Aug 18, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty awesome. It was catching up from last week's hang over.  I have no idea how I ever got anything done when I was younger.  I guess it was because I was used to drinking so I could function just fine afterward.  Now.... not so much.  As a result, this weekend was doing household stuff, errands and relaxation.

We started it off on Friday night at my favorite sushi place where I got my favorite sushi dish and a drink.  I have been talking about this drink a lot lately - yep, you guessed it- a martini.  I just had to have 2 and it was great while it lasted but I ended up with a headache later that night.  How weird that I had a hangover-type headache the same damn night after 2 measly martinis!

As I was drinking my first one I got a call from a vacation place that offered an 8 day, 7 night trip to a variety of places to choose from.  She said we could go to Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Rocky Point and a bunch of other options.  I'm thinking "YES!!" sign me up but I'm thinking- nobody hands this kinda shit out for free.  So I say "I don't want to go because I am not buying anything".
She says "no need to buy anything, we are just creating awareness".  "Maybe you will come back some day and buy or you will tell your friends".  I'm like "OK".  Even though I know, deep down, that they want each person to buy.  Not take the free trip and NOT buy.  They want us to buy.  Well, I was drinking and since she said "No obligation" I said "OK".  I agreed to go the next morning for a 90 minute presentation.
Later that night, about the time my headache started kicking in, I thought better of it.  I really don't want to sit through anything- I have stuff to do.  It would be worth it if it wasn't high pressure.  Oh ya, there was also a $200.00 restaurant certificate as well as a $50.00 gift card to Sears.  Maybe I should've gone!

Oh well.  I ordered the Poke salad.  Look at the size of this pile of meat!!  I felt like I was robbing the place.  Sushi is not cheap and this had a huge serving of some expensive shit!  And look how much I had leftover!  I just love leftovers and sushi doesn't really last that long so I had to have it the next day.  Darn.

You know how if you get a roll- you can't really eat it the next day cuz the rice tastes old?  That is not the case with this stuff.  No rice, no problem.  It tastes just as good the next day as it did the first day.  Believe me, I have had it for breakfast before.  Kinda weird since I have never thought of having fish for breakfast but this is soooo good!
I've been craving nachos so I made some at home.  I used turkey meat, refried beans, Hatch green chilies, olives and onions.  I made some home made guac and used Greek yogurt in place of sour cream.  Oh ya, and some Pepper Jack cheese.  SO GOOD.  Today's lunch consisted of leftovers but instead of nacho chips I used steamed and seasoned cauliflower.  With a few black olives and salsa.  It was filling and delicious!

I spent some time in the pool Saturday and even though I cannot swim laps right now, I did some leg exercises as well as some push ups on the top step.  I kept my body straight and outward then did a bunch of em.  The cool thing is that I did not hurt my neck-which is what I am going for.  I am super motivated to continue doing things that do not aggravate it, irritate it or make it worse.
We had a massage on Sunday and then went to our friend's to hang out by the pool some more.  Summer starts winding down soon and I need to hurry up and get a tan before it's over!
I had decided to do a show in October but considering I STILL cannot workout- I have to put that on hold.  In the meantime, my neck has had some ups and downs but right now is getting better- YAHOO.  I am just excited at how refreshing the pool was!
How was your weekend?
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  1. That salad and nachos look delicious! I made some nachos for dinner last night using black beans, greek yogurt, taco bell sauce, a little cheese, jalapenos and green onions. Yum!

    I hate all the free phone call stuff because I think it is a huge scam. No matter how much they say it costs you nothing....nothing is for free!

    1. Taco bell sauce, yes! That sauce is pretty tasty. There is a grocery store here called Winco and I found some hot sauce that is similar to what you get at the Mexican fast food restaurants. They are small little cans but they contain probably 3-4 little containers worth (depending on the size that the restaurant uses) for only $.67. They are pretty good too!

  2. I just can't hang like I used to when I was younger either. Nachos with cauliflower is such a great idea.

    1. It was really good and filling too. It was nice because the day before I had the actual nacho chips. I used like 6-7 chips since I usually only eat a few of them anyway and I was stuffed. The cauliflower also made me stuffed but it was on a lower calorie option :)

  3. I love the cauliflower exchange in your nachos! Super good idea!

    And, those cold calls promising you FREE FREE FREE... man, those are the worst!
    I mean, I hear they HAVE to give you what they promised, but, how hard must they push during the presentation? No thank you!

    And I've eaten sashimi for breakfast.... no judgements from this girl!

    1. They do have to give it to you but in the meantime they pretty much EXPECT you to buy since the free offer is so big.

      LOL! I am glad I am not the only one who has eaten sashimi for bfast

  4. The Food looks so yummy! I made some home made guac the other day as well. It actually turned out pretty good for being the first time I made it. Your nacho recipe looks similar to mine. I make it with ground turkey as well.

    1. I am totally hooked on the nachos now! I want to have it next time with rotisserie chicken.