May 31, 2014

What Motivated Me to Pursue My Passion

Wednesday I talked about how tough it is to work full time and try to juggle the gym, responsibilities and blogging/marketing/social media.  Today I am going to share what I plan to do about it.

About a year and a half ago, or so, I had an extreme struggle with a co-worker who was mean, rude and hostile the first time I met him in a group meeting.  We were required to work with one another and he was an extremely demanding person and the rude behavior and hostility continued.  Everything that pertained to him was considered a priority in his eyes.  That meant he expected me to drop everything I was doing and put his things first.  Regardless of how important other people's issues were or how long my list of duties were, he did not care and he made it clear.  I am sure we have all experienced an unpleasant party at work and I certainly had prior but he was by far the worst individual yet.  I am not sure how this was even allowed in the workplace as he had made other people cry in meetings by being so rude.  Unfortunately, his manager and my manager did nothing so I continued working in an extremely stressful, hostile environment.

One day I woke up and did not want to come to work and I hated my job.  It was overwhelming and disheartening because I have never experienced that before.  I have always been easy going and I adapt quickly.  I have always liked my job and co-workers.  I dreaded having to see him because I was worried about what type of confrontation he was going to create.  That is when I decided to begin looking for another job but then I realized that another job was not the answer because there was probably some asshole at a new place too.  Solution?  Find my passion and pursue that.

That brings me to when and why I created my Facebook fan page and Twitter account.  Next was this blog and just recently was the Instagram page I created.  Pinterest and Instagram are still, both, extremely new to me.  I have been diligently marketing and focusing on social media to create a brand and awareness.  I am continuously in training classes, watching videos and applying the techniques I have learned.  I am proud to say that if you Google Tricia Coniglio, you will find me all over the first page of Google.  If you click on images, same thing.  Although, there are a few random pics of peeps I don't know.  Somehow there are pics of Fitness Blondie which I think is really cool because if I am going to be associated with anyone I am glad it is her!  There are a couple other images of blogs I have seen but not so much follow so I don't really know how that works.

What I am missing is the mighty marketing dollar.  As an average person, working a regular job, fitting into the normal part of the economy - I don't have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to dump into campaigns to promote, grow and spread the message quickly.  I have to grow slowly and, thus, spread the word slowly too.  Which is OK but as I expressed in Wednesday's blog it is really difficult to get my ass to work day in and day out when all I really wanna do is show others how to lead a healthy lifestyle so they can stick around to see their kids grow up & have kids.

Let me just take a moment to say that now I get along fantastically with that co-worker but we had a long road getting there.  Furthermore, he has backed me in meetings when there were some nay sayers (or other rude individuals) so we have progressed tremendously.  And I have to say I am actually thankful for the unfortunate situation because had it not been for that nasty time I would have never thought of pursuing anything that I had to grow and build myself.  My passion.  I have always been entrepreneurial minded in the sense that I wanted to buy a business and own it.  But I did not have visions of starting from a pebble on the ground and building my way up from there.

I am still at ground level.  I have gathered quite a few pebbles and put them together to build a foundation.  A strong one.  That is tough and unbreakable.  But so far it is only a foundation.  Which leads me to my next quest.

I considered being a group instructor but I was still barred by the tired ol' time constraints of this thing called a job.  I thought about training 1 or 2 classes per week so that I still had time to train myself but I already know the road that will lead to.  It is the same one of many group instructors doing the same thing on a part time basis.  Burnout.  So WTH do I do?  Sit back and wait for the money tree to rain on me and supply me with the funding necessary to chase my dreams?  Well, duh.  Gotta have funding.  And duh again that I am back to square one.  Well, maybe square 59 (not square one) because I have come a good distance in my venture.

I have been thinking about buying a fitness franchise.  There are a lot of things that I really like about a particular place and it may allow me to submerge myself into the daily routine of what I really love.  Work does not really seem like work when you love it.  The franchised fitness group is called Amenzone Fitness and it works with just the body weight and tires.  It is a primal concept, thus the term "primal fitness" and builds strength, stamina and supports the mind as well.  I have seen a friend of mine successfully lose A LOT of weight and keep it off.  I have seen many others do the same thing.  The really cool thing is that they also have created a 501c3 to fight childhood obesity.

There are a lot of great things about this company so I am in the midst of deciding if I should pursue buying one.  There are a lot of things to consider and I did not know where to begin.  I believe that all things that happen are meant to be and we also have the power of free will so sometimes we do things that were not really intended for us and I do not want to make a mistake.  With that I have to rely on the power of the word to be delivered to me and I do not really know how to listen to that because I am not really religious.  Just a believer which I think is good enough.

In the meantime I have decided to invest time into researching funds sources, grants, lending and ways to creatively (or traditionally) come up with the funds to cover the expenses of getting this built and going.  Why?  Because I want people to be healthy and I want people to be free of disease and illness or ailment.

The crazy thing about my passion it that it took a crappy circumstance to motivate me to make a change.  Otherwise, had I been fa-la-la-ing along in my happy-go lucky-life I would have been happy staying right where I was.  Which was not making a difference in other people's lives in the way I know and love!

Tomorrow's post will be about what steps I took to come to the conclusion of pursuing my next venture and what I will do next.

What are you doing to pursue your dreams or passion?

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  1. :) Keep pushing! Keep working towards what you love! It's clearly your passion! Continue rocking!