Jun 1, 2014

How I Found Power to Never Give Up

Finding your passion can be difficult.  I know finding mine was difficult but the crazy part is that it was there all along and I never really looked at it like as a passion because it was just part of my life.  I never looked at it as something that I would do to spread the message to others to help them become healthy by making wiser decisions based on information.

I always thought that I would have a spa because I was a massage therapist.  I wanted to incorporate chiropractic or physical therapy together with massage and maybe some relaxation therapies like facials and body wraps or scrubs.  Maybe buy a Dolce Salon or something similar.  These are still great ideas but they are just business opportunities to fulfill a small purpose.  Nothing in comparison to living the purpose of making the quality of life so much better than ever imaged.  Maybe even provide ways for a person to save their life or life of a loved one.

Sounds dramatic, right?  Saving lives is usually left up to the police, firefighters, emergency room doctors and staff.  I am referring to health and claiming the education part of it to be 'saving lives' which is a rather bold statement, don't ya think?  It definitely is a bold statement but it is true.  Knowing if a person has a severe allergic reaction to peanuts yet feeding them peanuts could be detrimental to their health.  What about someone who has cancer and they are consuming carcinogenic substances such as pesticides?  Or the same person with cancer who is using topical products that contain carcinogenic ingredients, like paraben which gets absorbed into the blood stream.  Or a person who has is diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) but really doesn't have MS - they have been consuming Aspartame, which has produced the same symptoms, and all they have to do is eliminate that from their diet.

Quality of life is just as important as saving a life because living life to the fullest is an opportunity we should all have.  Yet it gets robbed from some people because of health issues such as asthma, knee problems, loss of limbs or a variety of other health problems.  What if a person just needs to eliminate one item from their diet to greatly improve their quality of life?  Wouldn't it be nice to do it?  What if a person who has knee, hip, leg, or arm problems could lose weight without physical activity?  That would be awesome considering they are limited to what they can do.  They could reduce their cholesterol, blood pressure and tons of other issues.

Yesterday I talked about finding your passion.  More specifically, finding my passion.  I have realized that it is health and fitness and the reason behind it is to empower individuals to lead healthier, better lives with some facts and education.  Most of the time people don't actually know what they can do to improve results in weight loss or getting healthier.  I am part of the wellness committee at work and we are committed to spreading the wellness around the workplace by hosting and setting up challenges to get people active and moving.  Additionally, we will be posting recipes and mini workouts- people love that and it has added health benefits.

Getting the message out has been slow going-at work as well as on my own- and I have been trying to figure out a way to speed it up or even take a different route, especially in reference to TC Fit Lifestyle.  I am also a Christian who believes that there are great plans for each and every one of us.  I have been trying to figure out how will I know when I have a great idea that is merely an idea or when it is a gift that God would like me to use for the good of everyone else.  Specifically, how do I know when He is trying to get me to do something versus when I am trying to do something.

I was trying to figure out if Amenzone is something that I think is a great idea or if it is something that God wants me to pursue.  I asked a pastor if he would be willing to talk to me about listening to the voice of God and how do I know when it's His voice and when it is my own idea.  The pastor came over last Sunday and we had fish tacos and a great discussion on figuring out some real life stuff.

He gave me a few guidelines to help me determine the difference between my own ideas and God's.  While speaking with him I was very confident in knowing the difference between the two and I felt a certain peace about the direction I go - whatever the outcome may be.  In the end he asked me to send him an email answering a few questions about what I took from it all.

What did I learn?  The first thing I learned is that just because a venture or endeavor is not church related does not mean that it is not biblical.  An act of helping others seems, to me, is like a generic statement until the true meaning behind it can be fully stated.  I also learned that there are signs that the voice of God has been with me the entire time and I did not know how to recognize it. 

Opposition can be either a sign of the Lord or of satan.  Depending on the time as to which the opposition appears should help me determine where this opposition may come from.  If opposition occurs in the beginning it is God strengthening me.  If it is opposition after I get through the first 4 bullet points then it is the forces of evil trying to stop me from the great plan in front of me. 

There was some clarity brought to me in areas that I previously had question.  For example, I expressed that I was struggling with new ideas because I read I am supposed to rely on God to give me the right idea.  I was thinking about it too literally.  I was glad to hear Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, people perish”.  To me translates to continue having visions while listening to God’s voice.  Ideas are important because without them there will be no progress.

How will I apply this to my life?  I can use this in all aspects of my life and already do so in the work place and when other major decisions have arisen.  Moving forward, I can be more confident knowing the voice of God is speaking to me.  Even if it is not literally a voice, I can expect to feel a sense of peace and comfort when faced with trials, decisions or tasks that I have prayed about.  I am comforted in the fact that I do not have to know all the answers – as I am a planner and methodical – because the Lord will provide me with all I need to know at the time I am intended to know it.  Most importantly, I will remember to rely on Him even when I have conquered difficult tasks because it will be through Him that it was possible. 

What did it mean to me?  It was a great relief to hear that it is possible to make the impossible happen.  Even if it does not happen, it may be that it was not the right time and I am confident that something great is soon to come. 

What do I think my next step will be?  I have already begun searching for loans and grants.  I have spoken with my bf’s mom who will get in touch with someone she knows in grant writing.  I will continue to pray to be guided in the right direction.  I have spoken with a couple trusted counselors and have added a couple more to my list.  I will evaluate all the information that I receive from the research I am doing (including info from Amenzone) and will pray again to make an informed decision.  Ultimately, I feel as though the funding portion is the biggest problem and if the venture is meant to be then God will provide a way.

I would not consider myself to be religious but I am a believer.  This gives me the power to continue searching!

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  1. Great post! Passion...ideas....SOOO important to a true happiness!

    1. Thanks! It has been really tough finding a balance between personal time and pursuit of my goals but I am confident it will all work out.

  2. I'm a LMT too! How funny is that?

    And I love your face in that one picture!

    And, I love how you learn something and then ask "How do I apply it?"


    You inspire me!

    1. My fellow body worker! Are you still practicing? I kinda have a thing for making funny/ridiculous faces.

      I am glad to be inspiration, thank you. I am also glad we met cuz you're pretty damn awesome!

  3. It is so important to find your true purpose and the path God wants us to have. Just because there is opposition does not mean we are on the wrong path. That is something I've struggled with trying to build various businesses. I've been struggling with what path to take and I believe that there are always signs leading us and as long as we do not give up our time will come to do what God intends for us to do. This is an inspiring post! Congrats on finding your passion and purpose.

    1. Thanks so much! Now that I have found my passion and purpose I still have to figure out the best way to fulfill it. Maybe I am already doing it :)

  4. I love your candor and your openness in sharing your process. I agree - finding your purpose can be really challenging, even messy! You challenge us to realize that saving lives is not just for firefighters and EMTS -- sharing so many facets of your expertise will save lives and increase the enjoyment of life for so many. It's much less dramatic but just as real as dragging someone out of a burning building.

    Additionally, I am inspired by your quest for finding spiritual resonance with what you do. So many of us just struggle to earn a living and don't see how to share our gifts in a way that benefits us financially and spiritually while truly helping others. I believe that when we find that sweet spot, we also add more value to the customer or client. Bravo! :)

    1. Hi Andrea, Thanks for stopping in! Quality of life is such a big deal and if I can be a guide for improvement that area for another individual - my day is fulfilled.