Aug 21, 2014

What's Wrong with My Burger?!

Crazy title, right?  I have been craving a burger lately.  A juicy, delicious, loaded burger.  Who doesn't?  I was going to go somewhere like Red Robin but I don't want fries to saturate the fat and calorie content.  If they were on my plate, I'd eat 'em.  Burgers get a bad rap but they aren't ALL as bad as they are cracked up to be.

We have a food truck that comes to our work and the menu isn't always on the lighter side of things but I did not bring my lunch yesterday so I could get that damn burger!  I check out the menu and see that the patties are 1/4 lb each which means it will be like 1/8 of an lb by the time it cooks so I decide I'm getting a double cheeseburger until I see that there is a bacon cheeseburger.  I hardly ever eat bacon and I am NOT going to go buy a whole package of it (except turkey bacon) just for a slice or two.  Strange fact is that I did not used to like bacon.  I acquired the taste over the last couple years-weird, right?  I want bacon, I'm getting bacon!

When it came out it did not look like half the meat had shriveled away, most of it was still there.  Winning! 

I was thinking why does everyone view a burger as being bad?  I want to play a game called What's Wrong with My Burger? I know why I think it is but I was wondering what you all think?  Additionally, I am going to follow this post up with my version. 

Many people view certain foods as "good" or "bad" and I need your help.  Please comment below with your view on what you thinks is "good" and/or "bad" about each ingredient.  Just for fun, include how many calories you think this sandwich contains.


1 bun
2 beef patties
1 slice cheese
very light mayo

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  1. 1 bun
    Con - probably made with white flour - which is taboo right now, and loaded with carbs.
    Pro - But, it's bread, and it's tasty
    Approx Calories - 260

    2 Beef Patties
    Con - Lots of Saturated Fat, Greasy, Ground Beef - crazy calories for eating 2?
    Pro - Tastes like heaven and has a decent amount of iron in it.
    Approx Calories - 440

    1 slice cheese
    Con - probably american - and that's all processed and pasteurized
    Pro - Mixes with the grease of the burger into ooey gooey awesomeness - oh and calcium.. there's calcium in it.
    Approx calories - 70

    Bacon (what was it two slices?)
    Con - It's horrible for you - all around horrible. A sin in the nutritional community ;)
    Pro - It's Bacon, and we love bacon.
    Approx Calories - 80 calories

    Onion, Tomato, Lettuce
    Con - No cons, as long as they are fresh and not slimy
    Pro - Veggies! DUH! Make the bacon taste better (did I really just write that?)
    Approx Calories - 25 (if that?)

    Mayo (very lightly applied)
    Con - Also shamed by the community, unnecessary calories.. yada yada.. artery clogging death condiment
    Pro - Really adds zest to a sandwich - protein, calcium (there is good stuff within it's ingredients
    Approx Calories: 50

    Total Approx. Calories: 925?

    Oh do I win a prize if I'm close ;) like a burger?

    1. hahahaaa! I just love you! Yes, you DO win a burger if you are close. You are so good

    2. I love you too! Okay, so U-O-ME - 1 greasy awesome burger - if we should ever meet!

    3. I DO owe u a greasy fab-uh-luss burger. What is the name of your fav place & what is the location?

    4. if you want, just email me with info so the deets on location aren't public

  2. I just have one thought: mmmmmm burgers! Haha!

  3. I totally agree that burgers get a bad rap, but they aren't that bad especially if you create your own burger and know the good organic meat you're putting into it!! I'd skip the bacon and mayo - but that's just me!

    1. There was a time when I NEVER ate mayo- and I didn't even like bacon so that was easy. I still don't eat mayo very often and when I do it is light.

  4. I think burgers fall into the GOOD category as long as you use healthy ingredients. Ground beef is not 'bad' for you, a healthy bun choice is okay because carbs are not evil, and bacon is good for the soul ;) I'd guess that one is 8-900 calories. Although I love a good ol' burger on a bun, I've been making Cheeseburger salads lately and it's an AMAZING alternative. Oh, and when I go to Red Robin, I sub a salad for the fries and then I have zero guilt ;)

    1. True. Ground beef actually has a great place- healthwise. Cheeseburger salad sounds fab!! Do you use cold or warm meat?

  5. I don't think burgers are bad for you. Moderation and all that.

  6. I just want a burger.

    Today I got one but I had it wrapped in lettuce to cut down on the calories. I'm sure a lot of burgers are like 1000 calories!

    1. LOL! Not gonna lie. Sometimes I go get the greasy-dirty-fat-loaded burgers! Then it makes me sick but it was worth it!

  7. Just for future reference.....Red Robin has a fruit cup that you can get in place of the fries. Bottomless fruit. :-)

    1. Thanks MaryFran. It's been a while since I have been there so I forgot they do that.