Oct 31, 2014

Friday Fitness Favs

I don't know how to create fashion galleries.  I always see these really cute galleries so I asked Steph how to do it and she told me Polyvore so I headed over to pick out some favs and share them today.  Well, this is the best gallery I could come up with.  The picks are great but the layout isn't awesome.  Evidently I still have some playing around to do to figure it out.

Here are just a couple outfits I would wear to the gym in cold weather.  Normally, I get too hot for long sleeves but I like the colors so here we are.  I played around yesterday and accidentally posted this one so go ahead and give it a look.  My amateur creation could use a little spice but I think you get the point.  I am not a pro fashion blogger- but I think you could tell already.

Oh, and because it is Halloween - here is a fabulous pumpkin that I carved during date night last Friday.  It was pretty rad... just sayin.  Tonight we will be passing out candy while having some adult beverages in the front.  It'll be so fuuuun!!!

Anyway, these are today's favs for Friday.

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Oct 30, 2014

Workout Apparel

Just a few picks for cold weather runs.  A few more coming up just because everyone loves fashion - and I love fitness.  Here we are with fitness fashion!

Workout Apparel

Nike shirt

Nike sports bra

Nike shoes

While I really like these pics, I created this by mistake as I was playing around with Polyvore.  In the meantime, check out this other creation, ameteur style!

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Oct 29, 2014

Me. And My Mini Workouts

Today is about me.  Yay!  I have slowly been incorporating weights into my life and it has been tough restraining myself from doing a full on workout the way I want to do it.  The way I am used to working out.  But, in order to prevent further injury and determine what my limits are, I have to take it slow.

My plan of action has been to isolate one muscle group per workout, plus abs.  I always do abs and low back because a strong core is key for everyday functionality as well as being able to use proper form. 

Thursday I worked biceps only.  And abs.  Typically, I work 2 muscle groups in a day.  And abs.  But for my current purposes, it is just one muscle group.  And abs.  Ok, ok, I will stop saying "and abs" - I think you get it!

I like to super set my workouts so I will group the superset activities.  As an example, every time I finished a set of biceps curl I did 30 mountain climbers as listed.  Every time I finished a set of curved bar curls I did 15 knee tucks and every time I finished a set of curls on the squat rack I did the pikes.  My workout looked like this:

Bicep curls with dumbbells 3 sets of 10
30 Mountain climbers (hands placed) on upside down Bosu ball - slow for proper form then pick up speed as your coordination improves

Curved bar bicep curls 3 sets of 10
15 Knee tucks on balance ball
Biceps curls on squat rack 3 sets of 10 -yes I know this is against gym etiquette but I did this at my teeny tiny gym at work which has NOTHING for variety so I made use of what was available.... Plus nobody was using it.
15 Pikes on balance ball
Additionally, I did 10 minutes of cardio.  I don't really like doing cardio so I would much rather get in a high intensity burst combined with weights then get out of there.  I find this to be highly beneficial in order to fit a lot in a short period of time while still being effective. 
You will notice I only did 3 exercises.  Not only was the gym small and limited but I also need to be aware of any flare ups and if I would have done a bunch of stuff in there then it will be very difficult to narrow down what caused it.  Next I gave weights a rest for a few days to see what would happen.
Over the weekend I stuck to the HIIT workouts that I know I can do and Sunday I did an at home glute workout which was pretty good - still a bit sore from it. 
Yesterday I incorporated triceps.  It looked like this:
Skull Crushers 3x10
15 Leg Raises
Triceps Extensions 4x10
Triceps Dips 4x10
Flutter Kicks

I did about 10-15 minutes of cardio as well.  So far things are looking good.  Today I will stick with some cardio and HIIT but no weights this way I can determine if anything happened as a result of doing tris.  I am going to attempt shoulders next but I am really nervous about that because of the secondary use of traps and neck muscles. 
Thanks for listening to me talk about myself!!
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Oct 28, 2014



Below is a quote from a paragraph in the BMI post I recently wrote:

The common frustration is that the test is inaccurate because it does not give a good gauge for 'athletic' builds or for bodybuilders.  While this is true, it does NOT account for body builders or athletes, I can comment that the individuals who *are* body builders or athletes are not complaining about their BMI.  Those who truly fit in these categories know who they are and know that the numbers will be slightly skewed.  Or tremendously skewed if they are as serious as Jay Cutler.

 I wanted to come back to this paragraph and elaborate in a second post.  A comment from Diatta helps with the point I am making in part 2.  She made a really good point that, for some, the BMI test does not take into account a variety of things such as gender, race, level of activity or plain ol' genes.  It is true.  Some of us are brick houses (or even mini brick houses) and those who fall in that category are being 'labeled' to fit into a category that doesn't necessarily fit.  Some numbers are always skewed and that is how it will be for those of us who lift heavy, those of us who are born that way, or those who participate in any other type of activity, sport, etc that helps us have thicker muscle mass.

