Jul 31, 2014

HIIT with a Twist

Let's get back to business, shall we?  I have an injury that prevents me from working out.... and it has been on a regular basis lately.  But guess what?  It's not the end of the world!!  I had to make some adjustments to my eating (less food) in order to avoid weight gain.  Great news is I can do some things now.  Yaay!  I have also included some current photos based on lack of activity to show it is possible to maintain during the time of an obstacle.

The reason I am making this point is that in the past, when sitting out from the gym due to the injury, I have continued eating at the same rate as when I am working out.  This type of pattern led to weight gain.  Not tons but enough that my clothes would be tight.  This time I didn't want to go through that so I was more aware than before.

As many of you know I have had a really difficult time with juggling my work schedule versus my ALL TIME PASSION!!  Work is over the top demanding and I was just burned the hell out. I still LOVE blogging, fitness and all that comes with it.  Even though I was not as consistent as I like to be I still love it and needed a break.  For your viewing pleasure I have posted a great workout.

The structure of this workout is different than usual.  It is still high intensity and it still has intervals with a  rest period.  However, the interval time will be 30 seconds on and 20 seconds rest and
the 20 second rest is not going to be an actual rest.  It is going to be an "active" rest.  This means that during the 20 second interval you will be doing light activity so  your body has a cool down period but is still moving.

I created it based on what I can do right now so even though there are no actual breaks it is still doable.  And effective.  It is great for blasting fat, building stamina and strengthening your cardio abilities which also leads to better overall health!

Try it out and let me know what you think.  I have dashes next to what will be the active rest period.  The final active rest period will be a little more challenging because it is crunches instead of marching in place.  This is to give your abs the extra push needed to help sculpt them and build sexy, lean muscle.

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  1. I like it! I'm an at home exerciser so I'm going to try it. Thanks!

  2. You look great! I hope the injury improves and you get better soon.

    1. Thanks Christina - It gets better every day :)

  3. Aw! I'm sorry about your injury. But, I love that you shared with us that it isn't the end of the world.. and that, with tweaks, the weight can be maintained.
    That's really important for people like me to hear.
    The Food Addicts (shhhhh.. don't tell anyone).

    I would like to report that I have gone 14 days without ice cream.. and that I have not had a crazy NEED to binge body drained feeling in the same amount of time. I feel good. :)

    Thanks for linking up, and thanks for being my rock.

    1. Thanks for coming by and for creating the link up! Yes, that was my whole point is that it sux not working out but it's better than the alternative. Which could be never working out again!

  4. Okay, this I need to try! 30/20 is doable enough for a beginner like me!

    1. Definitely try it and let me know how it goes!