "ma'am" to you???!!!  NO, that is reserved for oooold ladies.  Me, I'm not old...... well, maybe I am getting a little older.  Hell, I'm closer to 40 than I am 30.  I used to compare it to 20 but I'm not even going to put that in the equation anymore.

With age I:

Can't party all night anymore like I used to.  There was once a time when I could go out and stay out until 2AM and then go to an after party.  Now, I usually go home around 10PM which is the time I used to get started.  Talk about embarrassing.

Can't party all weekend anymore (referring to the above if I can't do ONE night then I can't do multiples).  I used to dance Friday and Saturday night then have some more fun on Sunday Funday whether it was football, pool parties, BBQs or just shenanigans in general.

Can't even stay up late anymore.  My usual weekday bedtime is between 9 and 10P.  My usual weekend bedtime is 9:30-10P.  If we stay up til midnight I feel sopp cool like I did in my teens the first few times I stayed up late.

Can't sleep in.  I am so used to getting up at 5:30AM every day that I'm lucky to sleep til 6:30AM on a weekend.  WTF???!!!!   This is probably also why I get tired early too.  Is this what the aging process is about?

Can't dance the night away, my legs can't take it.  I was a dancing machine and would only takes breaks for shots or a refill.  Now, I can dance about 3-5 minutes before my legs burn.

On the plus side of aging:

Now that I don't go out to bars and clubs late night anymore I no longer deal with douche bags.  BONUS!!  This one is actually huge because I remember being newly single when I was 31 yrs old.  A guy I had just met (ended up being 21 yrs old) texted me to say hello.  The very next text was a pic of his erected _____.  Go ahead and fill in the blank on that one.

My liver and kidneys are much healthier.

No drama!!  In which case:  Good ridden to my 20s!

WISDOM - gosh, I am so damn much wiser.  Now I actually appreciate my family but before they were a pain in the @ss (usually).  Additionally, I view things in a totally different light.

Driving a luxury car.  I am more of a sporty type person but my Acura has more balls than any of the sporty little cars I have had in the past.

More patience..... not that I am totally patient but I have a lot more patience now than in my 20s.

I would say that aging has been a very graceful process for me.  There have been a few bumps and bruises along the way but I have learned A LOT in my years.  This makes me appreciate much more than I ever could before.  It also makes me wary in situations when I should be, rather than being trusting of untrustworthy situations. 

This was supposed to go up yesterday but for some reason my scheduled post didn't work.  Oh well, it's here today


  1. There are definitely pros and cons to aging - :)

  2. I thinking aging comes with a lot of perks. Not being able to sleep in, is not one of them. Why can't we sleep in anymore! Wah!

  3. I'm with you on all of these - but I have to say I dont mind not being able to sleep in on the weekends because I get so much more accomplished!

  4. hahaha all of these are so true, and I'm only 27. I am the same with sleeping in, I can't sleep in anymore and I haven't had a nap in ages, because my brain is just like 'you could be doing so much, get up!'

  5. These are all true!!! I can't hang like I used to, I can't stay up late, I wake up early, and I have zero tolerance for petty drama and bs from my earlier days. I am not going to lie, I prefer now to then!

  6. Even when I was young I don't think I slept past 9:30. But yeah now I'd be hard pressed to sleep until 7am.

  7. Yes, there are pros and cons to both :) I wish I had some of my "older" wisdom when I was younger!