I take it for granted that I overlook the numbers because I know they are off.  I have formed 'thick skin' in that category but what if there are people who get back numbers that indicate they are overweight?  I remember a nurse telling me that I could safely shave off a certain amount but this was several years ago so I do not remember the number.  I remember her saying that there is no alternative test for athletic type builds.  So what do you do when your numbers are not quite accurate?

Photo Credit

A suggestion I would make for those who know they are athletic or know their genetics just built them solid from the time they were in diapers.... you know those kids who have 6 packs by the time they are 4 years old.... is to get a different kind of fit test.  My gym has a fat testing system that uses electrical currents at the same time as applying calipers so that it reads the fat in two ways.  Simply using the electrical impedance on its own or calipers on its own will not always supply the most accurate reading.  The calipers are only used on select areas of the body-which can be inaccurate and the electrical impedance can be inaccurate based on water levels or meal times.  Combining the two allows for a much higher level of accuracy.  Additionally, they take the reading twice for extra measures.  There are other types of tests as well, ranging from water tests to x-rays.

Photo Credit

Unless you choose to obtain a hydrostatic weighing, the water fat test, or air displacement which is similar to the water only using air, then there will still be some level of inaccuracy.  While the BMI is not designed to measure body fat, it is intended to gauge your overall body mass in reference to size.  It gauges body size in correlation to height.  Fat tests are designed to measure just that, body fat.  Personally, I do not rely solely on either; but a combination of the BMI as well as a body fat test will help provide a more accurate picture.  The good thing about the above chart is it DOES break down men vs. women and athletes vs. non-athletes.

Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart 1
Again, even the fat tests are not fool proof so it is good to choose a test that is more accurate and it may cost a few bucks but if it is that important to an individual then it is definitely an option.  BMI measurements can be combined with body fat tests to help provide a better overall picture as to what a person's health condition may be like.

On Friday I linked up with a really cool blog.  Jill does a link up every Friday for those interested in fitness and I would highly recommend checking her out!

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Oct 27, 2014

Weekend Recap with Pumpkin Carving Date Night

I had an amazing weekend and the week prior had some good things in it too.  First of all the meals that I prepped last week turned out fantastic! This was crock pot chicken and the other was the spaghetti with home made meatballs and sauce in another blog.

One of my client's texted "holy sh!t!.  Thank you".  She included a picture of the number on the scale while she stood on it.  This progress was a 5 pound loss in one week after following a meal plan I devised for her.

The prior week she had asked for help and stated she has tried everything from Advocare to low carbs to working out like crazy.  She has tried weight loss supplements and everything she has tried did not seem to work.  I was more than pleased to help and it made me absolutely ecstatic to see the progress after just one week!

Most people experience their biggest drop during the first week and her overall goal was to lose 7-10 pounds.  This is not as much as most people who come to me want to lose but each of us are different and what is significant to one may not be to another.  So even though her desired weight loss may seem minimal to some, it was significant to her and it made me happy to see how ecstatic she was.

As you know I colored my hair and I think the changes are more subtle than drastic.  The color is suitable for fall and goes with my complexion.  I remembered to take pics while I was at the doctor's office having a big dent in my glute looked at.

Big dent you say?  Why yes.  More like a giant crater in my glute.  It has been there for a few months and the skin in that area seemed to be thing as well as changing to a different color.  I began to grow concerned so I showed it to a friend at work in the ladies room.  Of course while I had one cheek showing another co-worker walks out of the stall and pretends not to notice.  Finally she says, "not that I am looking at your butt or anything but what happened?"  We start laughing and another co-worker walks out and makes a face while saying "oh my!!!"  Of course we bust out laughing even harder- thankfully I am friends with them both.

A shot at home
Anyway, this is all a result of an allergy shot I had months back.  One in which the doctors have been straying from due to the fact that it can cause the hip bone to deteriorate.  I used to get them a lot in my early 20s when my allergies were pretty severe.  It helped reduce the number of sinus infections I would get but as I have become more healthy and better eating habits I no longer get sinus infections and my allergies aren't as bad.

Lucky for me, this crater is just where the medication has eaten the fat cells (and a little muscle) and should return to normal in due time.  I asked the doctor "So, I have to replace the fat?" (makes me think of all the good food I can eat til I realize it'll disburse everywhere)  and then I ask "how can I get more?!" so that it eats fat in other places too!

That same day my bf burns himself by heating something too hot and pulling it out of the microwave right away.  He calls me and tells me his skin is melting off which makes me pretty much freak out thinking he is burned to the bone.  I rush home and he is burned pretty good but not quite like he described.  I shared this story because I thought he was *dying* and he scared the daylights out of me.  He is definitely burned pretty good but he is healing well.  Ironically, he is pretty rough with it while putting burn ointment on it.... boys - (sigh)

Friday night was date night and we made homemade pizza, drank wine, listened to Sinatra and carved the best pumpkin ever!  Well, the best pumpkin of my abilities.  hahaha

Like my drawing skills?

