May 23, 2014

Beautiful Butterflies

We went to a butterfly aquarium last Friday and it was really pretty amazing.  We learned that butterflies fly north for the summer and south for the winter.  I never paid much attention to the fact that they are never around in the winter time and now I know why.

We viewed a short video that showed trees, literally, covered in millions of these gorgeous miracles of colorful life.  It reminds me of a little flower bush I had in my front yard when I was in my 20s.  It had little yellow flowers, like the ones above, and it attracted butterflies.  So every morning I would go hang out before getting ready for work and enjoy the beauty of these little flying creatures.  

This one kinda reminds me of a dragon and I have never seen a black butterfly before.  Usually just orange and black.  There was a variety of colors but my favorite was the blue ones.  I only got one shot that was semi-OK.  

The house we live in attracts bees but not butterflies.  Actually, we have had 3 bee hives and I would much rather the butterflies!  Hopefully the bees do not return. ... Litttle bastards!!

I cannot actually picture myself taking care of a butterfly garden but I could easily take care of those little yellow flower bushes cuz they don't require much.  

Anyway, I have an old injury that is extremely aggravated and has made it where I have not worked out all week.... boooo.  It has also made it so I have had a massive headache every single day- quite yucky.  With that I am not feeling very creative or inspirational so I will try again tomorrow.

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  1. Beautiful photos and interesting facts. Sorry about your headache.

    1. They are kinda cool, huh? And thank you!

  2. I LOVE butterflies! I've visited many a butterfly pavilion, they're such magical little creatures that make me happy.

    1. This was my first time going and I LOVE it!!! Yes, they make me happy too :)