Jul 8, 2014

How to Keep a Positive Attitude

I saw a pin up at a co-worker’s desk.  It said “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life”  By Charles Swindoll.  I love inspiring quotes and he has a lot more great ones at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/c/charles_r_swindoll.html
It made me think about the events in my life in reference to how my attitude was at different periods in time.  I began to think about how much I have evolved and become a better person by improving my outlook.  Improving my attitude.

Attitude Towards Life

I recall back to when I was about 18 or 19 years old.  I got in car accidents all the time and one may think it was due to the inexperience that a young adult/teen has when learning to drive.  However, these accidents were not my fault.  Either I was sitting at a red light, waiting for the light to change or I was rear-ended.  One time I was t-boned and another person made a left right in front of me.  I remember my dad getting so mad telling me to drive better.

He, of course, was not taking into consideration that each
 circumstance was at no fault of my own.  But, still, these accidents kept occurring.  Looking back, I had a bad attitude and I thought I had bad luck.  Why wouldn’t I think that with all those accidents and any other bad thing happening?

I thought I was unlucky if I had a flat tire, blow out or needed a new battery.  The fact of the matter is everyone needs to change their tires and batteries.  Vehicles require upkeep and there is never a convenient time to sit around while it is in the shop being repaired.

I was not unlucky due to needing basic car repairs but the accidents?  Those were certainly unlucky, right?  I was not living my life the right way and thinking the way I should have been.  I was negative and I merely thought I was being realistic.  Now I know it was just plain negativity.

Change Attitude Towards Life


As I progressed through life, I went to school for massage therapy where I learned the basic laws of attraction.  We get what we put out.  We get what we think.  If we have a good attitude we are happy, good things happen. If we are negative or have negative thoughts then unfortunate things happen.  Sometimes things just happen but when they are repeated it usually has to do with the law of attraction.  In turn, is a result of overall attitude.

After I graduated one of my massage clients told me that whenever they needed money, they would get it.  Her husband worked and she was a housewife so where would this money “just come” from?  She said it would be some over payment they had not realized they made, extra money on taxes that had been due to them and not received or any other variety of unexpected money would come just when it was needed.

During this time in my life I was meditating every day and those were the first of the best years of my life.  I took in every positive thing I possibly could and really focused on self-improvement.  My overall outlook on life totally changed and I did not perceive everything to be some misfortune.  I realized attitude had everything to do with the way my world went.

Later, I had a large assessment due at my condo for a repainting that was done and I had to pay it within 2 months.  I had no idea where the money was going to come from but I knew I needed it and I knew I would be able to handle it.  I did not know how, I just knew it would happen.  The power of suggestion was on my mind and one day I got a check from an escrow over payment.  Amazing, the assessment fee would now be paid!

a positive attitude changes everything 

Moving forward, I realized that life is what I made of it.  My attitude determined how my day was going to be.  I would hear people complain about the economy and how inflation was just terrible but my viewpoint was that inflation happens every year and it is here to stay.  Would I like to keep my money without paying more for things?  Yes but I also was not going to stress out and lose sleep over it.
I practiced massage until I developed a knee injury that would no longer allow me to practice massage.  I was disappointed about this because I thought I would be a therapist forever.  So I found a job at Jenny Craig.  I worked there and loved it!  I had a great time every day.  Every day was better than the day before.  I got to hang out with people all day and help them figure out what to eat or how to reach their goals, which is what I love.  What a life!

Then the recession hit and I struggled financially.  I was not rich so the impact for me was not as bad as some others who may have lost their business, home or vehicle.  I already knew how to budget my money and I was thankful that I still had my health, family and friends.  I decided I would do what it took to keep my condo but if I lost it then I would still have my health.   Besides, it could not be nearly as bad as the Great Depression and I was thankful for that as well.

I figured would get a part time job to supplement my income but the hours I worked only allowed me to work weekends or nights.  This meant I could get a job as a server but as I applied realized I would have to work late week nights which would leave little or no sleep to attend my day time job.  I begin getting somewhat stressed and realized I may have to give up my job all together.  I did not want to do this because I loved working there but I had to make a change to support myself.

All the while, I maintained a positive attitude that something would come along.  I begin searching online for careers … because I did not want my next cool job to hold me over until I got a real job.  I did not want to start something that would end quickly.  I found a lot of great places that required degrees so I figured I should look strategically for a place that offers tuition reimbursement.
I landed a job where I got FREE tuition!!  How lucky am I?  This is great!!  I always get what I want.  I wanted to be a massage therapist, I did.  I wanted to work at Jenny Craig, I did.  I wanted tuition reimbursement, I got free tuition!!  What a great life.  Everything I put out that I wanted, everything I thought I wanted -I got.  Everything I needed, I got.  The power of a positive attitude and what I put out works…. It really works!!

Fast forward, same job but situations are not so good.  A few system glitches created some negative working environments for all of us employees over a period of a few months.  Day in and day out…. multiple times an hour…. All day long.  Before I knew it, I was having anxiety and could not figure out how the heck I could possibly have it!  How the heck was I going to overcome it???!!!  Especially since I did not know how to control it.  I was the epitome of happiness and was having anxiety!!
My boyfriend said to me, “you have the power to change your attitude anytime you want”.  This really hit home because he was repeating what I had told him before BUT I was in no mood to hear it!  However, he was right.  I realized I had been repeatedly exposed to negativity and it was waring on me.  I knew I had to do something but I had no idea what to do.


I started praying more and began meditating again—oh ya, I forgot to mention I had not been meditating -and I focused on breathing.  I will get into breathing, meditating and praying another time.  I redirected my thoughts from the undesirable events at work to what I would like my work day to look like.  The problem with these bad memories (even if it was just the day before) is that it was harmful to my well-being.  It is damaging to anyone who experiences it.  Rather than focus on what has happened or what may happen, it is important to focus on what we want to happen.  Visualize it as though we already know it is going to happen.  While doing this, think about the happiness that it brings and allow yourself to feel that happiness.  Sometimes it is helpful to think of a time when that happiness occurred and remember the happiness it brought.  Then, know it is going to happen again today.  That same feeling of happiness is coming with it!

Attitude Towards Work

It was difficult to redirect my thoughts but I did it and slowly but surely, I was anxiety free and progressed back to normal!

Keeping my mind filled with positive thoughts and eliminating the junk worked wonders.  I would have never believed I could perform a miracle like that all on my own with the power of a positive attitude.  Believe me, I was not always positive and there are times I have to work at it but it is possible.  With work, anybody can change their attitude for the positive.  Attitude towards life IS everything!!!
I saw a commercial on A & E about life changes and it encouraged people to make constructive life changes.  Making life changes really impacts total happiness and if you would like to read more click here:  http://www.aetv.com/real-life-change/.  Total happiness can be difficult to achieve when things do not appear to be going the way we want but focusing on what we want, rather than what we don't have yet, will make a huge impact!

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  1. Happiness is DEFINITELY a choice!

    Love this post.

    1. It is not always an easy choice - but someone's gotta do it!