Oct 27, 2014

Weekend Recap with Pumpkin Carving Date Night

I had an amazing weekend and the week prior had some good things in it too.  First of all the meals that I prepped last week turned out fantastic! This was crock pot chicken and the other was the spaghetti with home made meatballs and sauce in another blog.

One of my client's texted "holy sh!t!.  Thank you".  She included a picture of the number on the scale while she stood on it.  This progress was a 5 pound loss in one week after following a meal plan I devised for her.

The prior week she had asked for help and stated she has tried everything from Advocare to low carbs to working out like crazy.  She has tried weight loss supplements and everything she has tried did not seem to work.  I was more than pleased to help and it made me absolutely ecstatic to see the progress after just one week!

Most people experience their biggest drop during the first week and her overall goal was to lose 7-10 pounds.  This is not as much as most people who come to me want to lose but each of us are different and what is significant to one may not be to another.  So even though her desired weight loss may seem minimal to some, it was significant to her and it made me happy to see how ecstatic she was.

As you know I colored my hair and I think the changes are more subtle than drastic.  The color is suitable for fall and goes with my complexion.  I remembered to take pics while I was at the doctor's office having a big dent in my glute looked at.

Big dent you say?  Why yes.  More like a giant crater in my glute.  It has been there for a few months and the skin in that area seemed to be thing as well as changing to a different color.  I began to grow concerned so I showed it to a friend at work in the ladies room.  Of course while I had one cheek showing another co-worker walks out of the stall and pretends not to notice.  Finally she says, "not that I am looking at your butt or anything but what happened?"  We start laughing and another co-worker walks out and makes a face while saying "oh my!!!"  Of course we bust out laughing even harder- thankfully I am friends with them both.

A shot at home
Anyway, this is all a result of an allergy shot I had months back.  One in which the doctors have been straying from due to the fact that it can cause the hip bone to deteriorate.  I used to get them a lot in my early 20s when my allergies were pretty severe.  It helped reduce the number of sinus infections I would get but as I have become more healthy and better eating habits I no longer get sinus infections and my allergies aren't as bad.

Lucky for me, this crater is just where the medication has eaten the fat cells (and a little muscle) and should return to normal in due time.  I asked the doctor "So, I have to replace the fat?" (makes me think of all the good food I can eat til I realize it'll disburse everywhere)  and then I ask "how can I get more?!" so that it eats fat in other places too!

That same day my bf burns himself by heating something too hot and pulling it out of the microwave right away.  He calls me and tells me his skin is melting off which makes me pretty much freak out thinking he is burned to the bone.  I rush home and he is burned pretty good but not quite like he described.  I shared this story because I thought he was *dying* and he scared the daylights out of me.  He is definitely burned pretty good but he is healing well.  Ironically, he is pretty rough with it while putting burn ointment on it.... boys - (sigh)

Friday night was date night and we made homemade pizza, drank wine, listened to Sinatra and carved the best pumpkin ever!  Well, the best pumpkin of my abilities.  hahaha

Like my drawing skills?

It was so much fun and I loved every minute of date night.  I will admit that the best part was when my bf pulled out the pumpkin he got as a surprise for me.  I smiled so big and it made me very happy that he knows me so well as to pick out a simple pumpkin for my pleasure!  He told me he knew I would be excited but he had no idea I was going to be ecstatic!  The pumpkin was the highlight of my weekend, childish?

Sunday was linner at U.S. Egg where I had something called a half and half where I got half protein pancaked made with pumpkin, blueberry and granola, with a half skillet and one egg on top.  Oh, and sausage gravy.  I knew I wouldn't eat it all but when it came out I realized how much *excessive* food it was!

I made a pretty good dent but there was still a TON leftover.  I love leftovers anyway so it worked out very well.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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  1. Your hair is ADORABLE.

    I've been so yuck with this headcold - my workouts and foods have been SO off.


    And your hair is ADORBS

  2. Love your hair! I hope the dent heals soon. I never thought an allergy shot could cause that. guys can be a bit dramatic. haha. I'm glad the burn was not as bad as he described and that it is healing. I love the pumpkin! I would be ecstatic as well. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

    1. I think it is the specific type I was getting. They actually told me, in advance, this could happen but since it never occurred before I didn't think anything of it. Well, it happened once about 10 yrs ago and I thought it was a fluke.

  3. Your date night sounds fun and all your food looks yummy! You hair looks super cute!

    Maybe I need to start taking allergy shots if it will eat my fat...hmmm. Haha! ;)

    Have a great week!

    1. LOL! I am wondering if we can look into using those shots as injections :)

      Thanks, and it was fun and delish

  4. Love your hair! Congrats to your client. To me, 5 lbs is huge, especially in one week. Yay! GOsh all of your food looks divine....said the runner in her last week of taper....

    1. Thank you. My client lost another lb this week, she is doing GREAT!!

  5. I would be freaked about the dent, but seriously can we find a way for it to eat all the fat!!! Your hair looks great, perfect Fall color. Sounds like a really great date night. I kinda want those pancakes now!

    1. I started to get nervous which is why I went to the doc. I was relieved when I heard it is a side effect that can occur - which I knew before I even got the shot.

      I could have those pancakes again and I'm not really a pancake girl!

  6. your hair looks fabulous, and oh my gosh all the food is making me drool. yum!

  7. Scary about the dent and burns for your bf, but I am glad both of you are going to be ok.
    Looks like you had a great weekend, and your hair color is fabulous!