May 26, 2014

Bad breath Bandits

Have you ever talked to someone whose stank ass mouth was killing the air you were trying to breathe?  Not to mention burning your nose hairs at the same time?  No way are you gonna open your mouth and let that putrid nastiness touch your tongue.... eeewwwww!!!

Sometimes it is simple.  Garlic, onions or some other stinky food.  Sometimes it is just plain old halitosis.  Bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene, gum disease and even diabetes or other health conditions.  Crazy about the diabetes part but obvious on the dental hygiene part.

I was reading an article a couple weeks ago and I thought I would get some nifty tricks to ward off onion and/or garlic breath but it said:  brush your teeth, brush your tongue, floss and go to the dentist.  Ummm...duh!  I happen to eat a lot of garlicy oniony stuff so I like to keep up on ways to reduce and eliminate any possible odors coming from my mouth.  Besides, I don't want to be that person that others cringe at or turn their head the other way while speaking to them so they can have some fresh air.

Dry mouth can cause bad breath because there is no saliva to wash away the build up of bacteria on a person's teeth or all other areas in the mouth.  There are products that are designed especially to produce wetness in the mouth.  Of course, I am an advocate of drinking lots of water all day.  Additionally, mints and gum are a great way to continue producing saliva throughout the day.

Infections in the body such as kidneys can cause an odor as well so if you cannot figure out what in the world is causing bad breath besides smoking, lack of brushing, lack of flossing and obvious things, then consider visiting your doctor.

There are things like gum and breath mints but did you know that nutmeg is a natural deodorizer for your breath?  If you are like me and like your food spicy then this is great to know.  We all know that spicy things like salsa make our breath bad but that is because of the onion and garlic.  But what about things like fresh jalapenos and red pepper?  Did you know that hot foods, even the ones that are not stinky, still make for a stinky mouth?  Sprinkle a little nutmeg on your salad or cottage cheese and it can even be added to certain dishes to help combat bad breath naturally.  Nutmeg is more fore desserts like pumpkin pie so I found that it is a taste that you kinda have to get used to unless it is paired with the right things.  I supposed you could add it to your coffee with cinnamon.  :)

Parsley is not just pretty on your plate it is also great to gnaw on after a smelly meal.  It helps neutralize odors in the mouth and you can resume back to life without the worry of scaring off whoever you are talking to.  Parsley has chlorophyll as does basil, cilantro and mint, says Dove of How Stuff Works.  The cool thing about chlorophyll is that it combats bad odors internally by neutralizing them AND it is phytonutrients.  Phytonutrients are fabulous for the immune system and can be obtained through green foods like broccoli.

Cilantro compliments salsa and other Mexican or Spanish dishes and a little sprig afterward may do you and your friends a favor!  You are probably not surprised about mint but basil, maybe.  Same goes here, you can chew on a sprig or leaf.  Mint and basil can easily go in a tea or other beverages.  

Cinnamon is another natural way to get odor under control.  Simply sprinkle on a variety of things such as yogurt, smoothies, protein shakes, cereals, oatmeal and more.  Or just grab a stick and swirl it in your tea!  Plus, cinnamon is great for regulating blood sugar.

Don't be the bad breath bandit!  Do the things we already know such as brush, floss, dentist, etc. but also use a natural trick or two to keep bad breath at bay.

What do you think about these ideas and what are some other ideas?

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