Jul 16, 2014

Sexy Shoulders, Sexy Abs and Cardio Workouts All in One Blog

For the 4th of July weekend we went up north and it was a great time but I never posted about it.  It was pretty damn cool and I got in a min workout sesh each day we were there.

Day 1 consisted of the above video to sculpt sexy shoulders - just wait til you try it.  Dayam!  To get the blood going and the heart pumpin', we first do jumping jacks then move into the shoulder workout.  It is very simple yet very effective.  Hope you enjoy.

The next day's workout was not video'd... sorry.  Good news is here is what it was:

I actually did the above and below all on the same day since I was not going to be in the gym and there was alcohol involved throughout the weekend.

So the weekend was much needed and on the way up we drove with our friends and it started to rain.  The weird thing is that it created this white foamy stuff on part of the road, not sure what it was but Low Rider came on the radio and it was a party in the truck!

In AZ we don't get a whole lotta rain so when it comes down we get super excited!  We drove through an area that is commonly referred to as "The Rim" and a liquor store was so appropriately named.  Just sayin'  Oh, and they deliver!  Have you ever seen that?!!

We ate healthy meals and even had some healthy brownies with PB2 on 'em.  It was a running joke because we all eat very healthy but the brownies were for the community potluck in celebration of the 4th.  So we made ourselves feel better by calling them 'healthy brownies'.

We had some drinks and went for walks in nature.  Went to a little craft-type show that had many exhibits with paintings, jewelry, art or other nick knacks for sale and since the sign said the water was bad, we had to drink some more.

After we left the show we stopped at the bar and they have quite the selection of tequila.  I thought you guys would like it.  :)

It sounds like all we did was drink and we kinda drank a lot - especially compared to what I am used to but it was really fun and we had a great time.  It was well needed and quite frankly - I need another weekend like that.  Doesn't necessarily have to be all the drinking but being outdoors and enjoying nature.  

This was just the highlights but I wanted to get this up and going so I could share these amazing, short workouts.  Putting in work!!  Try it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Sounds like a FUN weekend! And I have a couple of these mini workouts planned for when we are away. And I found a running route on mapmyrun.com, that goes from our Motel on a 5 mile journey around.

    I just got to scope out the landscape, and make sure that it is conducive to early morning running (read: not crazy with cars)

    1. I tried going for a run in Vegas one time and th strip was soooo packed w/peeps that it was just a bouncing walk around everyone

  2. I love Tabata! I'm following you on Youtube now too. I will have to try that workout.. And that Brownie looks delicious!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my Blog

    1. I have a few injuries so I haven't been doing it every single day like I would like but the injuries have worsened over time so I have to be careful.

      I am so excited to be nominated!! Thank you SOOO much, I will head over to say hi.