Jun 21, 2014

Butt Ups and Side Plank with Rotation for the Abs

Good morning beauties!  I hope you are ready for some more ab moves.  These are a bit more difficult than the last few posted.  To check out the previous ab exercises check out this blog here.  The first demo is butt ups and these require some control.  The great thing is that it targets the lower part of the abs which tend to be more difficult to work.  

The above and below images are Butt Ups

1.  Begin flat on back with knees bent and palms facing down.
2.  Engage your core to lift your butt fully off the ground, driving your feet in the air.  Keep feet as vertical as possible and not leaning over your head.  The goal is to keep the weight of your feet and legs controlled by your abs...... oh ya!
3.  This should be performed in a controlled motion as slow as possible to maintain proper form - be careful to avoid being sloppy.
4.  Return, slowly, to start position and repeat.  Keep arms to the side with palms facing down during the entire movement.
Do at least 10 reps 3x

Too easy?  Add ankle weights!

Side Plank with Rotation

This exercise will target the obliques to give the lined appearance on the abs.  Additionally, it will build the erector spinae muscles - these are the muscles along the spine.  This gives the tone appearance to the mid and lower back.  I am always a fan of strengthening the core, and remember the back is part of the core so we do not want to leave that out.

1.  Begin on your right side with your elbow aligned under your should.
2.  Lift your hips so that your body is in alignment from head to toe (forming a straight line).
3.  Bring your left arm straight up.
4.  Tuck your left arm under your waist area so that you are rotating your torso.
5.  Return to start all the while keeping your feet together.
To increase difficulty you may rotate your hips as well- making your chest parallel (or close to parallel) to the ground.
To increase difficulty even more, add wrist weights to the arm in motion.
6.  Repeat 10x each side then switch sides.
Perform 10 each side, 3x.

I am a firm believer in targeting the abs on a very regular basis.  This builds a strong core which is great for stability and the core assists in many areas of the body while working out - especially when working legs.  A regular routine is important to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As always, this is for educational purposes only. 

Try these and tell me what you think.  If you have already done them, how do you like them?

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