Sep 30, 2014

My Thoughts on the Movie Fed Up

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I watched the movie Fed Up and I would highly recommend watching it.  The topic is a pretty focused topic but it uncovers government agenda as well as food industry propaganda.  There are many things we do not know about our food and one thing I did not expect was for money to be behind it.

The movie starts out with some interviews of children whose weight ranges from 210-400 pounds.  One girl being 12 years old weighing in at 212 lbs!!  These numbers are shocking for individuals of that age.  Fed Up takes us through the lives of these kids and they discuss the fact that they have tried to lose weight to be healthy and have been unsuccessful.  It is the same thing I have heard many other people commonly say.

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As I watched the healthy changes they made I was shaking my head in disbelief because the healthy changes were not healthy at all.  In comparison to what they had previously consumed it seemed as though it was, to them.  The problem is they switched their regular food choices for light, diet, reduced fat and fat free items which has some type of substitution for the removal of fat.  Fat removal comes in the form of sugar or an artificial sweetener - which is still sugar- and also means it has been processed and is also unhealthy for the body.

The movie Fed Up takes us back to 1977 when a prediction was made that 30 years from then there would be an epidemic of obesity, and there is.  I thought about this.  In 1977 the people of that day are the parents and grandparents of today and their children/grandchildren are learning their eating habits.  Guess where the people of 1977 learned their eating habits from?  Advertisement, the media and, yes, the government. 
There was a push to label food products and sugar -as we know- is an ingredient commonly found in foods.  Some naturally occurring and some added.  However, the sugar industry did not want food labels to include the daily value of sugar -or the value per content of that package.  There was a lot of political back and forth where finally the food industry won and the labels do not indicate what percentage of the daily value a food item contains.  Interesting huh?

One teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to four grams of sugar and the recommended daily intake of sugar is a max of 40 grams, or 9 teaspoons.  This is the value for men and women should be only 6 teaspoons per day, or 24 grams.  This is the maximum amount of sugar a person should consume in a day and it is not the average or the low range.  The national average consumption, per the USDA, is 152 pounds per person per year.  This is about .42 pounds per day - per person!  Of course, this is an average so some people may consume more- much more - while others may consume a bit less.  Either way, this number is crazy!

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During the documentary a young boy's father stated that he is aware that the public may blame parents for a child's poor eating habits but he states that the boy sneaks food and makes poor choices at school.  The documentary took us through the school systems and showed what is going on in schools and it is true, there are terrible choices at school!  I would probably venture to say that the boy does, in fact, sneak food but that also means it was available for him to sneak.  An interesting fact is that the parents of all the kids interviewed were overweight, bordering obese if not obese so it may be safe to say that the education for the children may lack.

This movie is a tremendous eye opener.  I know that there is a serious lack of education and I knew that children of today are being impacted but I had no idea just how much.  The movie flashed some deaths that included an 8 and 9 yr old as well as a 13 yr old who had obesity related heart attacks.  A different boy was in the doctor's office when the doctor noticed signs of diabetes.  There were flashes of kids using their machines to check their blood sugars due to Type II diabetes.   My goodness!  This is not supposed to be happening in kids of today and the concern for one doctor is that we do not know how to treat children with this type of diabetes for long periods of time. 

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One last thought is there was a study in lab rats which indicates 40 of the 43 rats chose sugar water over cocaine water.  The brain lights up when we consume sugar the same way it does when cocaine is ingested.  It really goes to show that food, specifically sugar, is addicting

I would highly recommend watching Fed Up as it reveals many unknown factors involved in reference to the food industry.  There is a post coming tomorrow called Sugar Shock, I think you will enjoy so stop by tomorrow.  I have another post coming up about arsenic in chicken and these are just 2 examples of crap making us sick and unhealthy but the point is we need to be educated about nutrition and this movie is a great start!  What do you think about this?

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Sep 29, 2014

Blogger Fail

Morning!  I had a movie review completed on Fed Up and for some reason Blogger has decided to duplicate another draft and totally remove the content from Fed Up.  Which means I cannot publish the dang post.  Really weird- I have no idea how that is even possible.  Furthermore I got my new computer - finally- and did not back up the content onto a document so I have to totally re-do it.  Hopefully I can get it re-done today.  See you soon!

Coming up after that is about sugary items..... interesting stuff.

