May 8, 2014

Beef Stew Recipe, Sort of

I wanted to make this before it got too hot.  When it is hot out, and it gets hot in AZ, I don't like using the oven or crock-pot much because that means the house gets too scorching.  I love stew and I love being able to add extra veggies to make it thick and chunky without the extra thick and chunky on my butt and thighs!

I cannot really call this is a recipe because I used a packet for the seasoning but it was fabulous so I thought I would share.  Besides, it is a great way to incorporate more veggies into your life (and your kids).

I pretty much followed the instructions on one of those packets from the store but I changed a few things.  I think we all do that!  I tried using coconut flour instead of regular flour or corn starch and the finished product had a sort of sweet-ish taste.  I am not a fan of that so I won't be doing that again in the future.  As I said earlier, I also added more veggies.


2 LBS stew meat (I used fajita meat & cut it up)
3 c water
1 TBSP flour or corn starch
3 TBSP olive oil (I used 1 TBSP)
6 medium potatoes (I had 8 small)
4  small onions (I used 3 medium)
2 celery stalks (I used 4)
stew seasoning
red pepper (optional)


Lightly flour and brown meat in olive oil.  While this was browning I began chopping veggies but they won't be added for about 1.5 hours.  I just like to have all the prep done so that I can go about my life and then just pop it in when it is time.

Once meat is lightly browned add 3c water and the stew mix.  Stir well.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover.  Simmer until tender which is approx 1.5 hours.  The fajita meat I used tenderized much sooner so I added the veggies 30-45 minutes later.

 When I added the veggies it looked like I overdid it because it seemed like there would not be enough broth but it ended up being just fine!  Cover and simmer another hour or so, or until veggies are tender.

While this was cooking I made turkey meatloaf so there were 2 separate meals for the week.  I tried to pair an easier-type meal with one that was fully homemade.  Meal prepping is the best thing you can do to ensure you successfully meet your weight loss or maintenance goals!

We have been dealing with a family emergency so there was a big delay putting this up as well as getting out other great info for you..... or just sharing a story :)  I will strive to get some more great stuff for ya soon!

Do you have any recipes that come from a packet?

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  1. That looks good. I hear ya...I don't like using the oven to much in the summer time as it heats the house up.