Apr 7, 2014

This Weekend's Great Buys

In AZ it is swimsuit season and I am kinda tired of spending lotsa money on them but I like to have them so I gotta make a sacrifice.  I went out to get a suit and a couple household things that we need.  A garlic press and some tongs for the grill.  A couple simple, cheap items that will make life a lot easier in the kitchen.  The
suit just makes me happy and what girl doesn't want a new suit anyway?

I headed over to TJ Maxx and when I pulled into the plaza I see Tilly's, which is a trendy store, and I think it is always good to keep up to date on the styles.  I do not like to have super trendy stuff but I like to be up to date.  I especially do not want to look 30 something because when I was younger that was OLD.  All the cool stuff, today, is stuff my grandma would have worn or liked mixed with the 80's which I was not a huge fan of when it was the 80s.... yes, I was old enough to know the style in the 80s.  Besides, it kinda trickled into the early 90's.  I remember wearing high waist shorts and pushing them down because I hated that they came up to my belly button.  When low waist jeans/shorts came out I was ecstatic!

Well, I was derailed from going to TJ Maxx and head into Tilly's just to check it out.  Lots of crop tops and high waist stuff.  Which I am starting to like and I even see a pair of high waist shorts that look super cute.  That is how it starts.  Find one thing that is sorta cute and all of a sudden I like the stuff I did not like before.  Flower prints and things I do not like but then I see the swimsuits.  They are on sale! Yeehaw!!  You know this means I end up with 2 but I paid the same price I would have on just one at Victoria's Secrets or Triangles.  Well, not quite but I spent the same amount I thought I was going to spend on one so I win!!

When I walk in to TJ Maxx I decided I'll check out the purses since I have been needing, well wanting, a new one.  I do not change my purse out on a regular basis like some chics do so I am entitled to a new one.  Honestly, I have been using the same one for a couple years so it was really time for a new one.  All justifications aside, I came across a couple that I liked and decided on this beauty.

Simple yet not too plain.  It is a little too big for me as I prefer smaller sizes but as I was in the grocery store with it I was able to easily put my phone away and then retrieve it again so I began to appreciate the larger size.  Is it possible to be in love with a material item?  When I left yesterday I told my bf that me & my purse will be back.  I referred to it like it was my new shopping buddy.  haha

Anyway, while at TJ Maxx I end up finding a bunch more stuff that we need - or so I told myself- and some things I would like but not necessarily need.  All of a sudden I remember this blog I read about Target, on Amanda's page, that talks about how she always gets a ton of shit when she goes into Target.  At the end of the blog she asked for our weaknesses and then I realize mine is TJ Maxx!!!  I could spend hours in there and find something for every occasion and buy crap loads of stuff all the while still picking and choosing which ones I don't absolutely need in order to spare a few bucks!  I end up spending WAAAY more than I anticipated as I only intended to spend like $20 on the 2 household items I went in for.  Almost 10x more!!!

Ah, such is life.  I am a lot better with frivolous spending than I used to be and am more on the side of frugal now.  Besides, the purse is typically almost $200.00 and I spent a fraction of that so another win for me!

I have already used the garlic press twice and I LOVE it!  Many times I have purchased minced garlic to avoid the hassle of chopping it myself.  This little kitchen gadget has saved a TON of time and made food more delicious by far!

I have been invited to attend an open-house for people who are interested in instructing fitness classes and I would LOVE to but I already have a full time job, blog and market on the weekends, go to the gym, meal prep and other regular life duties.... not to mention still trying to maintain a life as I love being social.  So I am not sure where I would fit it.  I definitely cannot do it during the day and the other options are early morning or after work.  This means I have to either cut out sleep or cut out my own workouts.  I am not sure I want to miss out on either of those 2 crucial aspects of my life.  Maybe I can just teach 1 or 2 per week... not too sure though.  I think I'll check it out this coming weekend and decide from there.

What was the favorite part or highlight of your weekend?  Post your comments, I love hearing about you!

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