May 15, 2014

Life is the Most Precious Thing You Can Lose

This post is going to be about loved ones and the value of life itself. Many of you may know we recently lost a loved one.  My bf's brother, Jon, who was only 27 years old and a person who was loved by all.  He was musically inclined, played the drums and was a DJ.  He was pretty f n bad ass!

His passing has made me reflect on some things in life that are extremely valuable.  That is the value of life and the quality in which we live it with one another.  Take for example all the people airing their dirty laundry on Facebook.  Getting in arguments, tiffs or all out fights with friends, family or otherwise.  I see it daily.  Talking shit on Facebook.  Directly or indirectly to whoever or whatever the situation was.  What if the person that was directed toward died?  Then what dumb ass?!!  We take for granted that life is precious and short.

Most of the time we can be certain that no disasters or tragedies will occur but if they did, is there something you wish you said to someone?  Something you wish you did not say?  Each day should be treated like it is the last because I don't know about you, but I don't want to carry around guilt for the rest of my life about my behavior, words or actions.

My bf & I have gotten into little spats or disagreements and there have been times that I was so angry that I did not care if I went to bed mad.  He won't allow that and I am so grateful for that because I seem to be a stubborn ox sometimes!   Thankfully, he has made it so we have never done it.

Ever since Jon passed, a song has popped in my head a bunch of times.  Bro Hym by Pennywise and the lyrics go like this:

To all my friends, present past and beyond Especially those who weren't with us too longLife is the most precious thing you can loseWhile you were here the fun was never endingLaugh a minute was only beginning 

It has made me thankful that I still have my brother and I am so sorry that my bf's brother is gone.  My bf is going through the pain of learning to live without him.  His mother is learning how to live without her son.  Then I see stupid little temper tantrums on Facebook and I am like WTF?!!  WTH is so bad that dirt laundry must be aired there?  Take a minute to really reflect on the situation.  Is it that bad?  If it is, consider speaking to the person directly to try to resolve it.  Before you do, try to maintain a good temper, positive attitude and go in it firm that you are not looking for a fight or argument, but rather resolution.

It is OK to communicate when something bothers us but since life is so precious we should value every minute of it and not waste it on nonsense.  I hope all your brothers, sisters and children live to be old - very old!  And I hope that the relationships in your life are healthy and meaningful because life is the most precious thing you can lose!!

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  1. Very good blog. All is so true and that is why I like to see all of you as often as I can while I can. Life is short and getting shorter for me and we need to make a mark so that we are remembered for our goodness and love of others. I don't always practice that but at least I try whenever possible. Love you very much.

    1. Love you too!! It gets more and more difficult to carve out time for everyone when marketing/blogging/etc is involved. it is true that time goes by faster as we get older!

  2. so sorry for your loss and especially that of your BFF and her family. all that FB stuff is why I don't do facebook...scarily enough I just learned about something called snap chat and another site where people basically just anonymously say things about other people. its a sad state of what our world is coming to. we all need to spread love and tenderness not hate and vile. God bless your friend and her family.

    1. Thanks so much Nancy. I totally agree, we should spread love not hate!