Jul 13, 2014

PB2, Great Idea or Not so Much?

PB2 has emerged as the latest and greatest peanut butter replacement.  I am not a band wagon jumper meaning I do not jump on the band wagon for the latest and greatest.  I stopped using almost everything at Hi Health and GNC.  This includes pre and post workout products as well as protein bars and shakes.  Sounds drastic right?  This is because there are tons of ingredients that aren't so awesome for the body.  I have learned how to use whole foods to get what I need for maximum results working out.

I still use protein shakes occasionally because sometimes I like to get protein quick and easy without making a meal.  I have chosen a brand at my local farmer's market that has 7 ingredients as opposed to a bunch of extra processed crap and it tastes pretty darn good.  Otherwise I just use good ol' fat free Greek Yogurt packing in 130 calories and 24 grams of protein.  That's an awful lot of what I need without the extra garbage that I don't need.

Enter in PB2 which is powdered peanut butter.  I am thinking - how the hell do you get 'powdered' peanut butter without chemicals or some type of harmful processing?  Well, it's easy.  They press out the oil which leaves behind the extra fat that we know peanut butter to have.  Since I happen to love peanut butter but hate all the calories this sounds like a win for me.  I pick some up -I got the chocolate peanut butter flavor - and LOVE it.

I have had it plain, used it on bananas, added it to my yogurt and even used it as a dessert over the top of chocolate brownies.  A little side note about the brownies is that we had them on our trip up north for the weekend of July 4th and all of us eat healthy so when we made these for a community potluck we kept calling them "healthy brownies" as a joke.  They were definitely NOT healthy!  But I'll tell ya, they sure tasted good with the PB2 drizzled over them.  It was quite a hit.

I have found that PB2 is quite satisfying.  When I add it to my yogurt it tastes like a thick, delightful pudding.  When I add it to my bananas it tastes as gratifying as regular peanut butter on my bananas minus the extra calories which I LOVE.  Oh ya, I already said that earlier.  One serving is 2 TBSP just like regular peanut butter but it is only 45 calories versus 190-200 that regular peanut butter has.  It racks in a whopping 4 grams of protein which is not far off from regular pb which is 7 grams.  I feel like if I absolutely had to have the same amount of protein as regular pb I could just consume 2 servings of PB2 which would be 90 calories and 8 grams of protein.  This would still be less than half the calories of regular pb!

When I have it on its own it is like dessert so I  have been able to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings without actually eating something sweet and fattening.

One thing I will say is that since it does not have the natural fat it - remember, it has been pressed out - you still have to remember to get your good fats in for the day.  The body needs fat in order to do essential things such as deliver vitamins and other vital nutrients to your body and your brain.  Please do not think I am advocating eliminating fat from your diet, just know that PB2 is a great alternative for keeping the fat intake to a minimum.  As that is crucial in weight loss, PB2 can help bring success to your day and provide you some scrumptious pleasure.  BOOM!!

I am an advocate of whole foods so we still keep regular peanut butter in the house too.  That way I can still have the whole peanut butter from time to time yet still enjoy low calorie and great taste whenever I want!

PB2 can be bought at the grocery store but I have found that it is a bit cheaper on Amazon.  You have probably seen my previous posts and know that I am an Amazon affiliate and if you choose to purchase something from Amazon through my link I may be entitled to a small compensation.  Personally, I have always loved Amazon and if you are like me, you probably do too!  Here is the link if you want to try it:

or for a better deal you get more with this one:

Have you tried PB2?  If yes, what do you think of it?

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  1. I have heard about this. I really need to try it since I LOVE peanut butter.

    1. It's great and there's regular peanut butter or pb chocolate. How can you go wrong with them both?!

  2. Still got to go out and buy this. Maybe this week!

    Also: I love regular PB... but, I have wanted to try Almond Butter... I mean, if I need to get the natural fats anyway.. might as well have the extra calories too.. Right? Meh, I suppose in moderation... I've never been one to eat a whole thing of PB anyway! HAHAHAHA

    1. Almond butter is actually my fav and I recently tried almond butter w/coconut. OMG so good

  3. I love PB2. I use it in protein pancakes and my protein shakes. I tried it in plain greek yogurt but didn't care for that.

  4. I added PB2 to my protein shakes and loved it! I saw some PB2 "peanut butter cookies" on Pinterest somewhere and I need to find it again.