It was so much fun and I loved every minute of date night.  I will admit that the best part was when my bf pulled out the pumpkin he got as a surprise for me.  I smiled so big and it made me very happy that he knows me so well as to pick out a simple pumpkin for my pleasure!  He told me he knew I would be excited but he had no idea I was going to be ecstatic!  The pumpkin was the highlight of my weekend, childish?

Sunday was linner at U.S. Egg where I had something called a half and half where I got half protein pancaked made with pumpkin, blueberry and granola, with a half skillet and one egg on top.  Oh, and sausage gravy.  I knew I wouldn't eat it all but when it came out I realized how much *excessive* food it was!

I made a pretty good dent but there was still a TON leftover.  I love leftovers anyway so it worked out very well.

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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Oct 23, 2014

Does Your BMI Indicate You are Overweight or Obese?

BMI is a way to determine a person's body mass index by comparing their height to their weight.  This is used to determine if a person is at their ideal weight, if they are at risk for obesity or if they are overweight.  I have heard a lot of reactions to this tool.  The statement I am focusing on today is the inaccuracy of a BMI test.  If you would like to check your BMI, click this link and plug in your info. 

Each person should be aware of their BMI as it is an estimated measure of their risk for weight-related health issues such as Type II diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep apnea and more.  When a person is overweight their risk increases when compared to a person who is not overweight.  This statement does not imply that people within healthy weight ranges will have no health problems.  This statement just means that risks increase as weight increases.

My concern is that children are now becoming a tremendous trend in the obesity epidemic and they are now experiencing the health problems that their parents may have or that our adult members of society endure.  You will be surprised to see the stats in this article on The American Heart Association's site.  The percentage of obese children is astounding!

At work, there is an incentive to get screened each year.  This incentive allows us a discount on health insurance in exchange for having our BMI checked, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and couple other things.  The best part is we don't even have to go anywhere!  Our employer has them come to us so we actually get paid to know where we stand health-wise.  And we get the discount regardless of what the results are.

During the screening I hear a lot of people frustrated about their results.  Some may have high cholesterol or blood sugar while others are on the high end of the BMI ranges for what is considered healthy.   There are those who fall in the overweight and obese category but I do not usually hear them say anything about their results.  It is usually from the ones who may need to lose 30-50 pounds.  This is a general statement based on what I have observed.  This does not include everyone because there are even those who have a few vanity pounds they would like to lose and have commented on accuracy.  Remember, I was a weight loss consultant for years and I have been trained to not only be sensitive to people's feelings but also aware of the things people say because sometimes there are hidden clues that may be helpful.

The common frustration is that the test is inaccurate because it does not give a good gauge for 'athletic' builds or for bodybuilders.  While this is true, it does NOT account for body builders or athletes, I can comment that the individuals who *are* body builders or athletes are not complaining about their BMI.  Those who truly fit in these categories know who they are and know that the numbers will be slightly skewed.  Or tremendously skewed if they are as serious as Jay Cutler.

For those who workout 3 days per week, this is a good start but it is not going to put a person into the 'athlete' category.  Merriam Webster's definition of athlete is "a person who is trained in or good at sports, games or exercises that require skill and physical strength".  When I looked at the Livestrong website on how to get an athletic build it listed aerobic exercise, building muscle, nutrition and rest.

I would venture to say that people who are working out 3 days per week could be doing aerobic exercise which would be building muscle.  They may have nutrition and rest in order but I think it goes a little deeper than that.  An athlete is someone who could kick some major ass in one or more areas of a physical nature.  Their physical appearance is typically tone.  However, I can think of some people losing weight who would likely fit in the athlete category and could kick some major ass!  But these people are also aware that their BMI may indicate overweight or obese. 

When I hear someone say the numbers are off because they workout but they have a soft appearance and don't do some kicking ass when they workout, it almost feels like a defense mechanism.  It seems like those individuals may be offended by what the results show.  I just wish they would take heed.  Nobody is going to develop serious health risks by being slightly outside of the healthy range but the longer a person is outside the healthy range, the more the risk increases.  The further outside the healthy ranges a person is, the greater the risk and the shorter their time before some type of health issue may present itself.

The purpose is not to offend anybody and call them 'fat' or hurt their feelings.  The purpose is to bring awareness in order to take appropriate measures to get back into the normal ranges for health purposes.  Health purposes.  Not to offend. 

