Jun 10, 2014

Fun and BZ Weekend Recap

It is already Tuesday but I don't think it's too late to tell you about the weekend.  Especially because Sunday I got some educational photos and videos ready for your exercising pleasure!  I put together a few great workouts for your butts and your abs..... woohoo!!  Butt exercises (check out a couple examples here) help diminish the appearance of cellulite as discussed in this blog.  Those are coming up this week.

I am getting ahead of myself a bit so let me back up to Thursday when the starter in my car went out - not how I was looking to start the weekend off.  Not that it was the weekend yet but I had planned on car shopping Saturday morning so this meant I had to spend money FIRST before buying a new car.  My bf's good friend has lots of experience with car dealerships - I think he owned one or something like that- and he was saying that my car still has some value but to trade it in will definitely not get me the most value.  I know that we all know that but it's a big enough difference that I have decided to sell it privately.

In the meantime one of our friends called and we have not seen him in a long time.  Nor have we met his gf that he's been with for the past year!  Gosh, we suck as friends!  We decided to use our gift card at Outback except there was a 45 minute wait.  I am so sorry but I do not have that kind of leisurely time to sit and wait to be seated again.  So we  opted for Old Chicago and I was pleasantly surprised that veggies are a side option in lieu of fries.  This was with the Stromboli but I got a Calzone which doesn't come with a side and as a huge as it was, it did not need it!  I was also excited to see that subbing a side salad did not cost an arm and a leg like it did at Applebee's.

I opted for the Chicago Fire which had jalapenos, pepperoncinis, sausage and pepperoni - oh and of course cheese and tons of bread.  The bread was good but I don't particularly like how much came on this one.  What I really liked about it was that it had lots of onions & pepperoncinis and wasn't loaded with cheese.  I was able to enjoy it without extra calories.  Wait, that was an oxymoron but I think you know what I was getting at here.  I had leftovers - and since I love leftovers it worked really well but the best part was catching up with our friend & meeting his gf!! 

Saturday my bf's cousin and her husband came over with their dog.  Their dog is Max's sister so it was a fun play date for them.  We BBQ'd and hung out.  The above is a delightfully refreshing corn salad that is a spin off from another version I found last year.  Recipe coming up this week so stay tuned.

My bf actually requested a veggie tray and I was happy to oblige!  They were colorful, refreshing and best of all good for us!

Sunday I went over to my condo and took some pics so that I could demo some ab and glute workouts.  Additionally, I cut a little 4 minute video containing a high intensity workout- that is also coming!  After that we hung out at the pool and played a little football in the water.  What a great way to end the day!

How was your weekend?  Tell me about the highlights!

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  1. Hey, I love the definition in your upper arms and that corn salad looks awfully good. Looking forward to the video.

    My weekend was no different from my week! I work from home. I do try to take some "me" time once in awhile, but not this weekend. :)

    1. Thanks Andrea! Working from home can get monotonous and that makes it tough to break things up a bit. I work from home a couple days a week and I love it most of the time. Me time is crucial!