Jun 22, 2014

Please Provide feedback on My Website: TC Fit Lifestyle

I found this on my Facebook fan page dated Dec 8, 2013:

I have a tendency to give facts straight, just the way they are.  Sometimes I sugar coat things to make them have a prettier package.

No matter which way the info is delivered, it is intended to be useful and beneficial.

You know why? Because I care. I want your results to be great!

This is how I have always felt and I learn new things almost daily so I will continue to provide up to date info and maybe even some of my previous info that is still valid.  I have created a website that I would like your feedback on.  This will help me to provide value that is appealing and know what people are looking for.

The products page is rather bland, as it is currently just a couple links to Amazon, and I need to have that completed so I would like opinions on that as well.  I will have a few featured vitamins and supplements as well as some workout gear such as tops, bottoms, sports bras and probably some equipment like stability balls, jump ropes, ankle weights and smaller items that can fit in your house.  What are some of the top things you would like to see in that category?

Please click on this link and tell me what you think:  http://www.tcfitlifestyle.com/ 

Please take a look at this site and give me your thoughts and ideas!  Tomorrow I will post the Tabata video I mentioned a couple days ago.  It is only 4 minutes and is geared toward the beginner so make sure to check it out!

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  1. I will totally check out your site a little later on. I really need to stop procrastinating at work. Haha.

    But, am I noticing a complete arm piece? Are you a tattooed woman as well?

    I knew I loved you!