Nov 11, 2014

Weekend on the Beach

Just me

I had a lovely weekend on the beach in California and how lucky was I that the temps were in the high 70s and little to no wind?  In November?! 

I went to visit my long time friend and had a fabulous time!  The first thing we did was go to the beach.

My friend and me
Being goofy

She wanted me to get in the water, which was freezing!
I wasn't having it but I put my feet in.

The next thing we did was head for a late lunch at this beer place.  I am not much of a beer drinker but her husband came to meet us and I took a couple sips of what he was trying.  Eh, I am still not much of a beer drinker!  I know it is an acquired taste but I think I have to have a lot of sips to acquire that taste.  Instead, I had this:

I was wanting a pineapple martini but I decided to joke around with the bartender about pumpkin martini and he said they have it!  I did not really expect a pumpkin martini but I thought it sounded delicious and believe me, IT WAS!  I drank it like it was chocolate milk, it was so good.  We shared an artichoke and a mini flatbread meat pizza but it was just OK so no pics.
From there her husband went home and she and I went to another beach.  When you see one beach you have seen them all, right? 


Except there was something going on at this one where people dressed in white lined the shore.  There were photographers and also a wedding.  I have no idea if the wedding was a part of it but a man said there was some type of magician being filmed.  Maybe I'll see it on TV some day!

For dinner we went to Mombique, an African style restaurant and I ordered some pineapple-ish martini to go along with my curry seafood.  Drink was loaded with alcohol, catching me a nice little buzz off just one.  This is more than I can say about the pumpkin martini which probably gave me a sugar buzz.

The menu said it came with rice and veggies as well.  I see the rice and a hint of the veggies but it was really good so I will accept the lack of veggies.

The next day we went to Crystal Cove which was really cool because there was a lot of history.  Look at how much the swimsuits used to cover circa 1920!  I am thinking about the horrid tan lines but I've seen a few suits kinda moving this direction in the name of fashion.

 This is a state park now, where many people have breakfast so we got our name on the list which was a 40 minute wait "give or take".  So we made use of our time by checking this stuff out.  They rent out cottages but you must book 6 months in advance.  AND you have to book by a specific time if you intend to get that spot. 

The old manager of the place used to live in a house on the property and here are a few pics of what it looked like at her cottage.

How would you like to watch TV on this gem?  Or use the above adding machine!  Not to mention the rolodex - which you can still buy if you want.  Although, so much technology makes it useless to me.  This TV was not hers but this piano was.  Her daughter donated it to the state park after her passing.

For breakfast we had beignets, which were a first for me and came highly recommended to me by someone in Louisiana.  Apparently they are the best there but I will say they were pretty darn amazing.  It is just a light dough that is fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  No filling inside and were amazing!

I almost got adventurous by ordering pancakes for breakfast, which I never do, but I knew I would hate all the calories to only be hungry an hour or two later.  So this is egg, Portuguese sausage, onion, potatoes.  Kinda typical of a breakfast for me. 
We had to walk off dinner and breakfast so we walked through her community.  It is so cute with all the parks and pools.  Some birds of paradise above.  Crazy how nature is so colorful but even more that it looks like a bird.
Also, in their community, was a small strip mall which happened to have a cupcake store with all this deliciousness!!

The above image is inside the store where they were getting ready for a private party.  They were closing for 2 hours and I could only imagine how much that might cost.  The birthday girl?  A 3 year old!  It was sorta cute until we saw her all cranky and unhappy.  Yikes!  Hopefully she cheered up.   The theme was definitely pink.  The mom and another lady were in pink, as was the girl.  Along with a couple gentlemen in pink shirts too.  Arriving guests - in pink.  It was super cute.

Special of the month was a pumpkin cupcake with maple cream filling.  Yes please!!!  Only $3.95 and eighty billion calories.  We shared but I am pretty sure I could have easily devoured one all on my own.

Then we walked back to her place and I packed, got ready to leave and left for the airport home.  The best part of the trip was coming home to these from my bf:
Maybe I should leave without him more often!  j/k - I missed him.
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  1. The beach!!! I wanna go! All of your food looks delicious and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

    1. It was wonderful! I really liked the African style food too.

  2. It looks gorgeous there. What is up with the conga line on the beach! Haha! That cupcake looks amazing! Glad you had a great time!

    1. I still have no idea what the conga was about. LOL. cupcake? what cupcake. j/k - it was really good

  3. Oh goodness! Everything about this weekend looks sooooo thu divine! I'll live vicariously through your pics as we freeze here in yet another polar vortex.

    1. I love to live in warm weather but I *need * snow for winter sports.

  4. Laguna Beach! Orange County is my favorite, looks like such a fun trip!

  5. Beaches are GORGEOUS! and you look PHENOMENAL! Rock that bikini GIRL!

    And that cupcake - I noticed it in the picture of the bakery case, and was going to ask you what the flavor of the month was - but you went and had it - so MMMMMM good. Probably eleventy-billion calories - but you shared it - so it's negative calories then? right?

    Beautiful roses too! Lucky girl!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Thank you! I cannot even believe I was in a bikini in NOVEMBER!! Where else can you do that?! Ok, don't answer that question.

      Yes, you are right. since we split it, it was negative calories. LOL. I'll keep telling myself that.

  6. I'm from Orange County! I'm so jealous!

    1. You should visit when it is cold, rainy or snowy where you are!

  7. I am swooning over all of your pictures!! Seriously!! P.S. You are so pretty!!
    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins

  8. How sweet of the BF!! Looks like a great weekend! I want that cupcake NOW!!!