Jun 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty busy and I loved it.  I met with my grandma for dinner on Friday night and we always like to get some type of Asian food so we went to a place in Scottsdale called Tottie's.  There is a variety of choices from Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and probably more that I am missing.  I have an old neck injury that has prevented me from working out for 2 going on 3 weeks now so I have to compensate by eating less.  Damn!  That has been tough!

We always like to share the egg drop soup which has chicken and veggies in it which is not the typical egg drop soup but it really makes it the BOMB.com!!  It is big enough for a meal all on its own so we have it packaged right away after having a bowl of it.

This is the Thai seafood with shrimp, mussels, white fish, bamboo, onion, bell pepper and a ton of other veggies.  It was sooo good!  And it lasted 3 total eating sessions.

I really love food and working out allows me to eat more than I would need, otherwise, and it is really tough for me to give up eating as much but it is necessary.  Anyhoo -We do not watch much TV so we disconnected cable and will get Hulu so we can still watch it occasionally but at a fraction of the price.  This was sort of a random thought but it fits because when we finally had some time Sunday evening to relax, we started watching Man of Steele which was streamed from my bf's phone.  It worked for the first hour or so but we were too exhausted to care.

Coffee Ice Cream at Totties
Saturday was a blur because everything was back to back.  We had a massage to straighten out the nasty knots we have and that was from 9:30-10:30A.  You are probably reading this wondering why I would list what time our damn appointments were.  The time is important because I had a hair appointment at 11:00AM and you are probably thinking that is my own fault for booking it so close to one another knowing that I need to shower off all the greasy lotion before putting on shoes and sloshing around in them to head out.  I scheduled it that close because some friends who did the 24 Day Challenge had finished and we were celebrating from 1-4P.  That meant I had to get everything done in close quarters.

So I go get my hair done and the lady who does it has a bit of a difficult time doing trendy styles - come to find out she has just resumed hair cutting/styling after a period of time where she did not practice.  Short styles are tough to accomplish anyway and had I known she hadn't practiced for some time I would have never had her do my hair.  The good news is that she is good at what she does so apparently she is catching on quick.  I did not end up with what I wanted but I am making it work!

At the 24 Day Challenge Celebration we had healthy snacks which were quite refreshing!  Usually snacks consist of delicious stuff that is high fat and high calorie. I made bananas and strawberries dipped in vanilla Greek Yogurt and then frozen.  Yum!

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There's an assortment of veggies, fruit, hummus and protein balls.  (Not pictured: Vodka and Cran- yes I capitalized the vodka and cran)

Sunday we went to the lake and hung out having a few drinks in the party cove.  That is where I used to LOOOOVE going back when I was younger.... well, that was as long ago as last year.  hehee.  Really, I cannot handle the drinking and partying my ass off anymore.  Just can't deal with dragging ass for 3 days after.  It is not really worth it. 

Now there is a floating grill on the lake that you can get hotdogs, hamburgers, pulled pork and a few other things like slushies and ice cream sandwiches.  This is a fabulous idea for all the drunk dummies who need some food to soak up all the alcohol.

We ordered a spicy pulled pork sandwich and split it.  It was dayam good!!  PS, the "spicy" came in the form of fried jalapenos.... healthy.... LOL

Tell me about your weekend!

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