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Sep 26, 2014

Clean Eating..... Or Not

What is your idea of clean eating?  For some people it is low calorie, low fat or low carb.  For others it is eating more whole foods and less processed foods.  For me, it is reducing the amount of poisonous chemicals, like formaldehyde and arsenic, out of my diet.  This sounds drastic, right?  It does not make sense that I would even say these items are in our food but they are.  Today I am going to talk about the transition I have taken through what I view to be clean eating.  Formaldehyde and arsenic will be another blog.

This post was from a previous blog post and I am reposting after watching Fed Up last night.  Well, most of it but the movie reminded me of so many things wrong with our food today and most people have no idea what they are actually doing to their body.  I intend to follow up with posts addressing specific mentions like formaldehyde in many household products but this is just an intro to consecutive posts.

(not clean)

Clean eating has transitioned for me throughout my 'getting healthy' life.  The first part of getting healthy involved eating smaller portions and it moved to cooking my own foods instead of eating Hamburger Helper or other prepackaged stuff.  I started losing weight, feeling great and looking better.  I liked it a lot and decided it would be really awesome to keep it up.  This led to my weight loss journey and to read more on that, click on the link in this sentence.

So I started eating all things low fat, reduced fat and light.  Even fat free which I thought tasted like shit so I was clever about it and I mixed a full flavor item with something not so full flavor.  For example I used to buy calorie free salad dressings from Walden Farms.  They are calorie free, sugar free, carb free, cholesterol free and taste free.  Oh wait, I added the taste free part myself.  ;)  Most of their products were not so delicious so I would mix the raspberry dressing with a different brand of light raspberry balsamic vinaigrette.  I had to adjust to the taste but it was worth it, to me, to have less calories.  Eventually, I got used to it and it tasted quite delicious.  This is really how it happened when I started drinking beer in high school too!!!  

I began eating the way many fitness inspired individuals do.  I ate egg whites and turkey bacon, tilapia, broccoli and protein shakes.  Tilapia and broccoli are whole foods so I still eat those but I was not getting some nutrients found in the egg  yolk.  True, egg yolks are also where the cholesterol comes from but I will have 1 full egg and 2 egg whites rather than all egg whites.  This way I get the benefit of the nutrient without the added cholesterol and calories.  Protein shakes have their place but I do not think they are great meal replacements on a regular basis.

(sorta clean)

One night after drinking and dancing, my friend introduced me to sugar free cheesecake pudding.  OMG!!  It was so good and such a great treat..... oh, and don't forget low calorie!  I never really ate regular pudding so I did not recognize any difference in taste.  I discovered Stevia which is a no calorie natural sweetener derived from a plant but it has an after taste so I did not really like that.  I did like Truvia which was derived from Stevia but tasted WAAAAY better.  This I could do.  


I started drinking coffee during a very slow, long and boring training that was very important and I had to stay awake for it.  That led me to drink 1 cup of coffee per day but I did not want to have cream in it and black was a bit rough so I used Truvia.  mmmmm....good.  I thought it was genius to be able to have my cake and eat it too.... or my sugar and drink it too!  What a great way to sweeten my coffee without added fat and calories!

During my clean eating and getting healthy journey I paid attention to the necessary vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to be healthy.  Certain vitamins are good for specific things like calcium is great for bones, teeth and nails.  Everyone knows Vitamin C is great for the immune system so we all pound it when we are getting a cold or any other sickness.  

I noticed the better I ate, the stronger my immune system became and allergies bothered me less.  I learned which fruits and vegetables absorbed more pesticides and that ingesting pesticides can have harmful effects.  With this, I began buying only organic apples and organic spinach since I eat a lot of those items.  This way I was reducing the sheer amount of unseen chemicals I ingested.  It is tasteless, odorless and we don't really know the harm it is causing until it is too late.      

(not clean)

I started to learn how the body develops disease and ailments from the artificial crap that is in the foods we eat.  For example, Red Dye 40 can cause excitability in children and even cause an incorrect diagnosis of ADHD.  On a whim, I just googled it right now and found an article on Dr. Oz's site :  I am happy to see that this is becoming more mainstream because when I talked about it before, people just disregarded it.  PS, Red No. 40 is in a ton of stuff, including your kids' fruit candy snacks. 

(not clean)

I learned that cancer is caused by damaged cells and cells get damaged by free radicals.  Free radicals are caused by a variety of things like toxins, stress, pollution, chemicals and more.  I started to realize that on a day to day basis there were many things I was inadvertently exposed to that could cause cancer.  I was using lotion with parabens in it, cooking on skillets with PHTAsand beauty products with PHTAs in them; sometimes my life would be stressful, I was eating pesticides, arsenic and other processed stuff.  We all are.  EVERY DAY.  

