Jun 25, 2014

Weekend Fun and Disaster

Last weekend was awesome and crappy all at the same time.  I went to hang out with my grandma and I was over there for like 7 hours!  That is one heck of a day to spend hanging out.  It was pretty cool because I am always really busy so I have to schedule ever little thing that I do but I have been thinking about my grandma a lot.  We used to meet for lunch every month or two and chat for 3-4 hours at a time but now I live about an hour away and I work my business related things on the weekend so time is limited.

Anyway, I realized I have to MAKE time for the things that are important.  End of story.  So I did and we made a day of it.  I went to the gym in the morning and posted a workout blog then headed over.  We went to lunch where I ordered a burger and replaced my fries with chili.  I ate half the burger and saved the rest for later.  We went to the pool and caught a little sun and went back inside to hang out some more.  We went to dinner and I had a cup of Italian Wedding Soup then we shared a mini pizza and a slice of salted caramel cake.  I ended up being full -which was not the goal and meant I had to make up for it Monday, maybe Tuesday.  I probably should have skipped the soup.  Oh well.

While I was there I discovered an antique alarm clock that STILL works.  I am not really sure if it is antique but I am totally amazed by it because everything today is made to stop working so you gotta buy another one.  Things back then were made to last because people were not buying shit all the time.... maybe because only one person in the house worked?  I don't know but I would like it if my fridge, vacuum, washer/dryer, etc. lasted more than a few years like this clock is!

Toward the end of the visit my bf tells me the a/c isn't working.  By now it's like 7:30P and it is too late for a service to come out.  Sleeping was a nightmare and we sweated our asses off all night!  Sunday morning I decide we are either staying at a hotel or the landlord can call a 24/hour service (he was going to wait on his regular maintenance guy to respond and he did not know if the guy worked on Sundays) because I was not going to wait to figure out if the maintenance guy can come Sunday or Monday.  Because it is hot as hell in the summer!!  I am not kidding.  People die of heat stroke so I didn't want to participate in that statistic.  I am probably being dramatic because I can still drink water!  In the meantime we learn the guy was working but when he gets here he discovers it needs a new motor and it some special kind that he does not have so he had to pick it up on Monday.

Crap!  I find a place nearby for a good deal and we head out.  It is actually a resort called The Pointe that I found for almost regular price - it was only $99.00 per night and the regular roach motels were $69. and $79. so we pack up and head out.  We go to the pool which has a swim up bar and room service delivers food to the pool, which we used, and I ordered a turkey burger with cottage cheese to make up for Saturday's debacle.  Our room was on the back side of the mountain and led to some hiking trails.  It is the same place we had drinks a couple months.  It was kinda nice and we decide we are going to come back another weekend for a stay cation where we can get drinks then walk back to our room and hike in the morning then pool it up in the afternoon.  Sounds rather nice!

It was weird getting up Monday morning to get ready for work and check out at the same time but at least it was cool.  The a/c was fixed and life resumed.  Whew.

I have a presentation to get ready for so that's it for today!  I have an idea of something for tomorrow's Fearless Project with Fitness Blondie and I will have to get working on that later.  For now, join her link up to meet other bloggers who -by the way- are really awesome!

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  1. Boy that "selfie" came out really good. We are hot babes! I really enjoy the day as well and hopefully we can do that more often. The A/C problem was a bummer and I felt sorry for you to end a great day with that news. I can't believe you are so fascinated with my old clock but what you said is true - things today are made to break so you can buy more often. Love you.

  2. Yikes to the heat!! That's no fun! I'm so glad that you got to spend the day with your grandma! Treasure the moments!!!