Jul 7, 2014

Motivation to Successfully Reach Your Goals

A few years ago I was highly motivated to get my degree and I acted on it.  Believe me, motivation waned from time to time.  At one point I slammed into a brick wall and did not want to go any further.  I had had enough of 'wasting' my life away writing stupid papers.  The same can be said of motivation in reference to any goal that a person may have.  Goals are not always easy to reach but success is an extremely powerful reward.  Victory makes a person feel like they are walking on clouds and they should!  It is a great boost for self-esteem and it always helps people to better themselves.

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I wrote this blog shortly after I received my degree.  This was July 2013 and I was talking about when I originally made the decision to earn my degree.  Recently I wrote a blog about how I am losing motivation and I remembered that I had this post about motivation- from a year ago!  The cool thing is that it applies to what I am going through now and I am glad I wrote it because it is going to help me overcome this hump!!  The main goal, originally, was to help others overcome their obstacles so take a look- it just might be helpful:

"At the time I began classes I was still very active in the night life scene and attending pool parties every weekend.  I knew that I was going to have to sacrifice some party time in order to get homework done but what I did not know was just HOW MUCH party time I was going to give up.

Motivation is  highest when a goal is fresh in your mind.

My motivation was very high, like it usually is when a person begins working on something they want to achieve.  It is no different than a person who wants to lose weight or somebody who is looking to earn more money by starting a home based business or working from home.  Motivation is highest when they are first thinking about it and the longer they wait, the less likely it is they will begin.  The same can be said of any goal or dream a person wants to achieve…. Especially if work is involved!

I was super excited to get a degree…. It is something I have always wanted so the first couple of months were not a big deal.  I would just sit down, do my homework and move on.  I was turning down invite after invite and hearing, afterward, about all the fun everyone had … fun I was missing out on.
I began to wonder what I got myself into.  Is this what I really wanted?  Was a degree really going to make any difference at all?  I was frustrated and wished I had not started.  Then I remembered other people going through the same thing and how they persisted anyway and ended up reaching their goal.  So I continued on.  Have you ever began something and thought it was way too hard to finish or accomplish?

Keep up with motivation

Around this time I met my boyfriend and told him I was in school which is not really conducive for a relationship because all my free time was sucked up doing homework.  He decided he would be the judge of that and here we are over 4 years later, still together.  He has seen me become frustrated with the work I had to do and the events I missed out on.  He kept reminding me I had a goal and that once I reached it the reward would be worth it.  Which I knew but I was ready to quit!  He helped me overcome the hump many times and he endured it with me.  Thank goodness!

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Having someone supportive of your dreams is a great way to work through the trials and tribulations that WILL arise.  They can be that extra voice to remind you why you started to begin with and it is really not that bad…especially when you consider the triumph in the end.  Another great idea is to remember that if a goal is worth setting, it is worth finishing.  When thinking about a goal you have in mind, you should think about some things before you begin.  Think of all the reasons you want this to begin with.  Think about how you will feel if you quit… which could possibly how you feel now.  

Be prepared to rebuttal yourself.  This is how you will overcome any obstacles that may arise during the process.  It is pretty likely that hurdles will present themselves, which is how life works.  Remember, if the prize is worth it, the work is also worth it!

A couple years into my schooling I hit a brick wall.  I hated doing homework and squeezing in any personal activity possible… which was very little but I did it.  I would have preferred no squeezing at all and for my schedule to be free of homework.  I had senioritis like crazy and could not wait to finish.  I considered taking a break.  My motivation was dwindling and I had to revisit the reason I wanted my degree to begin with.  Frequently.

Realize if I had quit I would not have my degree today.  Even if I picked back up a couple months later, I still would not have it today… I would be still be working on it.  Or not working on it at all.  So a little way down the road I would have looked back and thought about how I could have already accomplished my goal.  I even thought about it while I was working on the degree.  I thought about what it would be like if I had finished it in my early 20’s.  If anybody quits working on a goal there will be a time when they look back and realize it could have been accomplished by now.  Do not give up!  Keep going and the motivation will return and it will get greater the closer to your goal you get.

Are your goals worth the motivation?

Think about WHY you want this goal and what you are willing to do to get it.  If you cannot come up with reasons why you want something, it is probably not that important to  you.  What will you do if something gets in your way?  What if a pitfall comes up, how will you handle it?  Think about how long you have been thinking about this goal and what it will be like once you reach it.

Do you really want to lose weight, start your own business, work from home or earn a degree?  If yes, why?  (if no, you will probably struggle and possibly quit) Why do you want to lose weight or work from home?  Is it because you want to look good in a swimsuit or fit back into your old jeans?  Is it because you are tired of your job and want to hang out on the beach half the day?  If you could reach your dreams, how hard are you willing to work at it?  Will you do what it takes?  Sometimes a positive attitude is a great boost.  Click here to read about the power of a positive (or negative) attitude.


Success is a great reward all in itself and it comes with hard work.  If you are willing to put in the work and overcome the pitfalls that are associated with motivation then you will be successful.  If you give up easy then you will not reach your goals.  Overcoming road blocks can be difficult but highly rewarding!"
(End of article )

Amazing as I am reading through this post from a year ago I am feeling more motivated.  We went out of town this weekend and I found this post before I left but I had not read it yet because I did not feel like it - I kinda didn't care.  Today has been a lot of the same only not quite to that extent but the cool thing is that I feel invigorated.  I have a shit ton of stuff going on right now and have to figure out ways to get through -which is probably part of it all.  I realize that everything works the way it is supposed to but if I just quit I'll never know the outcome.

This shirt kinda sums up the power that we all have within ourselves!

Stay tuned for a post about Distorted Self Images as well as some recipes and more (yes more) workout videos.  Yep, I thought about you guys while I was outta town!

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  1. wow...I needed this post. Thanks!

    1. You are welcome! It seems like a lot of us have been on the same page lately.

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    I'm there with you too MaryFran, I needed this too.

    It's been a rough few weeks..Thanks for your positivity!

    You rock my socks

    1. We ALL needed it! I am glad it was good timing :)