I started paying attention to what calorie free, fat free and reduced fat really meant.  In order to reduce fat in peanut butter or cooking oil, the product was being partially hydrogenated (this is when hydrogen is added to the oil at extremely high temperatures) which created trans-fat.  It was also done to help preserve the shelf life.  We learned later that trans-fat is not good for the heart but we were consuming it in order to have less calories or fat in a food product and make it last longer.  
(clean eggs & toast)

(clean except for the bell pepper)

Does clean eating include products that are generally recognized as being safe (GRAS) by the FDA?  It sounds like they are generally safe so that is great!  Or is it?  What does 'generally' safe mean to you?  It sounds like this means most of the time a product is safe.  Although, alcohol is 'generally' safe but we all know that deadly incidents can occur.  The point I am making is that we already know drinking is mostly safe except for when serious events occur.  What we do not know is when food is actually safe or when it is "generally" safe.  Which leads to the question:  When is it generally not safe? And who could it effect when it is not generally safe?  Why are foods labeled as generally safe?  That doesn't sound like a safe item to me.

I would say I fall under the generally safe category because I do not have any health issues, allergies or anything to be concerned about.  Plus, our body filters toxins through the blood, kidneys, liver and vital organs so we can be exposed to foreign items and still be OK.  What about those who do have health issues?  Is this 'generally' safe for them?  How do we know when a 'generally' safe product can create other issues?  For example people who are chronically sick but have not figured out what is wrong or how to correct it.  It reminds me of a woman who was diagnosed with MS only to find that once she stopped drinking aspartame the MS went away.  What really happened is that the aspartame created MS-like symptoms because it is foreign to the body.  Once it was eliminated she was fine.  When we repeatedly expose ourselves, and our loved ones, to small amounts of a chemical in every products we use or food that we eat it can become a problem.
(Mostly clean)

I used Walden Farms in the above example only because that is the product that I used.  Please know I am not saying anything bad about the company or picking on them.  I truly loved using their products because I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds.  Taste and low cal.  I took a look at the label and saw xantham gum; per Web MD is made of  "fermented sugar mixed with certain bacteria" and propylene glycol alginate which is derived from kelp and then chemically processed.  Each of them are used as thickeners in food products and they are usually in pretty small amounts.  These are examples of products that are GRAS.  These are on many, many food labels.  I never gave it much thought because I recognized it as being in everything.  Since the FDA allows it, I thought it was fine. I wrote an article on why the FDA allows harmful chemicals, toxins and pollutants in everything (in small amounts) and you can read it here.

(Mostly clean)
This brings me to the latest topic in the news.  That is that Subway's bread contains a chemical, Azodiacarbonamid, that is used to produce yoga mats and make the rubber on a shoe.  Subway is recognized as healthy and Jarrod lost a bunch of weight by changing his eating habits and eating there.  By all means, Subway has some great low calorie options but it IS processed -just like any fast food- and there are crazy things in there that man was not intended to eat. 

It is really not a big deal to those of us whose immune systems are functioning optimally because our bodies are designed to filter stuff out.  In small amounts.  And that is the key here.  "Small amounts".  As long as we are exposed to a small amount of a substance, gas, toxin or pollutant then it is OK.  As long as we only consume a small amount of a chemically processed product or pesticide we will live.  Additionally, it is important to remember that repeated exposure to harmful ingredients and/or chemicals, even for healthy individuals, can and will eventually have a negative effect on the body.

Our body reminds me of "The Terminator" because it regenerates and heals and cures itself just like the Terminator did.  We do not regrow limbs, but it still is quite the miracle machine.
(Clean except for pesticides & salsa preservatives)
The problem is that it was never intended to put small amounts of stuff into it all day long and expose it to pollution all day long.  Not to mention the topical things we use like lotion, make up, face wash, and shampoo, etc.  I began to be more aware of how my clean eating was not as clean as it could be.  It was low calorie and I was healthy but I could be more choosy about the added chemicals since there are small amounts in almost every product and food.

The next transition I made was eating more whole foods to reduce the number of items I consumed that had small amounts of pesticides and chemicals.  I also incorporated beauty products with little or no chemicals.  I still use products with chemicals and eat foods with pesticides (more in another blog) but I have reduced the number of items to help reduce the load on my body.  It is healthier and cleaner that way. 

