Dec 4, 2014

A Day with Thor- Good Times

    "Is there any toast left?"
     Me:  I don't know.  
    Thor picks up bag of bread and looks in it:  "Is this it?"  He pulls a squished half piece out of the bag.  I start laughing because I have this habit of tearing a half piece of bread and then leaving the other half for later but since I already got my full 2 pieces of toast this morning I didn't notice that was it.  I tell him he can have one of my pieces and I will have the half piece.
Come to find out the half piece was NOT actually something I had torn at but it was just 2 tiny pieces of the end left.  He toasted them and went to butter it.  Opened the dish and paused.  Holding up the container says:  "Really?"
Me: "Hey, I can't help it.  That is what was left after I buttered these 2 pieces for us." 

He gave one to me and grabbed the last piece but the last one came out burned.  "Sh!t!  It's burned!"  I say just scrape it off.  To which he replies "it is still gonna taste burned".  He begins to eat it and tells our dog "see how mean mommy is?"  Just like nothing was going on.  Until I bust out laughing!  It was pretty funny so we are laughing our butts off.  Next thing he says is:  "mmmmmm.....mine tastes like it was in the fireplace".  ha, you sure are funny in the morning!
 I've noticed that everyone has names for their hubbies, bfs, kids and whoever else in the house.  Mine is very big and has been nicknamed Thor, I just haven't used it in the blog before.  Today is all about Thor.  Some of the great things I love about him.  I know you were all curious.  You're welcome.

  • He opens doors.  All doors.  All the time.  Sometimes he tells me not to open the door if I am about to open it.  In those cases I feel like a snooty princess
  • He allows me little bites of his food and sometimes little sips of his drinks.  Like this size bite:

    •  He thinks taking the trash out is the man's job so he doesn't want me to do it.  Sometimes   that means it sits for a while but it gets done.

    • Picks up the dog poo.  This is a big deal because I don't care much for that.
    • Puts up with my shit - which isn't really much because I'm such a little peach all the time. (I'll be sure he doesn't read this post to say otherwise)
    • Buys me flowers
    • Misses me a lot  - almost like separation anxiety.... ok, not that bad but he sure does love me
    • Likes to watch a variety of the Housewives -ssshhhh, don't tell.
    In exchange for the wonder, there are some other things that are interesting.  He:

    • Doesn't like it when kids scream in restaurants and has been known to stand up and shout out loud.  At nobody in general, just shout.  Kinda like a kid.  It usually works.
    • Eats snacks that I get for myself.  Special ones.  Like the low cal PB2.  Before I know it there's none left and he's paper thin saying he only had a little bit
    • Doesn't like to share his snacks - which is why I wrote bullet point #2 in above paragraph.
    • Takes BIG bites of my food when I share it

    • Talks during movies- like big long paragraphs, not just a quick word or two.  I started pausing movies so I wouldn't miss about half of it.  (because I was being sarcastic - not because I want to pause movies all the time to hear his thoughts on said movie or things he thought of because of the movie) He started pausing when he wanted to share a thought or 10!  At which point I had to express my dislike and that if he wants a conversation we should do it at a time other than during the movie.
    What can I say?  He loves talking!  Yes, he is definitely a talker.  What are the funny things that happen in your house?

    If you missed yesterday's post, check it out.  It contains a few Pinterest Fails.


    1. Sounds like you have a fantastic man!! I love that he doesn't want you to take the trash out - I never take ours out either LOL

    2. Haha! I love that he opens doors for you, and takes out the trash. Very chivalrous.

    3. The shouting in the restaurant idea-love it. I WISH I had the guts to try that sometime. My husband takes enormous bites of food when I share too. It's not fair 'cause I usually just take a nibble of his. Men.

    4. oh my gosh my husband will tell me not to open the door as well. It's a cultural difference for us though, I'm just not used to it and he's not used to women NOT waiting, lol

    5. I don't like to share my food but don't mind trying MFD's. hahaha So we're the opposite.

    6. Awe this is sweet!!! My husband is the one who will put back an empty container and it drives me freaking insane!!!! Liiiiike throw it out! haha!

    7. Bahahahahahahahah! The toast story is awesome!

    8. I love your list of reasons you love him! For tyler's birthday a couple years ago I wrote out a reason I loved him for every year he was alive -- he loved it :)

    9. Bahaha! Y'all are so funny. Troy doesn't like it when I open the door either. I'll get there first and hold it open for him. To which he'll just shoot me a look. Hah.

    10. A true man always takes out the trash as far as I'm concerned! Your husband sounds like a gem =)

    11. I'm a movie talker too. It's a bad habit