May 18, 2014

Frozen Banana with Yogurt and Chocolate Recipe

It is getting hot and we are reaching for ice cream, otter pops, chocolate dipped ice cream on a stick and so many other sugary, unhealthy options.  This is sooo easy to do and if you have kids, it will be fun for them to help make.  Even more fun eating!  My favorite part is that it is a much better choice for a snack than ice cream or other sugar choices.

You need:

2 large bananas
1-2 cups low fat plain Greek Yogurt
8-12 chocolate covered nuts or
A handful of semi-sweet dark chocolate chips and/or peanut butter chips
4 skewers

To make:

Cut each banana in half and crush the chocolate covered nuts and spread thinly on parchment paper.  If you are not using chocolate covered nuts then spread the chocolate and/or peanut butter chips thinly on parchment paper.

Put about 1 cup of the yogurt onto parchment paper and put skewer through 1 of the banana halves.  Roll the banana through the yogurt until it is coated.  Next roll the banana through the topping you chose and place onto another piece of parchment paper.  Add more yogurt if needed/desired.  Freeze for a couple hours and serve.

Personally, I don't like chewing through anything that is frozen solid so I like to take it out of the freezer when it is firm yet not solid.  If there are leftovers and I am having it another day I like to let it defrost about an hour or so until it isn't quite so solid.

Cool thing is you can do this with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and lots of other fruit.  It is a better sugar choice by using the fruit than a bowl of ice cream and you are squeezing in a tad bit of protein in the yogurt.  Plus, adding texture and an extra dollop of sweetness with the toppings.  Just a gentle reminder that the more topping that is added, the less healthy the snack becomes :)

What is your favorite healthy snack?

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  1. Oh my goose, these look amazing! Bananas are my favourite fruit so I love anything involving them! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I'll keep it bookmarked and try it soon

    1. I never thought about rolling the bananas in yogurt....great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    2. I am going to try putting PB on it and freezing it then