Jun 17, 2014

Simple Exercises for Sexy Abs

Everyone loves sexy abs.  It is bikini season and many people do not want to be seen without clothes, especially in public such as at the pool.  It is never too late to begin working on that midsection.  While there is no such thing as 'spot losing' it is still possible to target problem areas to help tone and tighten.

It is important to remember that diet and exercise, together, are what makes beautiful abs.  If you are working out like crazy but eating like crazy too then you will not achieve the desired effect.  Combine mindful eating habits with working out and you will have the sexy abs you are looking for in no time!

Having a strong core is crucial.  Strong abs and back help support the entire body and help prevent injuries.  The weaker a midsection is, the higher the chances are of enduring an injury.  Get started with these exercises (after checking with your physician) to sculpt and tone the abs you have always wanted.

The Spidey

The Spidey gets its name because of the spider-like-crawling effect.  It is one of my favs and takes a little getting used to.  It works the rectus abdominus which is the full frontal layer of muscle we commonly refer to as abs.  It also works the obliques which are the side muscles that add the lines to the sides of the abs.  Additionally, it works the lower back which, again, is important for support and strength.

Begin in the plank position
Bring your right knee out to the side of you as though you are going to touch your right elbow
Return to start position and switch legs
Keep back straight and butt should not be sticking up and should not beg sagging.  It should remain in a straight line with the back.
Do 16-20 reps 3x

Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks sound and look simple but they give the lower abs a run for their money.  They are simple to do yet effective.  Additionally, the legs are working so this will strengthen the hip flexors which are the muscles that attach from the legs to the hips.

Begin by lying flat on your back, palms facing down.
Engage your abs, keeping them pulled in tight toward your low back.
Kick each foot up and down quickly, opposite the other foot - as seen above.
Feet should only be several inches to approximately a foot off the ground.
Keep the core muscles engaged through the entire set.
Back should stay close to the floor, do not arch your back.
Do 15 per leg.  3x

Leg Raises 

This will target the rectus abdominus and hip flexors.  Leg raises are the easiest to do in this article and the form is very similar to the above flutter kicks.  
Lie flat on your back, palms facing down.
Tighten your abs and pull then into your belly button, toward your back.  
Back, butt and head should remain on the ground.
Begin with legs together and lift them both up at the same time.
Bring them vertically up to a 90 degree angle.  
Return slow to start position, engaging core (abs and low back) the entire time.
Perform 15 reps 3x.

 Working out and eating right are the key ingredients to toned abs.  Check with your doctor before beginning any physical routine.  These are for educational purposes, assuming you have no health issues.  You are responsible for your own safety.

Stay tuned for more glute and ab workouts in the next few days!! What do you think of these exercises?

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  1. Abs are the worst! I like to think mine are shy ;) However, I've done these, except Spidey, and I will say they definitely work!

    1. I should have mentioned that I created this for beginners. I have had a few questions from beginners - maybe I'll go back in and add that. Spidey is the ish and I have an advance version of that coming!

  2. We did spidey's, flutter kicks and leg lifts at my tabata class last saturday.. OH MY.. I love them.. and hate them... and love them!

    1. Ya, it is a love-hate relationship, right?! I figured you would have done these with the regular Tabata that you do!

  3. Looks like a great ab workout. I hate doing those...but I love them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is not always fun while doing them but the results cannot be beat! More to come :)

  4. I started a bootcamp this month where I learned about the Spidey for the first time. We also learned Superman. My abs are getting beat into shape but I think I will start using some of your tips for evenings so I am not the last in class for too much longer!

    1. Haha!! I remember my first time doing bootcamp classes. I had already been working out for years....many years... it kicked my arrss!

  5. I have never heard of the spidey exercise before. I will have to give it a try. Out of the three exercises that you had posted, which one do you feel is most effective?

    1. Hi Suzette, I think the spidey is most effective because it targets a variety of muscle groups. Additionally, the muscles stay contracted through the entire movement. The muscles stay contracted during the other 2 but I find that they are more firmly engaged during the spidey.

      I will note that the spidey is also the most difficult of these 3. I would recommend practicing that one first, while you are learning. Your body still has the most energy before it has done other exercises.

  6. These are excellent ab moves! Thanks for sharing! That spidey ... love/hate relationship right there. Haha!
    I'm so glad I found your blog through That Friday Blog Hop link up!

    1. Maybe we should just rename it to "stupid spidey". LOL. Thanks for stopping by!