Each transition seemed to be better habits than the one before until I learned that it still wasn't quite right and that is how many individuals live today.  In the movie Fed Up there were interviews conducted on people who truly thought they were eating "healthy" and as I watched I was astounded by what they were eating.  It was not healthy at all.  But, to them, it was probably a better change.  In the long run they were not achieving the results they were going for and that was due to lack of education.  Again, I am reposting this article and follow up articles will address specific things I mentioned such as arsenic in chicken and items the FDA allows on the market.

What is your view on clean eating?  What things stood out to you?  The cheesecake pudding, arsenic and formaldehyde stand out to me but that's for a later day.

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Sep 25, 2014

Just For Fun, Have You Ever.........

These are some random things I have done and was wondering am I the only one?  Has anyone else done this stuff?

Have you ever:

1.  Walked into work and your boss said "Oh, that looks like the puffy shirt from Seinfeld"

2.  Yelled at Siri because your phone didn't do what you wanted it to do - or didn't respond?  Pretty sure it didn't get the job done.

3.  Gotten loud and firm with an automated service when it doesn't go  your way as if it understood you.  Especially the ones where you cannot use the word "representative".  I'm screaming 'REPRESENTATIVE" and still not getting one.

4.  Been in a public bathroom when someone cuts loose and you don't know whether to take cover from a deadly bomb or bust out laughing.

5.  Freaked out about your age?  I freaked out at 25 because I was close to 30 and then again at 35 because I was closer to 40 than I was to 20.  I freaked out again when I thought the skin on my hands looked like I was aging. 

6.  Missed a giant patch of hair on your knee when shaving?  Or even better one or two pit hairs that seem like that were missed for like 8weeks?  It gets long enough to be used as a rope!

7.  Been caught taking pics of your food by the server and then they look at you like "oh, YOU are one of THOSE" ~awkward.

8.  Gotten mad at someone who backed out of their spot and seemingly did not look!!!  And maybe honked lightly or laid on the horn letting them know they are making a mistake by backing out in front of traffic.  Only to Back out of a space in a parking lot where you can't see so you have to gradually get out far enough where you can finally see.  Then have someone blare their horn at you for being a dill hole - then get mad at them because didn't they know you couldn't see them??!!

What about random stuff?  Sometimes I cook my eggs in leftover juices from meat that I skillet cooked.  My mom used to fry bacon or sausage and use the grease to make eggs with and I just LOVED it- but since I don't really eat bacon or sausage much anymore I have to make do with meat.

Or have you ever bit your lip or cheek and then bit it 500 more times after that cuz it is swollen?!  Hate that!!  Solution:  Lysine is a an amino acid which aids in healing and speeds up the process.  The best part is the swelling goes down sooo much faster and leads to less biting :)

This was just for fun~ What silly or random things have you done?

PS, I just noticed a few peeps mentioned the need want for a cable alternative.  If you get it through me, you will get a $50.00 discount.

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Sep 23, 2014

Semi-Fall Bucket List

The first thing I want to say is that it is NOT cooler where I live.  Yes, it isn't 582 degrees anymore but today is a high of 100 and tomorrow says a high of 104 so I won't be dressing warmer until about November.  Either way, fall is coming because it is in all the stores, advertisements, online and in blogger land.  Pumpkin stuff is popping up everywhere so I'll take it!

Everyone is doing a fall bucket list but since it's not really fall here, it's the semi-fall list.  Here are a few things I want to do now that it is cooler than it was last month.

Hike down the mountain in Flagstaff after taking the lift up.  Some peeps hike in the heat.  Not me - I like my life.

Make a pie for once in my life - and not the kind that comes from a box and goes straight into the oven.  I may have to hold off on this til the temps drop about 10 more degrees because the kitchen still gets hot.

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Maybe it'll be a pumpkin pie because I just love pumpkin.  Doesn't this one look more scrumptious than the 'normal' pumpkin pie?

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Spend one last day in the sun to work on my tan before it is actually fall.

Stay at a cabin in Sedona, perhaps end of October.  The weather should be nice and cool in that part of the state.

I haven't been to the state fair in ages but there are a lot of gangs who attend and I prefer to stay away from fighting, trouble, etc.

Instead, maybe we can do some Old West type events and watch history being recreated in the Wild West gun fights.

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And, of course, the football, friends and fun that comes along with fall.  I found a cinnamon spice blend perfect for cider, tea, brandy and wine.  Yay!

Motorcycles!  It cools off enough to go for fun rides, socializing with other riders and taking rides for lunch in Tortilla Flats.

I am looking forward to Halloween cartoons!   

And costumes

And the holidays that are soon to follow

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