Jun 15, 2014

Target Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings to Reduce Cellulite

Recently I wrote about cellulite and that there are exercises that can be done to help reduce and even alleviate the appearance of cellulite.  Today's article will be a couple instructional examples that you can do at home to focus on the glute and thigh area.

Jump Squats

To perform this exercise:
1. Begin in standing position, feet approximately hip width apart.
2. Squat down and explode upward, jumping with force.
3. In the landing position you will want to land on the balls of your feet to absorb the impact which reduces the load on your knees.

Repeat this slowly until you have perfected the form then you can do it at a faster pace which will increase your heart rate, giving you a cardio workout in addition to toning and tightening the muscles.

Next is Jump Lunges or Lunge Jumps

1.  Begin in a luge position with right leg forward.
2.  Jump as high and hard as you can while switching legs, in the air, for your landing.
3.  Land with left leg forward.
As with the above exercise land on your toes/balls of your feet to absorb the impact and begin doing this slowly until you have perfected the landing.  Once you have it down pick up the pace to increase the cardio effect as well.

Form is crucial in order to avoid injury and achieve the maximum benefit.  Let me remind you that taking care of yourself is important to so before doing something like this be sure to consult with your physician.  I do not know if you have any injuries or inabilities and I have created this based on what my body allows me to do.  I am sharing this for educational purposes and it is your responsibility to know your own limitations and do not perform this if you are not able.

As I am getting this ready I am looking for the images on how to do glute bridges and I cannot find them.  I do, however, find a pic of me being silly.  Come to think of it, I did stop for a second to be goofy and in the meantime I must have forgotten to do the demo.  Sorry about that, so this will only have 2 exercises instead of the 3 I had originally planned!

While cellulite can be hereditary, we can do things to tone the muscle in the glute and hamstring area which will reduce and even eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

What do you think about these exercises?
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  1. Ok I love the pics!

    But, what I love most about them.. is your MUSCLE TONE! DAMMMMNNN GIRLY!
    You look amazing. I can't wait for the day my muscle tone is that amazing!

  2. I actually avoid doing these because my knees are easily aggravated by stuff like this. However, cellulite is a concern for me as my job requires me to sit all. day. long. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by and yes I have suggestions for other things to avoid the knee irritation. I am in the same boat as you - I have knee issues that developed almost 10 years ago so I have to be careful what I do.

      One of my favorite things is glute bridges and those are coming up! Another is hip extensions AKA donkey kicks - also coming up :) I modify squats (I do them in an assisted fashion where my weight is supported rather than allowing the weight to sit on my knees).