Apr 8, 2014

Weekend Fitness and Fantastic Steak

My weekend was super packed and then Sunday I went for a hike with my brother.  We went to Squaw Peak and it is more scenic than the last hike we went on but it was also more crowded which means getting caught behind slow pokes and hearing never ending stories about some guy who is a cheater.  FML - don't care about hearing that kind of chatter while hiking with  my brother.  I would prefer to hear him talking at a normal decibel rather than having to shout over the 2 drama queens behind us.  I definitely agree that cheating is horrid but does the whole world need to know?  I was huddled up over to the right so they would pass, nope.  Just kept gossiping until finally I pulled over and waited for them to get by.

Whew!  Glad that was over! ha.  The trail we took on Squaw Peak was like a stair climber made of rocks which looks really cool.  The trail is narrow which made it difficult to get around others and at corners could be crowded with hikers headed in opposite directions.  It also made it tough for those who wanted to stop and take a break or take in the scenery.  The horizon is gorgeous overlooking the city with desert plant life along the trail.
It was literally so crowded that I could not get a good view of the trail without someone, or a lot of people, coming down so I got pics of a random hiker here and there.

The terrain is not difficult but the incline gets steep from time to time.  There was loose gravel and rock which could make it dangerous if you lose your footing.  I actually rolled my ankle a tad in one spot.... no injuries tho.  The cool thing is that it is long enough to get in a pretty good cardio workout yet easy enough to enjoy it.  I would probably say it may not be a good one for beginners unless they do a lot of cardio on their own.

Speaking of cardio, I have been doing some new things to rev up my metabolism.  Thursday I went to Amenzone Fitness and did their 45 min. primal workout.  This is where you use nothing but your own body weight and tires to get an all over workout and keep that heart rate going to burn, baby, burn.  I pushed myself and felt like throwing up a couple times.  I did some new things such as mountain climbers against the wall, supporting the body weight with the arms.  Pull ups with the hands positioned in a variety of ways and about 175 lunges, among other things.

Friday was a rest day and Saturday I took an interval class at my gym.  This was cool because it incorporates weights with cardio training.  The intervals were high and low but the workout was continuous and it was fantastic!  Then Sunday was the hike because I was too sore to take another primal class but I still wanted to get in a workout.

Later Sunday we had my bf's mom over for dinner which consisted of tasty steak, asparagus, corn and sweet potato.  Dessert was fruit, angel food cake in the shape of a muffin, whip cream and Nutella drizzled on top.

You Need:
4-5 TBSP Teriyaki sauce
4 cloves garlic, pressed
cracked pepper

3 steaks
1-2 bundles of asparagus
3-4 TBSP balsamic vinegar
a few sprays of EVOO
a couple dashes of sea salt
1 large sweet potato cut into 4 pieces
1 can corn

That morning I marinated the steaks in the Teriyaki sauce, garlic and pepper.  This could be done the night before as well.  Either way, the flavor is phenomenal!

To Make:

Wash sweet potato and wrap in foil.  Bake at 395 for about 30-45 minutes or until tender.

While the potatoes are baking wash the asparagus and cut the white ends off.  Place into a dish and drizzle the balsamic vinegar, add the salt and pepper then spray a few squirts of olive oil.  Mix around to get all seasonings/oil spread over the asparagus.

When potatoes are about 10-15 minutes away from being done heat grill for a couple minutes then place steak on first.  Unless  you like your steak well-done then you can put the asparagus on at the same time. Grill until desired doneness.  The grill is pretty quick and we like steak rare so it only took a few minutes.

I cut one of the steaks in half so that I could have a smaller piece.  There was an extra piece in case anyone wanted more... and they did :)  It was so good it was tough to resist more.


Half an apple
Half a pear
3 strawberries
1 banana
3 Angel food cake muffins
1 TBSP whipped cream each
2 TBSP Nutella, melted for drizzling

This dessert was a much lower calorie option than any fruit flavored pie, cake or ice-cream.

What kind of physical activity have you been doing?  Post your comments, I want to hear it!

Spring is here!  For those of you wanting an extra boost for the swimsuit, try something all natural!

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  1. The hike and scenery looked awesome! Too bad it was so crowded with babbling talkers!

    Nutella...ohhh heavens Nutella is awesome! The dessert looked fantastic!!!

    1. haha! We decided to go earlier next time so it will be less crowded. The Nutella is good but man, it is loaded with calories!

  2. Oh man, I would have gotten so annoyed by that chatter. You go on a hike to clear your mind, not bitch about stuff like that. Your food definitely looks amazing! I absolutely love asparagus on the grill.

    1. The chatter did not bother me at first but when it kept up for what seemed like an eternity, I did not want to hear anymore. The food was wonderous!