Jun 5, 2014

Thursday Weigh In Tell-all Link Up

So, today, Kateri over at Just Life: Take two has started a new link up to help encourage and promote continued success during your weight loss journey.  It is a great way to stay accountable.  I know, for myself, that if nobody is watching I have a tendency to get off track.

I lost weight over a decade ago and I was not always overweight.  I grew (literally) that way because I was going out drinking all the time and then eating like a horse afterward.  My story is here.  I lost the weight when I was somewhere in my early 20s and pretty much kept it off with the exception of 5-10 lb. gains here and there.  Occassionally, it got a little out of that range but not often.

A few years ago, when I started my bachelor's degree, I exchanged my heavy-weekend-drinking habits to heavy-snacking-while-doing-homework habit.  Which made me gain weight again.  This is when I realized that weight was going to be an ongoing battle for me because I love to eat.  Also, because I like to trade one addiction for the next but that is for another day.
 Yesterday, I confessed that I have not worked out for 2.5 weeks due to an old injury that became aggravated.  It is a neck injury which causes nasty headaches that turn into migraines by the end of the day.  It also causes dysfunction in a variety of areas in my back so if I workout while this is going on it causes even more injuries.  I have learned to avoid that!

I have also learned that if I continue eating the same number of calories that I typically do while working out that I accumulate body fat.  Because guess what?  When the body's muscle is not being worked, it is going to atrophy, or shrink.  This means the body weight will go down.  Except in my case, where I continued eating as usual.  This means my body weight stays the same and that is NOT ideal because if my muscle is shrinking then what is taking its place?  Yep, fat.
I actually ended up gaining a couple pounds through it all, as well, which is double doozy.  So this means that I have gained even more fat.  Goody!  LOL.  Which leads us to this new link up.  2 days ago I was able to go to the gym so I am getting back on track and today I will give the low down on the digits and what I did.
I am normally 127-128 lbs.  I went up to 131 which isn't much but remember, I also lost muscle so.  2 days ago I did 30 minutes of moderate cardio on the elliptical.  I needed to see how my neck/head would respond because a couple weeks prior I ended up with a massive headache as a result of doing cardio.
Photo taken either Thanksgiving or Christmas 2013
During the workout I was fine.  After I was fine.  The next day I was fine.  Success!  So Wednesday I dropped down to 130.6.  I went to do more cardio and increased the intensity this time and felt fine again.  I incorporated abs and low back, to hit my core, as well as a few triceps exercises.  This was also rather light but I wanted to get a muscle pump back in my body without further injury.  I figured triceps were a pretty safe bet.
This is an old image of working chest. High and Tight, Ladies!
Again, success.  During the workout, after the workout and today I feel fine.  I can tell the injury is still slightly sore but not like it was and I did not aggravate it.  Today, I weigh 129.6 so the combo of exercise and cutting calories has made A HUGE difference.  Today I will return to the gym and do more cardio with a bit heavier intensity and try some biceps exercises.  
The trick is to avoid tensing any part of my neck or upper shoulders and this is common during many exercises.  I notice it much more when the injury is irritated and have to accommodate it by adjusting my routine to prevent further injury.  I talk about being sore from workout versus pain from an injury in this blog and it is extremely important to know the difference between the two.  Ignoring an injury can only lead to further injury.  Unfortunately, it may mean staying out of the gym for a bit in which case adjustments to eating should be incorporated.
I am a firm believer in losing weight on your own.  However, I found that Garcinia Cambogia is derived from a fruit and is combined with potassium and calcium so I think this is a great alternative to synthetic weight loss products.  Check out some info on weight loss and Garcinia Cambogia here.  I found a link on Amazon, you should check it out.  I like this one because it does not have additional fillers and has at least 60% HCA which is the active ingredient for weight loss.  I will write a separate post to give more detail about it tomorrow.
Tell me about your Thursday Weigh In and join Kateri's link up!
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  1. Thank you for joining in and becoming a fellow TWIT!
    I love that there are so many of us out here in the blog-iverse that want to get and stay healthy!

    We will motivate each other! We will encourage each other!

    Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome, thanks for creating it! I love motivating each other!