BMI can be a good gauge on health but needs to be combined with a physical.  The physical includes more in depth tests to determine internal things that we cannot see.  My hope is that everyone's physicals come back normal and if they learn their BMI is in the higher ranges, do not be offended.  It is important to understand that it is constructive in order to guide people in a healthier direction.

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Oct 22, 2014

Wednesday Workout- Level 3

You all know that I have not been to the gym but that I have been doing some at home workouts.  I *do* like to blast fat.  Mainly high intensity workouts.  When I go to the gym I like to get in, get out.  I have a life and tons of stuff to do so spending 1-2 hours at the gym isn't in my vocabulary.  That is how I feel about at home workouts too.  If it says 45-60 minutes I am not even going to open it up.

However, I needed more than 10 minutes and I was feeling too lazy to create my own workout.  Not that it is difficult to create my own but it is nice to get a little spice in my life.  Right?  So I found this which targets the abs and combines cardio.... YES!!  Just what I am looking for.  Let me just tell you this is a real ass kicker!!  What I did not notice was that it says Level 3..... until after I did it.

During the workout I was thinking how pathetic my cardio is.... well, it is... but I feel better now that I realized this is a Level 3 workout.  Whew, I'm not a whiny baby after all.  Funny thing is, I like getting my ass handed to me so I went ahead and did this one again.  I will probably do it tomorrow too.

Above one I created but it seems minimal compared to the first one!  Actually, this one is great if you have less time and it is more geared toward beginners.  Don't get me wrong, those of you who are not beginners will still benefit from this.  Slam it in before you get in the shower for work tomorrow morning.  It will give your metabolism one helluva kick start for your day.

Matter of fact, if you have hit a plateau, I would highly recommend doing this just before your morning shower.

Let me know what you think of both of these.  Coming up next is a post about BMI so stay tuned.

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Oct 20, 2014

Weekend Dolly Steamboat

My weekend was wonderful, thanks for asking!  I was looking forward to it because we were cashing in on a birthday gift for my grandma at Canyon Lake on a Steamboat cruise.  Yes, it is a desert here but the views are still beautiful. 

The first pic I took was my bf helping my grandma walk up the ramp - it was so cute!!

Next is a shot I got of the water and mountains.  Cool fact:  these rocks were formed by volcanoes that were 10-15 miles across

The hot ash gave it the reddish color we see here.
Next is an example of why NOT to boat and drink.  The driver of the boat said he cruised by on a different cruise and saw a man whose head was bleeding but was alive.  For anyone who boats, you know that you have to have some pretty darn good speed going in order to cruise this boat up on rocks.  Not to mention how close to the edge they were in the first place!

It almost looks fake, like it was staged for a movie but you can see the inner part is rather wrecked.  Man, what an expensive mistake!

Look at these huge rock formations!  It is just so amazing. 

Up next are 500 shots of me.  My bf just kept taking them so finally I began posing

Like this
and this.... I almost look like Nacho Libre!
and cheesy smile:

My grandma, the birthday girl. 

She shrunk down so she was shorter and I stood on my toes to be taller.  It is rather amazing that I am still amused like a child of 5yrs old would be.  By something so silly as to pretend I'm taller.
The silly face we did together didn't turn out - so I'm on my own with this one.

Afterward, we stopped in at this old mining town area.  It is pretty cool to see the structures of days from the cowboy days.  There was no air ducts which means it has to be pure torture in the summer as these buildings are still used as shops and for display.  The cool ones were closed for weddings or photo shoots so I didn't get any pics.  Looking back, I should've gotten one of the whole town.
I think I was distracted because I was PMSing and my grandma couldn't walk that well so I became concerned about what level of walking she could do and my bf got confused about what I was saying.  This created a little unnecessary confusion -which is distracting.  Stupid boys!  Well, stupid PMS!
Additionally, I am extremely concerned because lately it seems like something new ails my grandma or walking continues to worsen for her.  It makes me scared because she was out of breath just walking to the restaurant.  This is due to a lack of activity - which is a result of her feet hurting.  Lack of activity also leads to weight gain, which can lead to further inactivity and usually other health issues such as diabetes.  I just want to preserve her!  And keep her well so she can stick around for a long time.  My grandma always reads my blog so HI Grammy!
I colored my hair red and I will post a pic of that soon but before I do I want to show you how it looked.  It is rather orange here - do you think it stayed that way or do you think it is a different shade?

Eggplant with homemade meatballs and home made sauce.  I have used a jar for so long but I am tired of spending more than what it is worth so I tried a different brand which changed their recipe to include more sugar. 
My version was amazing and so much cheaper!~!!  And less sugar.  I'm never buying a jar again!  I always add my own seasonings anyway so it wasn't a big deal at all.

I really want to do a show and there is one coming up in March.  I need AT LEAST 3 months worth of solid lifting so my hope is that I can be back at it by December.  That is still another month and a few days........  So you're saying there's a chance?!

How was your weekend?

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